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Reptile Animal Totems

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The “Cold-Blooded” Facts on Amphibian and Reptile Animal Totems

Reptile Animal Totems are special due to their cold-blooded nature. The phenomenon of reptile body temperature changing with their surroundings makes them a supreme symbol of adaptation.

As most reptiles body functions depend on their body temperature this makes them dependent upon their surroundings too. Even so, reptiles are never slaves to external conditions. This is because they are super-intuitive, and fiercely independent.

If you are in contact with reptile animal totems on any kind, tune into the message they are trying to convey to you. Very often, the message reveals hints about dealing with difficult situations (adaptation) – and doing so wisely, while still maintaining integrity. Also, the message might also relate to a matter of independence – a reminder to not be a slave to your external conditions – and realizing that internal changes will truly set you free.

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