Elephant Guides

Elephant Guides

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About Elephant Guides and Connections

If the elephant is your guide, odds are, you know it in a big way. As an animal totem, the elephant is large and in charge. A connection with this noble creature is equally grand.  When you take the time to ponder and really make an elephant connection strong, then this magnificent creature can have a huge impact on your life. Read on for thoughts about elephant guides and how they influence us on an energetic level.

Elephant Guides
Elephant Guides

Keywords for Elephant Guides

  • Trust
  • Instinct
  • Patience
  • Stability
  • Memory
  • Confidence
  • Community
  • Intelligence
  • Acceptance
  • Independence
  • Dependability

How the Elephant May Be Your Guide

If elephant guides are a strong presence in your energy, you’ll definitely know it through the powerful wisdom they impart. Elephant connections are like an anchor, they keep you stable when times get topsy-turvy. More importantly, the elephant has ancient energy that encourages you to tap into your own ancient knowledge. Elephants are also wisdom-keepers…and by association, so are you if you have an elephant connection.  The essence of the elephant allows you to be confident with the secrets you keep, the wisdom you hold, and the knowledge you have within you. It’s almost a sense of pride for you to be the vessel of sacred understanding. This is especially true in terms of holding family history and ancestral knowledge.

How the Elephant Can Help You

If the elephant is your animal guide, you likely have staggering perceptions and remarkable intuition. The elephant confirms this for you and will help you strengthen trust in your inner knowing. Elephant guides lend the muscle you may need to deeply believe in your intuition. The elephant helps you stay strong, stable, and confident in your gifts of psychic ability and extra perception.  When in doubt, or in a moment of insecurity about what you are sensing, the elephant is your strong companion to lean upon.  The elephant backs you up.

Elephant guides remind you that the intangible knowledge in life is far more valuable than facts on bits of paper. Instinct is priceless…and those who cannot follow instinct are doomed. Thankfully, you have superior instinct (the elephant would not be with you if this were not true)…sometimes you just need to be reminded to trust and follow your core impulses. Your energetic elephant connections will help you with that.

Elephant Guides
Elephant Guides

Potential Messages from Your Elephant Guides

Elephant guides often come around when we have suffered a lack of faith in ourselves, or we’ve somehow been shaken in matters of trust. A strong elephant connection can help you realize that you are valuable, and you deserve to be taken seriously no matter what kind of emotional pain or disappointments you’ve experienced in the past.

Your elephant guides are by your side to help you to stomp on painful past experiences. This amazingly powerful animal guide reminds you that it’s time to move forward with pride. An elephant connection is your point of strength in times of doubt and needs you to understand that you DO have the power, knowledge, and skills to accomplish what you need.

The elephant also wants to remind you that you do not have to think, believe or behave the way others do in order to thrive and survive. You have your own unique, special ways of living life – and that is what the elephant wants you to honor. Also, the elephant wants you to get connected (or re-connect) with the things that make you feel grounded and hang out more with the people who respect you. In other words, be with your herd…the people who appreciate all the unique aspects of who you are.

Elephant Guides
Elephant Guides

Stuff to Do With Your Elephant Guides

Embrace Your Unique Understanding: As your animal guide, the elephant indicates that you are a keeper of great knowledge, power and wisdom. You must respect that. It comes with great responsibility and also prompts unique challenges in your life. Your elephant guides will support you as you continue to honor the sacred perception and explore ancient energies and history.

Get Visual: If it feels you are on shaky ground, or nothing seems to be clicking right for you – visualize riding the back of your glorious elephant guide. Feel the strength of your elephant beneath you. See you both making powerful strides and progress on the path ahead in your life. Get a clear mental image of this special bond you have with the elephant and experience being whole, grounded, confident and stable.

Make a Stand: Your elephant connection urges you to trust your instincts and follow the path that feels right in your heart. Elephants in your life want you to lift your trunk and trumpet with a voice of power and victory so that no one can doubt your word. And, if you should have doubts (from yourself or others), then keep plodding upon your course (as the elephant does) with ultimate faith that you will overcome and achieve.

Frequently Asked Questions About Elephants

What does it mean when you see an elephant?

Elephants enter our consciousness as reminders of important things such as: Spending quality time with family, standing up for our beliefs, and remembering loved ones. If you keep seeing elephants, it may also be a sign that it’s time to become more grounded, stable, and get more balanced in your life. Elephants are strong, gentle giants. Therefore, when we see them in our lives, dreams, or visions, elephants encourage us to balance tenderness with strength.

What does the elephant symbolize?

In many cultures, the elephant is a symbol of strength, honor, and good luck. They are also considered symbols of longevity, good fortune, and peace.

Are elephants good luck?

In Asian and Indian cultural mythology, yes – the elephant is a symbol of good luck. It is common to see effigies of elephants in these and other countries (such as jade or bronze elephants) in business establishments or homes as a way to encourage auspicious energy.

What does an elephant mean in a dream?

Every dream is different for every dreamer. However, dreaming of elephants could be a sign to recognize integrity in your life and become more honest with yourself and others. Dream elephants may also be your subconscious trying to make you aware of big issues in your life that you need to address in a kind, loving way. Elephant dreams may also refer to family, community, and friendships in your life.

Last Word About Elephant Guides and Connections

If the elephant is your animal guide, then you’ve got a lot to trumpet about. Hold your head high, and strut your stuff. Why? Because your affiliation with the elephant is noble and far-reaching. This is a bond that spans across lifetimes, and cannot be severed. Work with the elephant, and you will see that bond strengthen the more you trust and grow together.  Elephant guides are extremely generous, loving, and patient. They are ready to take you to the next level of awareness & understanding when you’re ready.  I hope these insights about elephant connections were helpful for you. As always, thanks for reading!

Mighty brightly,

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