Crossroads of Choice

Crossroads of Choice

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Contemplating Crossroads of Choice

I’ve been thinking about the crossroads…specifically crossroads of choice. You know those moments, when we are faced with two or more options and we stand in the midst of these paths and think, “What the eff am I gonna do?”

My radio often serves as an oracle. When I switch it on, the first song emitted from the airways is usually a sign of what’s happening in my life and can also reveal answers to some complex problems. This morning I switched on the radio and heard “Crossroads” sung by Eric Clapton when he was jammin’ with the band Cream. This song was originally sung by bluesman Robert Johnson. The modern myth describes Johnson’s song as a narrative for a deal he struck with the devil in order to become a masterful blues guitarist. I wrote more about Johnson and his alleged deal with the devil here.

At any rate, I got stuck on that repetitive line in the song “I went down to the crossroads, fell down on my knees.” It kinda sums up those moments we all have in life when we are faced with a serious crux and forced to make some heavy decisions.

That’s what got me thinking about the crossroads of choice. Many of us are in similar situations in which we have to make some navigational decisions in an environment replete with unknowns.

Crossroads of Choice
Crossroads of Choice

Core Meaning of Crossroads

Crossroads always signify choice. Choices can be scary, but they are also liberating. The funny thing about crossroads is they represent both all things unknown and 100% pure potential. No matter what path you take, there is no guarantee.

Some choices lead to unicorns, others lead to swamp things. The saving grace here is that there is an opportunity in every moment and every choice. No matter what we encounter on any path, we always have the power to make another choice.

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Sometimes that choice might be as simple as making a commitment to change our mind. But in that simple choice, revolutionary paths can be laid before us.

Crossroads represent the way towards infinite turnstiles in life…always revolving and turning…our entry into better days in life is completely dependent upon the choices we make. That is the overarching meaning of crossroads: Choice.

Crossroads of Choice
Crossroads of Choice

Take-Away Points About the Crossroads of Choice

Here are a few take-away points I’ve been brewing in my mental symbolic pot about crossroads of choice for your consideration…

-Friends in Low Places: In pop culture, myth and legends, we often see crossroads as a meeting place with the devil. Many a tortured soul has made a dark pact when they have met the end of their rope. Symbolically, crossroads ask us to soulfully consider the high road vs. the low road. Making sacrifices is one thing, but selling out to lower energy or negative influences is rarely beneficial. Crossroads remind us we have choices, and although the easy sell-out choice might be attractive, it almost never pays off.

-Red Pill or Blue Pill?: I’m referring to that meme in the Matrix movie. The red pill is the path of enduring full frontal reality, and exposing the painful truth of our situations. The blue pill is the choice to keep skipping along with an illusion of sparkles and rainbows…effectually, not facing the truth of our situations. Neither pill is wrong. However, the choice between truth and illusion can have a huge impact on the trajectory of our lives.

-Indecision Precision: The meaning of crossroads can be quite a powerful tool for focus. What? It seems oxymoronic, right? I mean, we are in the middle of all these choices and could that possibly be a source of focus? Well, consider anchoring yourself in the crux of a crossroads, and use that as a fulcrum for grounding and centering. Visually set yourself smack-dab in the middle of your crossroads, and feel the power of focus you have over your life. Think you’re powerless? Think again. Your power is always in your choices. Having options in front of us gives us the option to get mentally prepared to make laser-precise decisions.

Crossroads of Choice
Crossroads of Choice

Just thinkin!

I hope these ideas about crossroads of choice offers hope and inspiration. If you’d like to know more about the history, myth and meaning of crossroads, you’re in luck – I’ve written a full article about the symbolic meaning of crossroads here.

As always, thanks so much for reading.

Mighty brightly,

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