Celtic Meaning Gorse Tree

celtic meaning gorse, ogham tree meaning of gorse
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Celtic Meaning: Gorse Meaning in the Druid Ogham

Celtic Gorse Meaning

The symbolic gorse of the Ogham is known best for its associations with the sun. Primarily because the ancient Celts recognized the bright canary yellow flowers that begin to spring open as early as March. However, some types of gorse (also known as furze) will keep their happy blooms year-round.

There is rich symbolism to be found in this. Its bright blooms associated with the sun is symbolic of life vitality.

Firstly, the blazing yellow flowers were a sign of intelligence, vibrancy, and energy as they shone as brightly as the sun itself – particularly in with remnants of winter still looming about. This beckons us to consider our own internal blossoms and to be sure our inner energy is blooming even when our external environment appears bleak.


Symbolic Celtic meaning of the Gorse

  • Light
  • Vibrancy
  • Industry
  • Protection
  • Intelligence
  • Independence

“Do something because it feels right, not because it makes sense. Follow your spiritual impulse.”

~M. Hayes-Grieco

The Druids recognized that the gorse is voracious light seeker. They also understood it was an opportunistic plant, observing the seeds flinging off the parent (mostly on the warmest, brightest days) distancing themselves as far as possible in order to begin a new colony free to have more sun to themselves without the crowding branches of the parent nearby.

We may translate this behavior in our own lives when we feel we are being overshadowed or staunched into a certain peg hole. It may be time to leap out on our own and find our own sunny trails. When conformity becomes the norm, the gorse reminds us to always seek the higher road, the path of light.

Lastly, the gorse is a seductive proposition for bees. Bees are symbolic of community, activity and opportunity for the Druids (they are also considered an aspect of mother goddess energy). Consequently, the symbolic gorse maintains its opportunistic status and gains even higher rank in the Ogham for its association with the bee.

This partnership speaks of symbiosis, and reminds us that sometimes we’ve got to get busy and blaze a trail in order to get anywhere at all.

Thanks for reading these thoughts about the symbolic meaning of the gorse from a Celtic perspective.

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