Flower meanings and orchid meanings

Flower Meanings Orchid

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Flower Meanings: Orchid Symbolism

Symbolic Meaning of the Orchid: When it comes to flower meanings, there’s something about the orchid that is both genteel and wild at same time. I dig that kind of duality within a single biological unit. I don’t know why, but the potential of both crazy and demure just sets me free.

I suppose that’s why the orchid is a big-time symbol of royalty and nobility. Consider kings and queens. They are in positions of power. 

They’re used to getting their own way. But they also have great responsibility. Same goes with the orchid. Like royalty, the orchid is required to be regal, lovely, beautiful and calm.

But under the scenes, the orchid is a wild, sexy beast…and that is the nature of humankind (whether royalty or not).

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Colors of orchids range all over the spectrum. Your symbolic flower meanings with the orchid will shift according to color. White is symbolic of purity, clarity, healing. Pinks are also symbolic of healing, but also of tenderness, connection, friendship and love. Purple orchids are symbolic of authority and expressing our power (in elegant ways) in public circles. Check out more about flower meanings according to their color here.

Flower meanings of orchid is rife with symbolism. Check out the list below of keywords to get you started in orchids’ amazing potential and diversity.

Flower meanings and orchid meanings
Flower meanings and orchid meanings

Say it with orchids!

Sending orchids sends a message of adoration.

An orchid bouquet says:

“I dig how unique and exotic you are,

and I want to explore your depth!”

Keywords for Orchid Flower Meanings

  • Class
  • Purity
  • Passion
  • Status
  • Nobility
  • Equality
  • Elegance
  • Pleasure
  • Sexuality
  • Harmony
  • Creativity
  • Attraction
  • Expression
  • Refinement
  • Connection
flower meanings of the orchid
Flower meanings of the orchid

Now, don’t freak out on me. I mention sexuality in this list of flower meanings for the orchid not for the shock-value. Nope. I mention it because perhaps more than any other flower, the orchid puts her sexy parts all out there.

Where other flowers cloak their reproductive goods within silky petals…orchid says: “Uh huh…here’s my sassy stuff, enjoy, love me, cherish me.” In fact, the orchid is so self-assured of her beautiful reproductive parts, that often she’s able to self-pollinate. What does this mean on a symbolic level? It talks about self love. Loving ourselves to such a degree that we can create our own offspring in the form of dreams, goals, art, projects, connections. I think of all the lessons the orchid shares with us, self-love is the most vital.

Orchid is unabashed. She flaunts her stuff. She boldly expands her beauty. She emits her fragrance as if the world is depending on it. In fact, maybe the world is. We all owe orchids a big debt by sustaining bee populations. We also should show gratitude for the orchid’s ability to attracting butterflies.

While on that subject…orchids are sneaky babies. They purposefully cloak themselves to mimic the appearance of butterflies. Why? Because butterflies sustain life.

A butterfly landing on the pollen-plush orchid will take that seed elsewhere, thus assuring the lineage of the orchid’s line. What does this say to us on a symbolic level? Maybe it tells us we should consider ways to attract our allies.

Perhaps we can maneuver ourselves in better positions to insure our advantage and success. The orchid does not copy colors of butterfly for the sake of copy-catting.

Nope. She does it to sustain and prolong her offspring. We can take the same cue. Don’t blend in – that’s not what orchid is saying – but DO get in the same groove with those who can help you on your path, and enhance your cause.

Orchid mimicry (matching colors of birds, bees, butterflies for the purpose of pollinating) reminds us we are big magnets. What is your energy emitting? Take stock of your thought-inventory. Your thoughts are energy. What kind of energy are you putting out? Flower meanings for the orchid is all about energy-output. Therefore, she asks you what kind of energy are you exuding. Negative? Positive? Self-destructive? Self-enhancing? Orchid asks us to remember we attract to ourselves the same energy we put out. In other words, if you’re a negative Nellie, you’re going to get negativity back. But if you’re a positive Polly…you guessed it…positivity will be at your doorstep.

On another note, ancient Aztecs mixed a special type of orchid (the vanilla orchid) with chocolate. The Aztecs believed this dish made warriors more strong, virile and powerful.

Flower meanings and orchid meanings
Flower meanings and orchid meanings

“Passion and purity.

Do they seem paradoxical?

Consider this: Nature demonstrates this relationship.

Nature knows how to be both

sexy and elegant while remaining pure.”


I hope this article on the flower meanings of the orchid has given you a new view of this amazing being. To be sure, orchids have so much to share and teach us. Don’t let your exploration stop here. Gather more information about the biology of the orchid for more insight. Better yet, try to grow your own. I had a friend, Norman, who devoted his whole life to cultivating and nurturing orchids. His whole home was replete with gorgeous orchid blooms. You know what? That guy was one of the most happy, calm and self-assured people I’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing. Coincidence? Hardly. The stuff we choose to spend time with flavors our lives and personality. I’m quite sure Norman’s countenance had a lot to do with the company he kept. As he kept company with tons of orchids, their influence is undeniable upon Norman’s personality.

Just give it some thought. Go to your local botanical gardens and sit with orchids. Meditate upon them. Try to grow them. These regal blooms are worth your attention. Now that you have a good grasp on the flower meanings of orchids – I’m quite sure you’re going to have amazing growth when connecting with these lovely blooms.

As always, thanks for reading!

Bright flower meanings to you, and may all your orchid encounters be empowering!


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