Using Crystals for Daily Manifesting

How to Use Crystals for Daily Manifesting

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If you are someone who practices daily manifesting with rituals, visualization, or scripting, crystals can really ramp up your efforts. You can program certain crystals to be used for manifesting specifically.  Or, you can keep them on your altar and harness their energy when you need it.  Read on for more tips about how to use crystals for daily manifesting.

Using Crystals for Your Daily Intentions

The first way to use crystals for daily manifesting utilize them for your daily affirmations and intentions. Each morning, you may set an intention or goal.  These are meant to help you go through the day.  Once you determine your intention, this will help you decide which crystal will be ideal for your goal and purpose. 

For example, if you are struggling with stress and anxiety, choose an amethyst and keep it with you the whole day.  Amethyst is a good cleansing crystal, and it will help purify your energy from anxiety.  Or perhaps you want to live with more confidence. If this is the case, opt for carnelian which can boost your energy, heighten self-trust and help you feel more confident through the day.   

How to Use Crystals for Manifesting
How to Use Crystals for Manifesting

Set Up Crystals On Your Altar

Altars sound like intimidating things – or something that might be funky with crystal balls, toads’ whiskers or eye of newt.  That’s a stereotypical view.  In truth, an altar is a sacred place where you can intentionally dream, meditate, and conduct spiritual practices.  

People who use an altar keep precious, powerful items there as they do rituals, pray, or gather spiritual energies.  If you want to start manifesting with a daily ritual, setting up crystals for manifestation on your altar is a wonderful way to get the right energy. Some crystals for manifestation altars include moonstone, selenite, clear quartz, and black tourmaline.

Journaling and Other Daily Rituals With Crystals

Crystals are a great addition to your scripting or journaling practices. You simply need to place your crystals near you to touch them and look at them while you are writing. Again, choose crystals not just for manifestation in general, but specifically for what you are trying to manifest. Rose quartz is effective when you are trying to manifest love.  If you are looking to manifest abundance, try malachite, citrine, or selenite.

Wear Your Crystals

Once you have gone through your manifestation ritual, you might want to carry that energy around with you as a reminder and to have the energy stay charged toward what you are manifesting. This is when it can help to wear crystals. There are many types of crystal jewelry to choose from, with crystals for all sorts of manifestations. Like other crystals, you want to keep this jewelry charged and cleansed of negative energy.

Meditate With Crystals

One of the best ways to manifest is through meditation, and crystals can help energize your manifestations.  Use a crystal as a focus tool so you can hone in and concentrate. As you meditate, feel the energy of the crystal and feel its power saturating and surrounding you.  The idea is what we internalize is also sent out into the universe. The power of meditation combined with crystal energy moves out into the ethers and returns in the form of realized manifestation. So put your crystals on your pillow and keep them with you as you meditate so you can benefit from their energy.

Using Crystals to Manifest
Using Crystals to Manifest

Different Crystals for Daily Manifestations

As mentioned, there are certain crystals that resonate with different energy.  The choice of which crystals to use for daily manifestations is ultimately yours.  However, here are a few general guidelines about which crystals are ideal for certain intentions.

Love Manifestation

Pink Kunzite: This love crystal promotes communication in romantic relationships and is also a purifying crystal.

Rose Quartz: A favorite among many, rose quartz is an ace at strengthening love connections and attracting love.

Manifesting Money and Good Fortune

Malachite: A personal favorite of mine, this stone is super-powerful when it comes to attracting wealth, money and good luck.

Citrine:  This promotes success in business – especially creative projects. It is a good stone if you’re looking for inspiration for business ideas or working for unique ways to make money.

Health and Wellbeing

Quartz:  Clear quartz has been a staple in every energy healer’s toolbox since time immemorable.  It is a cleansing crystal. It soothes, calms, and purifies when used in healing manifestations.

Amethyst:  This crystal has a tranquil, loving quality that is effective in healing. It pulls out impurities and helps clear out stress and negativity.

Tips on How to Cleanse Your Crystals

Cleansing Crystals for Daily Manifesting
Cleansing Crystals for Daily Manifesting

Make a regular practice of cleansing your crystals.  This removes negative, toxic, or stagnant energy.  Keep your crystals pure & effective when you use them for manifesting by doing this simple cleansing ritual.

Ways to Purify Your Crystals

  • Set them out in sunlight or moonlight
  • Cleanse them in a fresh stream of water
  • Do a smudging ritual to cleanse them with sage or incense
  • Allow them to rest in a bowl of salt which will draw out negativity

The Last Word on Using Crystals for Daily Manifestations

I hope these tips about which crystals to use, and ideas about using crystals for daily manifestations prove helpful to you.  The most important thing to remember is to consider crystals as miraculous little minerals.  They are made from the power of the earth and the stuff of the stars.  Connecting with them connects us with the universe.  And when we are connected to the universe, we are more able to successfully manifest. As always, thanks for reading.

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