Unlocking Symbolic Meanings

Tips to Unlocking Symbolic Meanings

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Get Un-Stuck! Tips to Unlocking Symbolic Meanings for Guidance in Life

When it comes to unlocking symbolic meanings, it’s best to start with basics and work our way through a narrative to gain insights.

When signs and symbols come into my awareness, sometimes I’m unsure about their meaning. It happens to all of us!

I believe, if a sign or symbol surfaces, then the symbolic meanings are inherent within our understanding as well. It just makes sense.

Why be given a sign if we don’t have the capacity or faculties to interpret? Remember, my sweet peeps, like attracts like. 

That means if something is floating in your awareness…like an odd bird, repetitive numbers showing up, a funky encounter with rose petals…whatever! That has your attention.

If it has your attention, that means your consciousness has the solution to solve it.

We are never given a stimulus that is disconnected from us. That’s a weird way of saying:

If something is poking at you, you absolutely have the tools and talent to poke back!

So, whether geometric, totemic or otherwise I know I have the right keys for unlocking symbolic meanings.

Armed with this knowledge, when unclear about a symbolic meaning, these are some ideas about what we can do to get clarity… 

Unlocking Symbolic Meanings
Tips to Unlocking Symbolic Meanings

“Intuition is seeing with the soul.”

~Dean Koontz

Tips for Interpreting Symbolic Meanings for Guidance

♦ Meditate:
Sometimes lightly, sometimes deeply, sometimes while doing the dishes or while walking. My energy rolls all over the symbol in question – thoughtfully, lovingly. Inspiration always comes from this. Always. Once I get an inspirational hit, I either know the message that symbol has for me, or I am directed to other resources for more information.

♦ Research:
If the message of the symbol doesn’t come instantly, I’ve got to research it. If the symbol is geometric, I begin to contemplate its basic features. For example, if the symbol is comprised of a triangle – I’d start there, exploring all the symbolic implications (personal, historical, cultural, mythological, etc) of the triangle.

♦ Play:
I can’t allow symbols to control me. They are oracles, designed to help gain guidance and clarity – if they consume or obsess me – then I am a slave. So, I incorporate a lot of play into finding symbolic meanings. I paint them, write about them, lucid dream them, meditate with them (meditation is a form of play, for me). I draw them in the snow or sand or the earth, I make up silly songs about them. You get the idea.

Sometimes symbol meanings won’t give themselves easily. When this happens, I save all my observations about the symbol (from my journals, paintings, songs, meditation results, etc) and put them away.

The answer always comes, but not always in my perceived timing. I’ve waited as long as 3 years to unlock some symbolic meanings.

These are just some tricks of my own that may help you on your own personalized journey to unlocking symbolic meanings.

I hope this article on interpreting and tips to unlocking symbolic meanings proves helpful on your path.

As always, thank you for reading.

Brightest always,


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