pisces zodiac symbols and sign meaning

Zodiac Symbols For Pisces

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Zodiac Symbols For Pisces

Exploring Zodiac Symbols for Pisces: Soulful, mysterious, insightful Pisces…You bring a level of depth to the zodiac like no other sign. To be sure, it’s not easy being you. Straddling the realm of physical and spiritual can be extraordinarily taxing on you. Nevertheless, your ability to see into the astral plane is a gift that is both rewarding and necessary to the world.

As the last of the procession of zodiac signs, Pisces represents the culmination of all that has been before its arrival on the scene. As such, Pisces is incredibly rich and deep in many areas. We can tap into that depth and diversity by learning more about the zodiac symbols for Pisces. Why? Because their symbols are clues that dive deeper into this soulful sun-sign.

For example, platinum is the governing metal for Pisces. Platinum is a rare metal, and therefore considered a prized commodity. In many ways, so is Pisces. Pisces expresses rare gifts of perception and has an uncommon ability to glean information from unorthodox sources.

Often, the information they intuit from these unlikely sources (like dreams, meditation or the spirit realm) is highly prized…by themselves and others. In alchemical wisdom, platinum is symbolic of manifestation. This jives with Pisces because they are incredibly adept at manifesting concrete results from seemingly nothing. In other words, they can take fluffy data and seem to magically make it real.

Zodiac Symbols Pisces
Zodiac Symbols Pisces

“If grass can grow through cement, love can find you at every time in your life.”

~ Cher
Zodiac Symbols for Pisces Soulful, mysterious, insightful Pisces...You bring a level of depth to the zodiac like no other sign. To be sure, it's not easy being you. Straddling the realm of physical and spiritual can be extraordinarily taxing on you. Nevertheless, your ability to see into the astral plane is a gift that is both rewarding and necessary to the world.
Zodiac symbols for Pisces and astrology sign meaning for Pisces

Pisces governing color is sea-green. This color is symbolic of the depths of the emotional, intuitive oceans in which Pisces calls home. It’s a hue that is reflective, and most Pisces are keenly reflective. They have an ability to reflect upon the most obtuse, obscure things, and somehow make sense of it all. Sea-green is also symbolic of feeling, which Pisces do to the max. This sign is highly sensitive, and can feel things that others cannot.

There’s much more to explore about Pisces through their zodiac symbols. This page is devoted to diving into the depths of Pisces as a means to gain clarity about this mystical zodiac sign.

Just a reminder: These zodiac symbols are linked to Pisces’s sun-sign. It’s a good idea to acquaint ourselves with other signs in our charts. If you want to get all your super-duper astrological sign information, go to Astro.com to cast your chart and go over all your lovely astro-facets.

Let’s get started and take a look at the key zodiac symbols for the sign of Pisces.

Pisces Zodiac Symbol and Sign Meanings

The Prime Zodiac Symbol for Pisces

Fish glyph: This symbol depicts two fish linked together. The symbol itself expresses an inherent duality that many Pisces experience. Pisces is a sign that is constantly “in-between”. They straddle two different worlds. Meaning, they could be flopping between the realm of life vs. death, physical vs. spiritual, dream vs. reality. The connecting line between the two fish symbols indicates Pisces’ link between two worlds. In essence, Pisces is the liaison or mediator. They can walk in two worlds easily.

The glyph also represents two crescent moons, and the line between indicates the constancy of lunar cycles. Pisces can relate to this symbolic concept. This zodiac sign inherently understands the cycles of time, life and death, etc. The moon is symbolic of transition in life – an understanding most Pisces’ easily pick up on.

Elemental Zodiac Symbol for Pisces

Water: The element water holds different symbolic connection for different signs. In Pisces case, water is symbolic of this sign’s ability to dive deep under the currents of emotion and intuition. Pisces has a uncanny ability to submerge themselves beneath the surface of everyday, common life. When they swim under that surface, they discover the foundations that makes stuff work. Like ulterior motives in others, secret desires, reasons for behavior. But that’s not all, they also see deeply into the spirit world. In essence, Pisces’ ability to go deep allows them to peel back the layers of common reality – exposing them to a whole new world of existence. Water also holds a theme of healing for Pisces. By their nature, most Pisces are genuinely compassionate, and have an inherent need to help those in need. Their governing element of water allows them to flow in people and places to offer cleansing, healing energy.

Flowers as Zodiac Symbols for Pisces

Water Lily: There is, perhaps, no greater symbol that captures Pisces personality in the botanical world than the water lily. Water lilies elegantly float upon the surface of the water, while their roots reach deep under their aquatic surfaces. This is a beautiful illustration of Pisces. These signs can potentially live effectively in two different worlds and thrive. A healthy, whole Pisces can love, express, function gloriously within this world. Simultaneously, they can be rooted in an entirely different world….a world of their own understanding….a world of their own design, even. In so doing, Pisces can pull nutrients from the world of spirit, magic and wonder. These mystical nutrients move up through a Pisces energy system, and surfaces out to their communities, families, work places. The effect is magnificent. Pisces has the unique ability to draw wisdom from far-out sources and then share this otherworldly wisdom with the world. The water lily is a reminder to all Pisces of this remarkable gift. Check out more flowers as zodiac symbols for Pisces here.

Stones as Zodiac Symbols for Pisces

Aquamarine: This gemstone has a few symbolic angles that jive with Pisces. Firstly, it’s a beryl, which is comprised of hexagonal crystals. Hexagons are six sided. Big deal, right? Well it is, because the number six is symbolic of love, unity, harmony. Six is ruled by Venus, the goddess of compassion, healing and of course, love. So, for Pisces, the structural make-up of aquamarine expresses the vibration of love. In other words, this stone both meshes and enhances Pisces’ ability to reflect benevolence in their daily activities.

Secondly, aquamarine gets its colors from impurities in their environment. In the same way, some of the most powerfully psychic Pisces get their power from conflicts they’ve had to endure in their lives. In other words, Pisces who exhibit the most robust and dynamic gifts of their sign, have typically had to deal with some kind of trauma(s). In essence, like aquamarine, Pisces are able to shine, glitter and express their divine colorful selves by filtering through impurities in their life experience. Check out more gemstones as zodiac symbols for Pisces here.

Overarching Zodiac Symbols for Pisces

Twin Fish: The most interesting correlation between Pisces and their symbol, the fish, is the aspect of sensory perception. Think about it…fish exist 100% by their senses. They don’t have Google to tell them about their environment as we do. Some fish, like the blind cavefish, exist in a complete state of sensory perception – they can’t even see what’s around them! I’d like to encourage Pisces to allow the blind cavefish to be their mentor. A truly switched on Pisces can move through this world completely unphased by physical reality. Rather, they can move through life deftly, using their own unique and powerful perception. Fish are extremely sensitive, as are Pisces. The fish reminds Pisces that being submerged in their own world can work to their advantage. Learn more about fish meaning and symbolism here.

I hope this page on zodiac symbols for Pisces has given you a good foundation for this incredibly deep sun-sign. Pisces is an infinite source of wisdom, magic, and mystery. We all owe it to ourselves (and Pisces) to learn more about this progressive personality.

What I’ve written here and elsewhere on the website about this zodiac sign is just a surface evaluation of this sun-sign. I encourage everybody to do further research into this profoundly valuable sign.

I’ve written more about astrology and zodiac sign symbolism. Be sure to check out the links below for all kinds of goodies on zodiac symbols and meanings.

Thanks for reading about the intriguing realm of zodiac symbols for Pisces.

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