Crystals That Help With Focus and Concentration

12 Crystals That Help With Focus and Concentration

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If you are interested in crystals, then you probably know how they can be powerful tools in all areas of live.  From love to creativity, crystals are like little energizing batteries that can boost your mojo and revitalize your energy.  According to experts, these stones are powerhouses when it comes to gaining greater balance and mental control. These are awesome crystals for allowing positive to flow and rejuvenate your mental space. So follow along as we go through this countdown of 12 crystals that help with focus and concentration.

The Rundown of Crystals That Help With Focus and Clarity

We have curated the best crystals that help with focus, clarity, comfort, and much more.  So get your crystal groove on and enjoy these little stones of power for your best benefits.  

Crystals That Help With Focus and Concentration
Crystals That Help With Focus and Concentration


Chlorite is considered a powerful purifier that can ground all negative energies. As such, it can balance your chakras and provide you with a calming aura to help with concentration. For example, chlorite can help when you are trying to complete a tough college assignment with the help of  When it comes to hunkering down, and meeting challenging deadlines that demand your focus, you definitely need an environment that can offer you clarity and focus. The essential energy of chlorite can definitely help you crush those goals.        

Clear Quartz 

This is another crystal often preferred by those who seek some help with focus to study. It is said that this crystal can hold information and can even be charged to use for different purposes. This means clear quartz can be used to enhance the vibrations from other crystals. As such, clear quartz can be an amazing crystal that helps with focus and it’s a powerful tool to add to your crystal arsenal. 

Tiger’s Eye 

Tiger’s eye is a crystal that stands out for its stunning gold and earth hues. Not only does this add more vibrancy to your room, but it can also be a great addition to focusing on studying or tackling tasks that require concentration. This is because the tiger’s eye has strong vibrations that could help relieve your anxiety and stress. So, if you are panicking about a problem, project, goal, or whatever, tiger’s eye could be used to enhance mental acuity. 

Black Tourmaline

Do you have a lot of distractions in your life that keep you from maintaining your focus and balance? Let’s say you have a roommate who plays loud music or has a different schedule.  If you can relate, black tourmaline can help shield you from any negative energy and distractions. It is also believed to protect you from the electromagnetic fields emitted from devices such as computers, phones, and even your wifi routers. Even a small black tourmaline crystal can help with focus if you keep it nearby in your work or office space.

Smoky Quartz 

If there is too much happening in your life that is preventing you from focusing on your work, life or goals, then smoky Quartz is the best crystal for the job. This crystal can help with focus by clearing out the cobwebs in your headspace. When you need a break from overactive thoughts, hold the crystal in your hands, and focus on what is most significant to you. Smoky quartz can also help you prioritize tasks and “reset” your mind.  It is also a powerful crystal for staunching stress, anxiety, and runaway thoughts.

Crystals That Help With Focus and Concentration
Crystals That Help With Focus and Concentration


Amethyst is another stone that is known for its healing powers and it’s a favorite among crystals that help with focus and concentration. This crystal is particularly good if you are dealing with any physical ailments or emotional issues. Having an amethyst crystal in your dorm room can help with your insomnia and even avoid nightmares.  Try placing an Amethyst crystal under your pillow or beside your bed. You might find yourself getting a more restful sleep, which is crucial to increase your productivity and retain information. 


Citrine is a spectacular yellow-orange crystal that is believed to have manifestation powers. If you have this crystal, it can instill confidence and courage in you.  This can undeniably help you when you are preparing for anything you need to focus upon. Citrine is a great partner when it comes to concentrating upon goals you want to be manifested into your reality. Citrine can also help you keep away any negative thoughts and self-doubt that might arise.  In other words, citrine crystals can help with focus and can aid you in clearing your mind to overcome anything that is holding you back from achieving your goals. 


This indigo-colored stone is believed to have powers to rinse your body of toxic vibes that are associated with fear or guilt. Sodalite can push you to attain the clarity that is required to boost your self-confidence. In this way, sodalite has a calming effect on many people who might feel anxious in the midst of deadlines or troublesome times. It aids in keeping calm and prepares you for big events in life.  Sodalite is especially helpful for test anxiety, nerves felt during a new job interview, or panic attacks.


Selenite has some similar characteristics to clear quartz because this can also be repurposed to charge other crystals. You can buy selenite in the form of a charging plate to keep the other stones on. Because it is an absorbing stone, selenite as a charging plate can bolster the power of existing crystals for focus and concentration you place on its surface.  This will also help to keep your collection neat and organized in your home or altar.  Selenite is an excellent crystal because it has a grounding effect as well as absorbs negative energy. Selenite can also cleanse your space, and remove any bad emotions. You can also combine it with citrine to manifest your goals. 


Fluorite is known for its ability to enhance mental focus. It can help you clarify any self-doubt which might be an obstacle to concentrating on your life goals, academics, or work objectives. This crystal can make it easier for you to function more effectively and get clear about what you want to manifest in your life.  Since the stone is available in many colors, you will also be able to pick a fluorite crystal in a color that best suits your personality. 


Pyrite has a brassy golden glow that sets it apart from most of the other crystals. It is a mineral that is supposed to connect to the power of the sun. Symbolically, its connection with the sun resonates with the energy of clarity, intelligence, vitality, brilliance, and growth.  Pyrite crystals can stimulate your mind and help improve your memory.  Having pyrite by your side or on your desk can help you concentrate as well as help you recall important information when needed. Pyrite can also strengthen your willpower and determination. 


Carnelian is primarily associated with its impressive healing powers. The stone is believed to help purify your blood, heart, and other organs. However, it can also aid you with a boost of confidence and courage. Having a carnelian with you can make it easier for you to forge new friendships. It is a warming stone, and it is one of the best crystals that help with a focus on relationships, love, and community ties. 

Crystals That Help With Focus and Concentration
Crystals That Help With Focus and Concentration

How to Use Crystals for Focus and Concentration

If you are wondering how to use crystals to help you concentrate more effectively, it isn’t complicated at all. In fact, there are several ways you can do this. 

  • You can simply place the crystal on your work desk, especially ones like selenite that can help you focus. 
  • Another choice is to have the crystals such as amethyst near your books on the bedside table or where you sleep. 
  • Some people also hold the crystals in their hands while meditating or focusing. 
  • You might also opt to wear crystals as jewelry. It wouldn’t be too hard to find a fluorite ring or carnelian pendant that goes with your outfits as well as help you with focus.  
  • Align your chakras with your crystals. This will help you harmonize and focus more clearly.

The Last Word On Crystals That Help With Focus

If you are just beginning your healing journey with crystals, you might want to invest in just one or two. Then, don’t think twice about it picking crystals that resonate with you, your energy, and your objectives.

Certain crystals are great for those trying to focus in an environment with a lot of different energies, as well as helping folks meet objectives.  The trick is to find the right crystals for you.

As you can see, it is more about personalizing what you want and to your taste. Why not start with one or two, and then observe these crystals that help with focus and concentration and relish all the benefits as you excel in your life goals.

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