Celtic zodiac sign butterfly meaning

Celtic Zodiac Sign Butterfly

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Celtic Zodiac Sign: Butterfly Meanings
September 30 – October 27

Personality Introduction for Your Butterfly Celtic Zodiac Sign: Greetings dear Butterfly! What’s not to love about you!? Elegance, style, grace beauty…and these are just some of your exterior qualities! In truth, your sign tends to have a natural physical beauty. People find you quite attractive. Like the butterfly, you tend to take our breath away with your presence. You also appreciate the beauty around you. It’s highly likely you surround yourself with lovely things and people as well as gravitate to refined environments. Consider the butterfly, who flits from one exquisite flower to another. That’s you..flying from one eye-catching, pleasurable delight to another.

Even if you don’t feel as externally beautiful as I’ve described, I guarantee you’ve got class. You radiate a certain charm that is absolutely infectious. This charm and grace makes you a magnet in social settings. Folks tend to gravitate to you for your wit, demeanor and style. When it comes to social gatherings, you are the ‘hostess with the mostess.’ In other words, you really know how to throw a party! This is all well and good, but there’s an important lesson here. It’s vital for your Celtic zodiac sign to realize people are captivated by YOU, not necessarily the stuff you do. You are enchanting just the way you are – there’s very little you need to do to prove your value.

What about your inner world? It’s a glorious world of understanding and comprehension. One of the reasons people find you so charming is because you instinctively hone in on who you’re interacting with. I mean, if you know who you’re dealing with, it’s quite easy to establish an enjoyable rapport with them, right? It’s almost like you have x-ray vision. You can see inside people with your psychic eye. Consequently, people walk away from you feeling like they’ve been understood. Folks call you attentive, and a great listener. Part of this ability of yours comes from seeing both sides to any coin. You have a remarkable talent for putting yourself in other people’s shoes. It’s as if you can relate to almost anybody. This is a rare and beautiful skill.

Celtic Butterfly Sign
Butterfly Celtic Zodiac Sign Meaning

“Enjoy people as you might enjoy a rainbow or a butterfly –

They are most beautiful when they are free.”

~Jonathan Lockwood Huie

These are extraordinary qualities that serve you in accumulating meaningful relationships. This is especially true in the business world. Your knack for ‘seeing’ gives you a leg-up in your career. You’re an excellent team player, and use great diplomacy when communicating with others. This ties in with your Celtic zodiac sign ‘s theme of partnership. You’re at your best when you’re working in tandem with others.

So what’s in it for you, dear butterfly? You give so much to the world, where’s your payback? I’m not saying you expect anything for being an awesome friend, partner or parent – you don’t. But there are things you need to keep your energy high-flying. Admiration for one. You really need to be appreciated and complimented. You might say approval from others is like your nectar…it keeps you feeling alive. There’s really nothing wrong with this. We all deserve to be respected and acknowledged. Nonetheless, a big butterfly lesson is to understand the very best form of gratitude comes from within. The inner work of self-loving and self-admiring is crucial for your sign’s development.

Keywords for Celtic Zodiac Sign of the Butterfly

  • Social
  • Creative
  • Traveler
  • Tasteful
  • Creative
  • Idealistic
  • Optimistic
  • Beautiful
  • Charming
  • Easygoing
  • Instinctual
  • Harmonious
  • Peace-Loving
  • Understanding
  • Companionable

Those of you born between September 30 – October 27 are peace-lovers. Harmony is the name of your game, and you’ll go to great lengths to achieve it. You’re not a big fan of conflict, and try your best to avoid it. Sometimes you might even trample on your own needs, or staunch your opinions just to keep the peace. Occasionally, this behavior might make people think you’re a people-pleaser, or even a pushover. That’s not accurate. You simply appreciate the beauty in balance. You value smooth interactions and even-tempered environments.

Celtic Butterfly Sign Meaning
Celtic Butterfly Sign Meaning

Noteworthy Aspects for Your Celtic Zodiac Sign

Element: Air
Those of you born under the Celtic zodiac sign of the butterfly are ruled by the air element. What does this mean? It means you tend to be high-minded and idealistic. Air is symbolic of thought, messages and ideas. You’ve got plenty of those, and they tend to be lofty. Often, the air element influences you to stay in a dream world. This sometimes leads to living in a dream, rather than taking action to make your dreams come true. Air is also a changing, unpredictable element. By association, you can be that way too.

Planet: Moon
The butterfly Celtic zodiac sign is governed by the moon. The moon is a tricky luminary. It’s all about what it shows to the world, and what it hides from it. By association, you’re kind of like that too. You emit a bright light to the world, but you also have a shadow side. For example, you easily show understanding and compassion to others. The shadow side is that you don’t always show the same respect and love to yourself. You present yourself as a proud, confident, optimistic creature to the world. The dark side of this image is that you sometimes feel indecisive, unsure and weak.

The Legend of Your Celtic Zodiac Sign

In Celtic mythology, the butterfly is an ephemeral thing. It is a symbol for rebirth, and also the soul. The concept of rebirth is addressed in the Celtic myth of Etaine. Etaine was a lovely woman who agreed to marry Midir of the Tuatha De Danaan. Only problem was, Midir was already married to Fuamnach. Apparently, Fuamnach wasn’t into polyamory, and wasn’t about to share Midir. She effectively cursed Etaine to be tossed about in a storm for twelve years in the form of a butterfly. Poor Etaine. It was a tempestuous twelve years, and she took quite a beating.

But, as with all good stories, it has a happy ending. Eventually, Etaine lands in a goblet of wine and accidentally swallowed by Etar, the wife of a Celtic chieftain. Etar becomes pregnant, and soon after gives birth to Etaine…err, well, re-birth, I should say. This is symbolic of getting a second chance to make better choices. Do you sometimes feel beaten down by life? Battered by life’s storms? Or maybe you’re beating yourself up about something. The moral of this story is that rebirth and renewal are available to you. You can choose to make better choices. You can think better thoughts, take better action. In doing so, you are granted a lighter passage through life.

The butterfly is also a Celtic symbol of the soul. Many Celtic myths tell of the butterfly swooping down to the dead or dying. The butterfly consumes the soul of the deceased and flies into the skies with it. Essentially, this transference offers immortality. I’m not suggesting you can suck up the souls of the dead and make them immortal. But what I am suggesting is that you have a knack for uplifting folks who are in desperate times. You often elevate people or projects that are sinking. By doing so, you breathe new life in what otherwise might be extinguished.

Learn more about the power of the butterfly here: Symbolic Meaning of the Butterfly.

Celtic butterfly sign meaning
Celtic butterfly sign meaning

Closing Thoughts on Your Celtic Zodiac Sign

For those of you born between September 30 – October 27, you have vast goodies to share with the world. You are at your best in a mutual admiration society. Partnerships are crucial for you in terms of discovering more about yourself and the world. And speaking of the world, you always seem to be up for travel. Like your Celtic zodiac sign, the butterfly, you’re quite alright with migrating to far off places.

Often, your travels give you new insights and provide a unique education about what’s important to you. Your mission, should you accept dear butterfly is to enjoy the beauty that blooms from within. Give yourself permission to go easy on yourself. Allow yourself to appreciate your inner beauty, and really acknowledge the value of who you are.

I hope you have enjoyed these insights into the butterfly Celtic zodiac sign. If you liked this article, don’t miss the whole list of Celtic Animal Signs here. You might also like to read more about Symbolic Butterfly Meanings here.

As always, thanks for reading.

Butterfly blessings to you,


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