Law of Attraction Meaning

Law of Attraction Meaning

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Law of Attraction Meaning and How it Works

Law of Attraction Meaning

I love law of attraction (LOA). I love it for its accessibility. I love it for its impartiality. Mostly, I love LOA because it is a gift from the Universe that all of us can access and utilize. LOA is THE strongest of Universal laws. Even stronger than gravity! When we abide by this law, we can transform our lives. As you all know, I’m not prone to guarantees, but I can guarantee this:Stepping in-line with law of attraction will absolutely lead to remarkable, life changing results.

Another thing I love about LOA is how it is always available. LOA is always working. It’s eternally in effect. That means there is a marvelous power at our fingertips that can give us leverage in life.

But that leverage is contingent upon us. We must wield the power of our hearts and minds and work with the law to make miracles happen in our lives. It’s not rocket science. It’s not all that difficult to abide by the law either. Plus there are helpful tools that can help us manifest such as journaling, using affirmations or creating a vision board.

law of attraction meaning
Law of attraction meaning requires belief

Let’s make it simple. You know cliches like, “We reap what we sow”, or “What comes around goes around”. There’s a reason for these cliches. They’ve been around for thousands of years. According to scripture, even Christ spoke in terms of LOA by saying: “It shall be done to you according to your faith” (Matthew 9:29). These phrases pretty much sum up the gist of law of attraction.

The only sticky wicket about LOA is our own perception. We are the fly in the ointment. Why? Because the only way we can make this lovely law work for us is if we are aware. If not aware, or not actively practicing the law, then we’re kind of hung up. As said, LOA is impartial. It does not care if we understand its principals. It just works – with or without our knowing about its existence. I’m pretty jazzed about that too.

When I contemplated writing this article, it gave me pause. You know my niche is about symbolic meaning. I talk on and on about signs, symbols and the elegance of symbolic language we encounter every day of our lives. What does symbolism have to do with LOA? That was a big question, and I questioned the relevance of this topic on the website. 

In the end, I reasoned that if symbolism is the language of the Universe (and it is), and law of attraction is an immutable tenant of the Universe, then the two concepts are easily married. That…and…it is a vital concept. We all owe it to ourselves to wrangle this business of LOA. There is tremendous freedom in knowing not everything is random. There is reason to the symbolic messages we receive. There is also reason to how we can formulate our lives.

law of attraction meaning telling your story
Law of attraction meaning and telling your story

I picked up on LOA when I was an extraordinarily screwed up teenager. I talk about my introduction to this law in this article: Law of Attraction and Symbolic Meaning, if you’re interested.

In a nutshell, employing the art of LOA helped me lose 125 pounds. Yes, you read that right. I’m not kidding. I was clinically obese. Wielding my wisdom of LOA also shifted me out of a very embarrassing stutter problem. Shall I continue? Ok. I suffered from eczema for years. Of course it was loud and proud. On my face – totally visible. Very mortifying. Utilizing LOA eradicated that awful malady. And financial success? Oh boy, oh boy! LOA has been my energetic ‘wing man’ in gaining mind-boggling success in my business endeavors.

So that’s my testimony. What’s yours? Maybe you have a miracle to report. Rock on! On the other hand, maybe this is all Greek to you. That’s okay too.

There are a few pointers to remember if we want to actively employ LOA in our lives. The following is a painfully simple outline. And that’s ok. LOA is very simple. It’s our minds, emotions, belief systems that tend to complicate the effectiveness of LOA. Nevertheless, keep these key points in mind as you work with this law.

law of attraction and making your dreams come true
Law of attraction and making your dreams come true

Key Points to Utilizing the Law of Attraction in Our Lives

♦  Oh, That School Teacher Was Right!

Remember your teachers squawking out to the class: “PAY ATTENTION!” She wanted you to learn. It’s not different with LOA. Attention is huge. Pay attention to your thoughts. Be diligent. Be studious about your mind and what goes on within it. When you drift into thoughts that thwart your best interest – snap out of it! Get back in your groove. Pay attention. As Dr. Joseph Murphy says: “The key to life is awareness.”

♦  Weed Eaters Rule!

I never mowed or used a weed eater on a lawn until I was in my 40s. I couldn’t as a kid because of allergies. The first time I cultivated a lawn, it was liberating! It was also symbolic. Removing weeds from the landscape is akin to removing thoughts that choke the garden of your mind. Dig deep into your desire. If you have elements there that are not serving you – chop that stuff up! LOA functions only when we are vigilant. We must weed out doubt, fear, negativity. Replace unwanted intruders with beneficent, purposeful thoughts.

♦  Get on Fire, Kindle Your Desire!

Do you have a goal or passion that is unmet? Something you want to obtain? It’s key to identify that desire, because it will be a powerful focal point. It is human nature to desire. It’s in our DNA to want, crave and need. At the core of our need is expression, growth and expansion. That’s how the whole Universe works. Our entire construct of life is based on want, and experiencing the fulfillment of that want. That process means we expand and grow. Your desire is not bad. Your desire is your fire. Kindle it. Love it. Focus on it. Follow it.

♦  Hocus, Pocus, Focus!

I heard that term, “hocus pocus focus” from an Abraham Hicks recording. Hicks was in a market, and she observed a mom with several children. Kids wander and get wiggly, right? Well, Hicks heard this mom say: “hocus pocus focus!” to her kids. You know what? They all came in line, and she could see the adjustment in their eyes, their minds, their attention. That’s what I’m asking you to do. I’m not implying you’re children, but the mind is like a feral dog. It wanders. It can go crazy. Left to its own devices, the mind will run rampant, and NOT in a good way. So my dear readers I suggest you “Hocus Pocus Focus!” Focus on your goal. Your passion. Your desire. The more intensely you focus, the more successful your outcome. The more channeled you are with your end-game, the more likely you will succeed. Funnel your attention keenly on your desire. Keep it in the forefront of your mind. Expand on what you want to the extent that it feels real, doable, achieved.

law of attraction meaning
Law of attraction meaning
♦  Give Devotion to Emotion!

What’s love? It’s power. It is what this Universe is built upon. How do I know that? Because this is an expansive Universe. I correlate that with the expansion of love. Love is infinite. It is the construct of our existence. Maybe that seems weird, but it truly is the truth. An element of care and tenderness is present in every birth of life. That means love is present in the moment of your conception of your desire. In turn, that requires your devotion. Become in love with your desire. Become devoted to a better way of living. Incorporate heart into your mental focus. Feel joy when you think of your desire. Feel a sense of completion and accomplishment – know in your heart your desire is beautiful, worthy and is always fulfilled. It takes self-love, and love in your beliefs to create with LOA.

♦  Oh, That Achilles Heel! Patience!

Ewww! I am the least patient person on this planet. That’s where me and the law of attraction really split ends. But…if you do the work, which is mental and emotional investment in the object of your desire – then your work is done. Law of attraction will do the rest. It must. It’s law. It’s our job to have faith. Continue to keep your mind and heart clear of doubt and focused on the loveliness of your desire. I know this seems like a flimsy, crummy concept, but it really is true. I know, I know, I loathe it as much as you do. I want what I want, and I want it NOW! This is the hardest lesson I’ve had to learn in utilizing the law of attraction. I still struggle with it. But when we do the work, the result is guaranteed. We must have faith in that, and be patient, present, comforted that our will shall be done.

♦  Get Your Gumption On.

‘Gumption’. It is defined as such: “1. Common sense or resourcefulness. 2. Initiative or courage.” We’re talking about confidence. Guts, chutzpah, big balls. If you need your desires to bloom in your life, you must know that seed will take. Have no doubt. Be the big bull goose. Be the BMOC (big man on campus). Get cocky. Be bold. LOA falls in line with an attitude that is confident and courageous. Know that all change begins from within. Know you are the master of your external. As Hermes Trismegistus said, “As above, so below”. That means what happens in the stratosphere of our minds (the higher mind) will always influence the mundane realm (physical plane). It takes broad strokes to get to that higher ideal. It takes moving out of the mundane, moving out of the mold. Oh, I know…stepping out of our comfort zones is extremely unsettling. That’s where gumption comes in. We must take the initiative to move out of the known, delve into the unknown, and know….beyond all doubt…that if we’ve effectively employed LOA in our lives, then all we require shall come to pass.

Closing Thoughts on Law of Attraction Meaning

Whew! I got real wordy, didn’t I!? Sorry about that, but this concept of LOA is vital, important and potentially humanity’s make or break point. We, as humans, are masterful. Nothing aggravates me more than when I come across someone who has no idea about their potential power. Don’t get me wrong – I’m not mad at the person, I’m mad at the misconception.

Too often, we think we’re powerless. This is the biggest travesty of humankind ever known. Such a fallacy! We are not helpless. We have extraordinary power. All we need is a grasp on how reality truly works. All we need is a grip on how the unseen, ethereal, ephemeral magic of the Universe operates.

Philosophers, soothsayers, wise-folk have explored and expounded upon these concepts of human potential for centuries.

It’s time we take back our potential. Grab your power. It’s within you. Dive into your soul, and feel your inextinguishable flame. Kindle yourself. Know you are the bright, brilliant light you were always designed to be.

Mighty brightly,

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