Learning Piano for Self-Improvement

5 Ways Learning Piano Can Enhance Self-improvement

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Learning the piano is both fun and challenging. There’s a sense of pride and fulfillment that comes with simply being able to play out different melodious notes. It turns out that learning the piano can enhance self-improvement. Here’s how:

Learning Piano for Self-Improvement

1. Learning the Piano Can Offer a Rewarding Career Path

Becoming a master pianist can open you up for lucrative career opportunities. 

There are always musicians looking for professional piano players to join their bands. You could also find gigs at local music fairs and festivals. And the paychecks are quite attractive. 

According to recent surveys, the average pianist salary in the United States is a staggering $44,512. Of course, earnings can shift depending on things like your experience level and whether you’re a part-time or full-time pianist. You could easily double the annual average salary if you’re a full-time pianist performing for a renowned music band. 

Just remember that to become a master pianist, you’ll need to practice with a powerful instrument. 

Fortunately, there’s an abundance of music outlets that deal in high-quality pianos. A simple Google search for a relevant phrase, such as ‘piano keyboard near me,’ is all it takes to find a reputable store that’s based in or ships to your location. 

Factors like the keyboard size, number of keys, and available accessories are all critical when shopping for the right piano for you.

2. Learning the Piano Can Relieve Stress

Stress is the most prevalent mental health condition. While it’s impossible to go through life without encountering stressful situations, prolonged feelings of nervousness can degenerate to full-blown anxiety disorders. 

It turns out that playing the piano might help to combat stress, including its associated complications like anxiety and depression. 

Learning the piano fights stress by lowering cortisol levels. 

Cortisol is a hormone and it controls our reaction to stressors. It’s probably best known for triggering the fight-or-flight response during moments of intense anxiety. However, excess cortisol levels in the bloodstream may worsen underlying anxiety disorders. 

If you’re already receiving treatment for conditions like social anxiety disorder (SAD) or post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), enrolling for a piano class can go a long way in accelerating your recovery. 

The mere act of pressing the keys and playing out melodious rhythms can relieve stress by redirecting your mind from racing thoughts.

Learning Piano for Self-Improvement

3. Learning the Piano Can Boost Self-Esteem

Low self-esteem is one of the most sabotaging feelings. 

Self-esteem issues can prevent you from forming meaningful connections and pursuing a vibrant social life. In the end, you may become withdrawn from other people, including your dear ones. 

It’s perfectly alright to keep your own company once in a while, especially when you need to self-introspect. However, spending more time alone can cause or exacerbate anxiety disorders. 

Studies have shown a positive relationship between playing the piano and improved self-esteem. The time spent in a piano class can boost your self-confidence, consequently enhancing your interpersonal relationships. 

Mastering complex notes and chords provides a sense of personal accomplishment. It reassures you of your inner capabilities and it unleashes deeper creativity which is a huge confidence boost. 

While you may not be the smartest mathematician in class or the most talented athlete on the tracks, it’s reassuring to know you possess a skill that no one else in your circle does.

4. Learning the Piano Can Improve Your Cognitive Performance

Temporary slumps in cognitive performance are commonly attributed to stress and anxiety. 

Racing thoughts can impair your mental concentration and the ability to recall learned information. That’s because your brain uses most of its energy focusing on the stressors. 

The fact that learning the piano may fight stress and anxiety speaks to its potential to improve cognitive performance. But that’s not all. 

Research further suggests that learning the piano may address cognitive decline caused by chronic diseases, particularly neurodegenerative disorders like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease. 

Most studies on the piano’s cognitive-enhancing properties were conducted in older adults, some of whom had already developed neurodegenerative diseases. After several years, participants who played the instrument consistently displayed marked improvements in their cognitive functioning. 

Playing the piano boosts cognitive performance in two primary ways. 

First, it activates the regions of the brain responsible for memory consolidation. 

Second, the pleasant melodies produced stimulate the brain’s natural reward systems.

Learning Piano for Self-Improvement

5. Learning the Piano Can Prevent Unhealthy Habits

Among all the hobbies you can pursue, playing the piano is one of the healthiest and most rewarding. 

Each moment spent in a piano class keeps you away from the screens. This can be particularly helpful for movie, video game, and social media addicts. 

Note that our screens emit blue-light radiation. Excess interaction with your mobile phone, laptop, or television may hurt your vision in the long run. 

The piano also cures the physical health issues associated with sitting on the couch for hours watching a movie. 

Some findings suggest that playing the piano may work your heart nearly as much as taking a brisk walk. It also engages your forearm and wrist muscles. 

Learning the piano can also come as a blessing for drug addicts. It lets you keep your brain productively engaged rather than have it entertain drug-related thoughts.

The Last Note About Playing Piano for Self-Improvement

Constant practice is critical to unlocking all the above benefits. Remember that when it comes to playing the piano (as with most musical instruments), there’s always a chance to excel yourself. So, never miss an opportunity to learn something new. We hope you agree that learning piano can enhance self-improvement and you start tickling the ivories today!

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