Badger Animal Symbolism

meaning of the badger totem
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Badger Animal Symbolism

About Badger Animal Symbolism:  The biggest take away point the badger has for us is this: It stops at nothing to get what it wants.  This is a lesson for us to be persistent in our pursuits.

Specifically, those with the badger totem often attract this creature because he/she has difficulty finishing what is started. The badger will help with this aspect in life. You can call upon the stubborn, strong-willed nature of the badger to help you complete any project you start.

The badger is also fiercly independent and can be quite aggressive when threatened. This is a lesson for us to stand our ground and make our presence known when the situation calls for it.

Although smaller in stature, the badger commands attention from friend and foe alike. We can do the same, but we must be mindful that we do so in a healthy, constructive manner.

Even badger tracks are prized animal symbolism fodder to feed upon. According to Native Americans, seeing badger tracks was very auspicious. Badger tracks  are a message that all things are possible when we tap into our inner creative powers.

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“A dream doesn’t become reality through magic;

it takes sweat, determination and hard work.”

~ Colin Powell

Badger Animal Symbolism And Personality Traits

  • Focus
  • Eager
  • Strategy
  • Tenacity
  • Defense
  • Protection
  • Confidence
  • Strong will
  • Independence
  • Determination

“Those who are firm in will

mold the world to themselves.”


The badger is connected to the earth, and therefore is a grounding totem for us. When we feel out of touch, or confused the badger can help us get rooted, and anchor us to what is important in our lives.

When the badger comes into our lives it is time for get busy with projects, speak up and ask for help if we need it in our lives. The badger is also a sign that it is time for us come out of hiding – it’s time for us to let the world know we are here, and we mean business!

Lastly, the symbolism of the badger also includes individuality. The badger is a unique creature, well equipped to meet all the challenges it faces. It lives its life quite effectively. And although its methods might seem unorthodox, the badger doesn’t care what the rest of the animal kingdom thinks about them. This is perhaps the greatest lesson the badger imparts to us. In short, the badger tell us to “walk your own path at your own pace.” Nevermind what others may say. Have faith in your own abilities and know that you are well-equipped to take on whatever challenge faces you.

I hope you have enjoyed this page on the animal symbolism of the badger.

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