Celtic meaning rowan tree meaning in the Ogham

Celtic Meaning Rowan Tree

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Celtic Meaning: Rowan Tree Symbolism in the Druid Ogham

Celtic Meaning of the Rowan Tree in Ogham Wisdom: The rowan has long been honored by the Celts for its balance of beauty and hardiness. When we silence ourselves long enough to listen to the rowan speak, we hear her message: “look deeper, see through the object before your eyes and you will encounter visions into the worlds beyond the one you physically know.”

Symbolic Celtic Meaning of the Rowan Tree

  • Power
  • Vision
  • Balance
  • Healing
  • Mystery
  • Connection
  • Protection
  • Divination
  • Transformation

“The final mystery is oneself.”

~Oscar Wilde
Holiday Meaning Of Trees - Rowan Tree Meaning
Holiday Meaning Of Trees – Rowan Tree Meaning

The rowan is also incredibly diverse in its growth, often growing inside other trees, in craggy riverbeds, and in other seemingly impossible locations. This is a powerful analogy for us to find our divine connection in unorthodox places. Sometimes the finest and highest calling is discovered when/where we least expect.

Lastly, the rowan was a popular sign of Samhain festivities, and to this day viewed as an auspicious Samhain/Halloween symbol.

Call upon the energy of the rowan when you are in need of clarity in your life situation, or protection from lower (negative) vibrations that you may be encountering. Consider the fresh vibrancy the rowan has to offer combined with the clean bright berries that seem to sing out cheerfully throughout the forest. Such visions and invocations will transform your own vibrations causing you to see more light and promise infuse your days.

celtic meaning rowan tree meaning ogham
celtic meaning rowan tree meaning ogham

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I hope you have enjoyed these insights about the rowan tree symbolism according to its Ogham meaning, and Celtic perspective. I hope this article inspires you to keep exploring the Celtic meaning of trees by clicking on the branches (links) below.

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