Law Of Attraction And Symbolic Meaning

law of attraction and symbolic meanings
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Law of Attraction and Symbolic Meaning

How Symbolic Meanings and Law of Attraction Work Together

Law of Attraction and Symbolic Meaning

I’m pretty confident my life story isn’t any different than yours and countless others. It’s a tapestry of beauty, mixed in with some terrific snaggles and knots. That’s what life is: A fabric full of lovelies and uglies. Weft and warp. Creation and destruction. Good times and bad. You get the idea.

While my life experience is hardly singular, I had some unique challenges from an early age.

I’ll spare you the drama of these early difficulties. Suffice to say, growing up with certain hardships was a hard row to hoe.

These challenges, I think, made me particularly self-aware. They also made me curious about how the ‘Self’ is influenced by environment.

I’d always been interested in symbolic meaning. Although, at that young age, I wouldn’t have called it semiotics – which is the art of making meaning out of signs and symbols. Nope. My curiosity about symbolism started very simple. I noticed how Nature behaved, and how those behaviors meant something. As a teen, I had the privilege of learning a few cool things from a wise woman in the neighborhood. She exposed me to things about Nature, the cosmos, and the workings of the Universe. This informal education made me wonder about humanity’s function in the world….how we affect our environment and vice versa.

Thus enters law of attraction, stage right. Being a bit of a misfit, I found Mecca’s for escape. First retreat was always being alone in Nature. Second Mecca was a bookstore. I spent hours wedged between dusty bookshelves as a kid. It wreaked havoc on my already-epic allergies, but oh well. On one of those book-hibernating afternoons I found ‘The Seth’ books by Jane Roberts. As mentioned, I’d already been exposed to a lot of unique wisdom about energy and how it interacts with everything in the Universe. Armed with that foundation, The Seth Material set off an internal revolution.

Later, in that same dusty, old used book store, I discovered a cassette tape from Abraham-Hicks. That sealed the deal for me, and my journey into law of attraction became an official pilgrimage. A pilgrimage? Yeah. I took the law of attraction (or LOA for short) seriously. It became a path I walked consciously and seriously.

It didn’t take too many paces down this path for me to realize symbolism is married to the law of attraction. Huh? Yeah.

The nuts and bolts of LOA is this: You have an energetic set-point, and it’s a magnet. Your overarching thoughts, emotions, beliefs, etc are pulsating energy. Your pulsations magnetize like-energy from the Universe. There’s a lot of theory and quantum physics behind all this, but that’s pretty much the short version.

So what does this have to do with symbolic meaning? Plenty. After being conscious of the law of attraction in my life, I began to observe some very cool things. Specifically, I started to attract certain elements in Nature. Birds, mostly. Since I already knew what many of these birds meant on a symbolic level, I started interpreting these sightings according to law of attraction.

I’ll give you an example. There was a time in my life in which hummingbirds were a constant presence. They were everywhere! Bounding in Nature, in books, on advertisements, in dialogue – everywhere. Nobody else seemed to notice them. Was I attracting them? Or was my attention somehow drawn to them? Either way, I recognized law of attraction at work with these constant encounters with the hummingbird.

I knew from my symbolic studies that the hummingbird is a representative of energy, vitality, fertility and more. I pondered this. I pondered the hummingbird in more symbolic depth. In time, I started to create a symbolic narrative….a kind of personal discussion that filled in questions like: Why hummingbird? What is it in me that attracts this creature and vice versa? What’s the message here?

“I couldn’t ignore it.

The hummingbird was law of attraction in action.

She forced me to observe my own energy.”


At that time in my life, I was expending a lot of energy. I mean, really frittering away and exerting myself in ludicrous ways. Law of attraction responded to that by sending me the hummingbird. In essence, I attracted a trigger that made me pay attention to my own energy. It got to the point where every time I saw a hummingbird, I did an inventory on my activity levels. Was I frittering? Expending too much energy? Was I using my energy wisely? Was all my flitting about for a good purpose? In time, and with hummingbird-help, I learned to manage my energy wisely.

Maybe you have had a similar experience. It doesn’t have to be a bird or animal.Numbers are often big symbols we attract in our awareness. I can’t tell you how many emails I get about folks seeing the same number over and over. It’s my belief this is law of attraction and symbolic meaning in play. We’re attracting these things.It’s our job to figure out the symbolic meaning of these things and apply that meaning to our lives.

The more I am aware of the law of attraction, the more I am convinced there is nothing random. Gone are the days in which I might say an eagle encounter, or an octopus encounter is a coincidence. Rather, there is a reason. A purpose to these appearances. According to LOA, I am a magnet. What is it in me that magnetized this animal, bird, number or whatever?

“Anything you are giving your attention to

is an invitation to the essence of it.”


I urge you to ask the same questions. It’s quite a gas after awhile. Like playing a game. When something snags your attention…something seemingly random…stop and consider it. Research the deeper meaning of that something-or-other. Let’s say feathers keep wafting into your experience. What does that mean to you? What do feathers represent to you? If you have no personal opinion about feathers, do some research in myth, history and lore about them. Apply the science of semiotics (study of signs and symbolic meaning) to your feathers. You get the idea.

Bottom line is this: We are all powerful magnets. For everything we magnetize, there is a message in it. It’s our job to mine the meaning in that message. Why? Because it affords us self-improvement, self-awareness. It affords us a way to better ourselves and our lives.

Just thoughts.

I hope you enjoyed this article on law of attraction and symbolic meaning. If you did, be sure to check out my other article in the series: Symbolic Meanings and the Law of Polarity.

As always, thanks so much for reading.

May all your attractions reveal marvelous meanings,


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