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Falcons and Ravens

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Falcons and Ravens: Symbolic Meaning of Seeing Them Together

Falcons and Ravens: Meaning of Conflict. This article comes from a question I got on the website. The question was about seeing falcons and ravens together in a spiraling conflict in the air. I was asked to give a symbolic interpretation of this event. Check out what it means when ravens and falcons cross paths.

This question comes from Mary in Arizona.  Here is here inquiry:

Question About Falcons and Ravens

“Hi Avia,

I was looking up at the sky the other day where a falcon was flying high and proud. Then, I saw a raven attack on the falcon. The raven tried many times to hurt the falcon, but the falcon escaped and the raven gave up.

I saw the falcon again many days later, unharmed.

I keep on thinking about this scene. I would like to know what the symbolism of this encounter between falcons and ravens is all about because I think it is a message to me. Thank you for your help.

falcons and ravens together and what this symbolically means
Falcons and ravens together and what this symbolically means

Avia’s Response to Falcon Meaning and Raven Together

Hello Mary,

When a symbolic event takes place that really grabs our attention as your falcon and raven has captured yours, it’s natural to seek meaning from it. Some may scoff at this, but I am firm in my belief that nothing is random, and if our consciousness is attracted by something – it’s a sign to pay attention and interpret the event more deeply. Why? Because 9 times out of 10, that interpretation is applicable to our life circumstances. Consequently, you are right to seek more meaning into this experience you witnessed.

Ravens and falcons, are often seen battling in mid-flight. This is often due to territorial issues. Crows and ravens are extremely territorial, and will take on a much larger raptor (falcons, hawks, even eagles) if they feel their territory is in threat by them.

Corvids (crows, ravens, jackdaws, etc) will also attack raptors as a means to protect their young. Often birds of prey will scope out nests for a potential snack.

Another reason for mid-flight attacks might be caused by Corvids stealing food from a raptor. They’ve been known to take food out of the mouths of hawks and falcons.

falcon and raven meanings

That said, we could interpret the symbolism of the vision you had in terms of:

♦  Threat

♦  Courage

♦  Territory

♦  Challenge

♦  Protection

♦  Opportunity

falcon and raven meanings

That said, we could interpret the symbolism of the vision you had in terms of:

♦  Threat

♦  Courage

♦  Territory

♦  Challenge

♦  Protection

♦  Opportunity

We can also look to the symbolic meaning of ravens, and the meaning of falcons to gain more data for interpretation.

Ravens: There are various and multiple myths about ravens – most of these touch on attributes of protection, mystery, intelligence and opportunity. In Hopi (Native American) wisdom the raven (crow) is represented as a mother figure, further intensifying the theme of security, protection and territorial.

Falcons: Unanimously, symbolic falcon meaning (as with most birds of prey) deals with a keen sense of focus. They hone their sights on something (food, typically), and with awe-inspiring skill and accuracy that nab their prey in a single deft move. So, we’re talking about speed, alacrity of choice, focus and clear aim.

Air: Birds are one with the sky, and it’s noteworthy to consider the symbolic meaning of air and sky. The air element represents the realm of the mind, spirit and things we cannot see or touch. Air is also iconic of intelligence, mobility and communication.

Having laid down the foundational symbolism of falcons, ravens, and the meaning behind their mid-flight tangle, we can now take these meanings and create a narrative – a story that applies the meanings to your own life.

This is done more easily by asking questions related to your life and the symbolic phenomenon that captured your attention in Nature.

raven symbolism and raven meaning
raven symbolism and raven meaning

Some sample questions to ask might be:

♦  What is it in my life that I feel needs protection?

♦  What is my attitude to my home? Do I sense a threat? How can I make my environment feel more safe and secure?

♦  What am I communicating to others? Do I seem defensive?

♦  What is my view on resources? Do I come from a place of lack? Or, am I confident that there are plenty of resources, and all my needs are met?

♦  What kind of perceived attacks have I endured lately? What are my feelings about that?

♦  What is my level of focus these days? Do I need to pay closer attention to my goals? My family? My resources?

♦  Is it time for me to expand my territory? In what ways can I increase my area of influence?

♦  This event may also point to conflict within personal relationships. Specifically, partnerships might warrant a closer look.

This is the method I’ve learned to use in interpreting events in Nature, and applying those meanings to my own life.

You may have your own methods, and I would encourage you to use the means you are most comfortable with to obtain meaning of this experience.

In the final analysis, this experience chose to reveal itself to you.

For some reason you felt compelled by this event between the falcon and raven – so much so that you pondered it more deeply, and even shared it here in hope of clarity about the scenario.

This means (to me) the event is important to you, and I highly recommend you investing your own understanding to uncover deeper meanings of this experience.

I am providing some links that might be worth looking at to aid in your personal interpretations.

And if you liked these insights, you’ll probably like my page on Native American Hawk and Crow Meaning and Stories here.

Mighty brightly,

© Copyrighted. All Rights Reserved.

raven symbolism and raven meaning

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