How to Interpret Your Astrological Birth Chart

How to Make and Interpret Your Astrological Birth Chart

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Have you ever tried finding out the exact planetary alignment at your birth moment? Something like the order of zodiac houses at that minute, no? It means you might miss out on a few important insights about yourself. No need to panic, as we can work that out today with an astrology birth chart. So, let’s jump straight into how you can make and interpret your astrological birth chart.

How to Interpret Your Astrological Birth Chart
How to Interpret Your Astrological Birth Chart

Getting Started: How to Make an Astrological Birth Chart

Previously, astrologers would draw birth charts by hand using a protractor. Thankfully, we have astrology software now to do it for us in a matter of seconds. Astro is one of the most reliable and faster online platforms you can count on for this purpose.

All you need is the date, location of your birth, and time to start creating an astrology birth chart. Ensure you put in accurate data because a birth chart would radically shift every four minutes. Hence if you have erroneously used a different date or year, you’ll get a birth chart that is not even close to the actual one. Therefore, the best approach is to verify the data from your birth certificate before you type it into the software.

You’ll instantly get a birth chart as you enter these details in the software. Yes, if you see it for the first time, you may have difficulty interpreting it. Fear not; we will help you understand it.

Making Sense Out of The Astrology Birth Chart 

How to Make and Interpret Your Astrological Birth Chart

Before we begin with interpreting an astrological birth chart, let’s get comfortable with 12 houses. For ease of understanding, we have presented them in the table below.

An astrology birth chart has 12 houses, each focusing on a specific area of life. They all have a distinct planetary ruler and natural sign.

Summary of Houses

Houses Talks about
1st HouseHow you dress, walk, talk, and treat others. Plus, it informs you about the first thing people notice about you. 
2nd HouseHow much money can you earn, and what is your self-worth? This one aligns with the layperson concept of astrology.
3rd HouseYour communication with siblings, friends, and others. 
4th HouseYour values and how you are caring for your family. 
5th HouseYour interests and creativity. It tells how you like your casual dating and more.
6th HouseYour self-care, health, and routine.
7th HouseThe ideal person you want a relationship with for the long term.
8th Househow you will evolve.
9th HouseYour favorite adventures, ideology, and philosophy.
10th HouseHow you like others to know you  
11th HouseYour associations. Like your friends, social groups, and others. 
12th HouseYour dearest visions and dreams

Now that you have enough knowledge of the houses, let’s understand the other steps of creating an astrology birth chart. 

Look for The Ascendant

Ascendant is a point rising above the eastern horizon at your birth moment. Finding the ascendant important for knowing how the houses are positioned in your birth chart. Let’s say your birth chart is a clock; the ascendant is at 9 o’clock.

Track Down The Planets

How to Interpret Your Astrological Birth Chart

Astrologers believe that the energies of planets impact your daily life events. You can see that planets are scattered throughout your birth chart. Plus, you may have one, many, or no planets in your House. This is how you can locate them in the chart: 

  • A circle with a dot in the center is the sun 
  • You can easily identify the moon in its crescent shape 
  • The female symbol is Venus, while the male symbol is Mars 
  • The female symbol with two lines at the top is a Mercury 
  • Something appearing as the number 4 is Jupiter 
  • Saturn is represented by a symbol that a scythe or sickle 
  • You can easily identify Neptune because it looks like a trident
  • Uranus can be identified by a male symbol with a spot in the center 
  • Pluto can be identified by a “P” with a tail

Identify Your Personal Planets

The sun, the moon, Mercury, Venus, and Mars are the personal planets, where:

  • The sun tells you about the purpose and basic identity 
  • The moon represents life events experienced 
  • Mercury reflects your ability to perceive objects and individuals  
  • Venus tells about whom you feel comfortable with 
  • Mars represents your will and actions 

Exploring Your Outer Planets

Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Pluto, and Neptune are the outer planets, where: 

  • Jupiter tells about your personal growth 
  • Saturn reflects your personal responsibilities 
  • Uranus tells about your ability to grow and learn 
  • Neptune reflects your ideas and imagination 
  • Pluto tells about your inner growth and your capacity to change 

For an accurate interpretation of an astrology birth chart, you must understand where the planets are appearing in the same. Because planets represent your drives, things you enjoy, and more.

You also need a good understanding of zodiac signs before you begin interpreting an astrology birth chart. So jump to the next paragraph for a brief introduction of all. 

Summary of Zodiac Signs

How to Interpret Your Astrological Birth Chart

You might be familiar with these names, or at least you can tell your zodiac sign. But you may be unfamiliar with what each of these is known for. Speaking of which, quickly hover your eyes on each of them below to improve your understanding. 

Zodiac SignKnown for
Aries Courage, competitiveness, and a sense of love and adventure.
Taurus Intelligence, hardworking, and dedication. 
GeminiIntellectuality and playfulness. 
Cancer Being highly intuitive, emotional, and sensitive. 
Leo Bigheartedness, leadership qualities, and generosity.
Virgo Loyalty and being perfectionists 
Libra Being charming and well balanced 
Scorpio Bravery and resentfulness 
Sagittarius Being passionate and curious 
Capricorn Being ambitious, strong, and materialistic 
Aquarius Being idealistic, highly creative, and intelligent 
Pisces Peace-loving and friendliness 

Take Away Pointers About Interpreting Your Astrology Birth Chart

Making and learning to interpret your astrological birth chart is not a big deal these days since you have a lot of online software to do that. But the interpretation of the one might be an issue if you are doing it for the first time. This article was about equipping you with enough knowledge to create an astrology birth chart and then understand the same.

Yes, it’s a topic to argue about, but we have tried our best to cover it from different aspects. Ultimately, how you interpret your astrological chart is up to you. While there is plenty of debate and varying opinions about the best way to decipher your chart – what is most important is getting the details down, understanding those details, and piecing them together in a tapestry that both describes who you are and compels you to lead a more enriched life.

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