Armadillo Messages and Meaning

Armadillo Messages

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Exploring Armadillo Messages and Signs

A big part of symbolic armadillo meaning is about going with the flow. Sometimes, the best option is to “Just Roll With It.” That’s one of the biggest take-away’s among the many armadillo messages proffered up to our consciousness. The armadillo recognizes and identifies moments when to stand up and defend, or what it’s time to roll up, hole up, tuck tail, and move on.

Armadillo Messages and Meaning
Armadillo Messages and Meaning

When it comes to fight or flight, they know how to hedge their bets. They are perfectly designed to defend or retreat. Guess what…we are also perfectly designed! The armadillo feels no shame in avoiding conflict.. neither should we. Sometimes the best choice might be to fold up and roll.

Totem Talk: Armadillo Messages

Imagine you are keeping company with the armadillo…I mean, this clever critter is sitting right next to you, and speaking directly to you. Here are some ideas about armadillo messages this delightful “little armored one.”

Armadillo Messages and Meaning
Armadillo Messages and Meaning

In the Armadillo’s Own Words:

“Howdy! I’m tip-toeing on your scene to remind you of some intense life lessons.  If you follow my lead, I’ll show you how to embrace your uniqueness and individuality.  When you count your quirks as gifts rather than flaws – you’re at a whole new advantage in life. Let’s face it.  I’m an odd critter.  But all my funky features work together to help me thrive and survive.

I’m also here to encourage you to dig deep from within.  I dig around all the time and am rewarded with delightful goodies.  You can do the same, but dig within your heart and emotions.  Self-contemplation, going within and soul-searching will win you big results in life.

Lastly, I can’t complete my inspirational speech without mentioning my defense systems. I’m all about self-preservation. Not to brag, but my security measures are pretty remarkable. I mean, look at my body! I’m built better than a Roman shield! Very little penetrates my armored scales. And when things get really dicey…no problem. I just make myself a tight ball and roll away from danger. Easy peasy.

You can do the same, you know. You have the power, strength, and chutzpah to defend yourself, your family, your beliefs…whatever you hold dear. And you also have the option to defend or to roll away from conflict. Your choice. Either way – you are just as equipped to stand steady and strong in this world as I am.”

Armadillo Messages and Meaning
Armadillo Messages and Meaning

Final Thoughts About Armadillo Messages and Meaning

After reading through these tidbits about armadillo messages and meanings, you might think of the armadillo as being aloof or self-centric. That may be true, but it’s a big lesson. Sometimes we’ve got to go within, take care of ourselves first before we can even think about helping others. Armadillo messages also deal with self-protection and self-preservation. All this to say the armadillo isn’t encouraging selfish behavior…rather, this teaching creature serves up an overarching message to, “You be you, take care of you, do what you gotta do.” I hope these thoughts about potential armadillo messages were helpful on your path. As always, thank you for reading!

Mighty brightly,

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