Bird Dream Meaning and Bird Symbolism in Dreams

Bird Dream Symbolism

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Exploring Bird Dream Symbolism

What Is Bird Dream Symbolism All About?: When birds wing their way into our sleeping minds, we are released from earth-bound limitations. Our deeper selves are free to fly where there is no limitation or boundary. Creatures of the sky speak to us of thoughts, higher ideals, spiritual enhancement, even enlightenment. To wit, primitive cultures factor birds as the closest creature to the heavens, and so they are also messengers of the gods.

Also, the element of air is esoterically symbolic of thoughts as well as communication. After having a bird dream, we can ask ourselves “What foremost and recurring (waking) thoughts do I have that my dreams birds can help me with?”

Having a bird dream often indicates uplifting themes.

“An uninterpreted dream is like an unread letter.”

~The Talmud
bird dream meanings
Understanding bird dream meanings

Symbolic Meaning of Bird Dreams

  • Freedom
  • Release
  • Creativity
  • Spirituality
  • Imagination
  • Higher ideals
  • Heightened awareness

Dreaming of birds encourages us to expand our consciousness into new levels. These lovely messengers of the sky enter our nighttime skies to prompt us to broaden our horizons, live more freely and release our fears.

Bird Dream Meaning and Bird Symbolism in Dreams
Bird Dream Meaning and Bird Symbolism in Dreams

Some birds give different messages in dreams. So, I’ve included a few common bird dream symbolism and some thoughts on what their appearance in dreams could indicate. Be sure to click on the blue links to find out more about each bird symbolic meaning.

Bird Dream Symbolism – A Birdseye View

Blue Jays:
When we dream of blue jays it may be a message that it’s time to vocalize more clearly. Is it time to assert ourselves in a healthy way? A time to speak our mind? Blue Jays dive into our consciousness when we need to stand up for ourselves, or a cause. They also come when we need a nudge of confidence in our waking lives.

Cardinals in dreams speak to us about compassion, hope and love. I’ve had many dreamers claim to have dreams of cardinals just prior to new romance coming into their lives. The bright shock of red we see in male cardinals could certainly awake intuitive messages of amorous potential; red is a symbolic signpost for passion.

Magpies and Crows:
These birds often come calling when we’re curious about something in our lives. We may be having thoughts about starting bright new projects and are curious about the ramifications of doing so. Magpies and crows come when we have mysteries to solve. They are endlessly curious, but also fearless. That fearlessness can be adopted by us when we contemplate scary changes in our lives.

In bird dream symbolism, falcons represent our yearning for freedom and clarity and is often considered a message from the subconscious to use our intellectual power to obtain the freedom we desire in lives. Falcons also beckon a need for focus. They’ll come sharply in our dreams to snap us out of fuzzy (waking) thoughts and remind us to exert discipline in our thinking patterns.

Owls are ancient archetypes of wisdom in the collective consciousness. Often, when we dream of owls, it indicates a need for discernment in our waking hours. Owl or owlet dreams ask us to listen to what’s being said, observe the people around us and our environment for clues to further our cause. Owls can also see in the dark, another sign that keen scrutiny is required so we may gain a higher hand in current situation.

These little ones whisper messages of faith, humility and simplicity in both our dream and lucid states. More specifically, bird dream symbolism of sparrows may point us in a direction of frugality. Sparrows ask us, for the moment, to make due with what we have rather than overindulge and overspend needlessly. Dream sparrows encourage us to find pleasure the simple things of life. They know simple thoughts and needs lead to simple joys.

bird dream symbolism
Messages and bird dream symbolism

Bird Messages in Dreams to Guide Us While Awake

How does this translate into our waking experience? Here are a few thoughts about what dream birds could be telling us in relation to our every-day life experiences:

♦  Spread our wings, broaden our horizons, pursue new adventures.

♦  Consider a new educational goal or learn a new skill.

♦  Lighten up a little, incorporate more humor in our communication.

♦  Focus on “nesting,” paying attention to matters of hearth and home.

♦  Chart a new course, determine a navigation that moves ideas into reality.

♦  Follow feelings of faith over proof before we follow our hearts.

♦  Know we are fully equipped to live the life our souls soar to experience.

♦  Consider a bit of recreational travel.

I hope you enjoyed these thoughts on bird dream symbolism. Click around these suggested links (below) for further insights into dream symbolism, bird meanings, and more!

As always, thank you for reading.

May all your bird dreams be inspirational.

Bright bird blessings,


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