About Your Astrological Profile

Understanding Your Astrological Profile

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Your Astrological Personality: Ever wonder why the daily horoscope, so ubiquitous, is often vague and sometimes not even relevant? We are not our astrological Sun Sign alone. Read further about how your astrological profile is determined and what it means for you.

With all the stirring over the Thirteenth Sign, Ophiuchus, astrology was brought to the front of our consciousness. Something stirs in all of us; an interest invalidating our own identity and discovering that there is a major connection between the celestial sphere and our sphere: Outer Space and Inner Space.

Confusion followed the recent Ophiuchus news. Many questioned the integrity of their Sun Sign. Many who questioned most likely do not read their daily horoscopes due to the overtly general tone and frequent inaccuracy they exhibit online and in the papers. But still, many people strongly identify with the traits, attributes, and characteristics that come along with their respective Sun Sign: “I am a Leo, courageous, bold.” Or, “I am a Virgo, methodical and hard working.”

About Your Astrological Profile
About Your Astrological Profile

You Are More Than Your Sun Sign

But we are not our Sun Sign alone. One’s astrological profile is comprised of a trinity, as is everything in the universe: from the one, arose two, from the two, arose three.

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We are a balanced, shifting, and evolving mixture of our Sun Sign, our Moon Sign, and our Ascendant. What does that mean?

The Sun Sign is obvious. If the Sun’s in Libra when you’re born; you’re a Libra. If the Moon was in Pisces at your birth, then you’re a Pisces by Moon Sign. And if the constellation of Sagittarius is rising above the eastern horizon during your birth, then you’re a Sagittarius rising.

So the fundamental astrological profile of this fictitious person is not a Libra alone. This person is a Libra, a Pisces, and a Sagittarius. And any of the predominant traits of those signs can manifest in thought, action, choices, and speech at any time, separately, or together.

How the Three Signs Work Together to Make Your Astrological Profile

Let’s say this person’s Libran trait is a diplomatic personality, being kind, and thoughtful. The moon in Pisces will accentuate these qualities to their zenith. Pisces is all about compassion, kindness, generosity, and a tendency to be a daydreamer. So the Libran traits may appear to be more Pisces. That’s why it can be difficult to guess a person’s sign.

Then let’s add the attributes of a Sagittarian. Friends and colleagues may firstly recognize your rising sign characteristics in you daily. People in this person’s life may see a jovial, energetic, optimistic person, ready to tackle anything—before they’d even notice the subtle Libra qualities, hiding underneath the Sagittarius rising.

The Moon sign is the tone and shape of our emotional responses to the world. The Moon is the emotional persona within us, the sensitive one. Because we often think and act with our hearts, our Moon Sign characteristics are quite predominant.

This individual would be, most likely, reserved but magnetic in personality. He or she would be sympathetic, kind, and very thoughtful of others, but sensitive, highly emotional, and at times very moody. He or she would also be enthusiastic about a great many directions and ideas to live by, but indecisive.

About Your Astrological Profile
About Your Astrological Profile

About the Sun, the Moon, and the Ascendant

The Sun is the total yang side of your astrological profile. Imagine rays of light bursting from a perfect sphere, emanating for all to see. This is our true light, our manifest goal in life to become the more benevolent qualities of the sign. Our fictitious person is a Libra. He or she most often, and ultimately is motivated by the desire to create harmony in life, to handle their relationships in a diplomatic way. This person would possess a balanced and rational frame of mind.

The Moon is the yin side of the persona. Where we project our Sun Sign, we absorb and transform our Moon Sign, much like the moon absorbs and reflects the light of the sun. It is the emotional facet of the personality, our reaction, our response, and our primary instinct.

Our person is a Pisces by Moon Sign; a powerful combination of emotions, sweeping through the heart. Pisces can be one of the most emotional of all the signs of the zodiac, combined with the Moon, and you’ve got one very sensitive and caring person.

Then the rising sign balances between yin and yang polarity; it’s sometimes yang, sometimes yin, and sometimes a mix of the two. It is the mask, the costume, we adorn once we walk out the door to face others in the world.

About Your Astrological Profile
Astrological Profile (click to enlarge)

A Snowflake: We Are All Unique

♦Horoscopes are a fallacy, in that they only address Sun Signs. Every Libra being is entirely different, there are no two alike, just like a snowflake.

♦An individual’s astrological chart is unique to that person—there are no two exactly alike, even if they were twins born minutes apart.

♦No horoscope could ever address the infinite combinations of Sun, Moon, and Rising signs, as well as accommodate the limitless potential of each individual’s chart.

♦We will always be the sign we were born under, regardless of any new “discoveries” of signs of the zodiac, such as Ophiuchus the Thirteenth Sign.

A person’s birth chart is only more evidence in supporting that every being has unique potential, talents, and purpose in life. A person is not only one aspect of astrology. We are compositions of the triumvirate of the Sun, the Moon, and the Ascendant. Understanding the trinity of your astrological profile confirms that you are so much more than just what your Sun Sign horoscope says.

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