Connecting With Your Animal Guides

Connecting With Your Animal Guides

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Animal guides are the spiritual essence of the creatures that reside in your energy and they help guide you through life. Some animal guides you are born with and others decide to join your life path at some point during your life’s journey. Connecting with your animal guides is a profound way of gaining guidance, evolving, growing or simply establishing more peace and harmony in your life.

Your animal guides are always present to assist you and help you navigate through life.  They send you signs, and intervene on your behalf when you need help. You can connect with your animal guides and ask for their assistance with any matter or issue in your life. Here are a few suggestions and tips on how to connect with your animal spirit guides.

Connecting With Your Animal Guides
Connecting With Your Animal Guides

Meditation and Your Animal Guides

The first way to start connecting with your spirit animal guides is to meditate. Clear your mind and start trusting your intuition.  Meditation can help you with both of these. Meditation allows you to become more enlightened and tap into your inner, higher self. It blocks out all the noise and distractions of everyday life, and helps you see your animal guides with your soul.

Many people declare they simply can’t meditate.  For whatever reason, meditation isn’t the easiest or the best practice for everybody.  That’s okay!  There are different types of meditation you can do if sitting still isn’t your scene. Here are a few unconventional meditations that will help you connect with your animal guides.

Animal Dancing Meditation

Many spiritual rituals include dancing to the point of getting into a “zone.”  Movement is a powerful way to release the analytical mind and twirl into the truest core of the soul.  This is a fabulous way to connect with your spirit animals.  Focus on your favorite music and concentrate on body movements. 

Consider dancing and moving in the way your animal guides move.  For example, if you’re power animal is a bear, dance like a bear.  Alternatively, if you’re spirit creature is a starfish, observe how it moves and mimic that movement in the form of dance.  Devote your meditative dance to your power animal, and eventually, your creature will enter your consciousness.  This, in turn, will strengthen your bond and allow you to deeply connect with your animal guides.

Breathing Meditation to Connect With Your Animal Guides

This type of meditation is helpful if you don’t like sitting still and clearing the mind. It renders the same connection and healing results as traditional meditation – but it gives you something to do instead of sitting quietly trying to force yourself into a different mind state.  Start your breathing meditation is a simple as focusing on your breath.  Get laser-honed on your inhales and exhales.  In time, this will lull you into an altered state of consciousness, which will open the gateway for you to connect with your animal guides.

You can also mimic how your animal breaths.  For instance, if your animal is a wolf, consider panting in your breathing meditation.  Or, you can even huff and puff like a buffalo if that’s your animal. Whatever your spiritual creature is – be sure to visualize it as you are focused on your breathing.  You may also want to visualize sharing the breath with your sacred animal totem.  This is a powerful and effective way to connect with your animal guides.

Animal Art Meditation

This unorthodox form of meditation appeals to a lot of creative types and it’s an awesome way to strengthen your relationship with your animal.  It doesn’t matter if you’re artistic or not.  All that matters is that you concentrate on connecting with your animal spirit guides while you are painting, drawing, coloring, etc.

Think about drawing your animal totem. Do this while you are relaxed, and focusing on your sacred creature. Again – you don’t have to be Vincent van Gogh – just relax the mind and hone in on your animal as you are scribbling out your art.  If your totem is a giraffe, create intricate patterns that resemble the fur on the giraffe.  If you connect with certain birds, try painting with feathers.  From finger painting, throwing clay to blowing glass – art is a brilliant way to meditate.  And when you artfully create in a meditative state while focusing on your animal guide – you are sure to make a profound connection.

Tips to Connecting With Your Spirit Animal Guides
Tips to Connecting With Your Spirit Animal Guides

Ask Your Animal Spirit Guides a Question

As you connect more with your animal guides, you can then ask them questions. Asking a question is actually a good way to connect with your animal guides. It lets them know you know they are there and you appreciate their guidance. Ask something simple of them, either to yourself or out loud. You can write it down on a piece of paper or simply ask for something out loud.

It does help to focus on what you want to ask first, whether during meditation or quiet visualization practice. Speak directly to your animal guides and ask them anything. It is important that you put your spirit, faith, and trust into the presence of your animal guides in order to get the signs and messages back.

Become More Mindful and Look for the Signs

After you start connecting with your animal guides and asking them questions, start looking for signs of them answering you.  Be open and observant as you seek signs of animal communication.  Why? Because if you are closed off from everything around you and don’t pay attention, you will likely miss the messages. These signs are meant for you, but if you are not mindful, you aren’t going to see them. Also, animal messages tend to be subtle – so it’s vital to be vigilant, patient, and earnest in listening to messages and seeing their signs.

Practice Mindfulness

Start practicing being more mindful during different moments of the day when you used to just go through the motions. This might be while walking your dog, taking a shower, eating a meal, or driving to work.

These moments are perfect opportunities to practice being present and really focusing on everything you experience in that moment.  When you practice awareness, and start becoming more present – that’s when your animal guides are most likely to enter your consciousness and share their wisdom with you.

Tips to Connecting With Your Spirit Animal Guides
Tips to Connecting With Your Spirit Animal Guides

How To Know You’re Connecting With Your Animal Guides

Your spirit animals are always communicating with you.  Their energies are just as eager to connect with you as you are to them.  The tricky thing is that animal guides obviously don’t speak using words.  You may see them in a vision or a dream – but that doesn’t always happen either.  Most of the time, you will know they are there because of the different signals your spirit animals send you. While there can definitely be more signs, here are some common signals sent from animal guides:

  • You get the chills, feel tingly or have a wave of warmth wash over you
  • The air may change around you like a gust of wind directed at you or noticeable shifts in air pressure.
  • You suddenly feel euphoric or excited for no reason.  Or, you may feel a spontaneous sensation of peace and tranquility.
  • You may see your animal randomly and repeatedly – like on TV, billboards, or in dreams.
  • You have a thought or idea enter your mind out of the blue – this is often from connecting with your animal guides.

Practice Appreciation For Your Animal Guides

These are just a few signs that you’re efforts to connect with your spirit animal guides is working.  Whatever your animal totem, and whatever experiences you are having while connecting with your animal guides – be sure to always do one thing – express gratitude. 

Animal energies have a refined instinct in the spiritual realm, and they sense your emotions.  That’s why being humble and grateful is so important.  In many cases, showing your totem animals how appreciative you are for their presence and guidance is the single most effective way to connect more deeply with them. If you liked this, you may also like my recent article about 7 Myths About Animal Guides here.

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