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dream symbol meanings
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Dream Symbol Meaning and Dream Interpretation

Dream Symbol Meaning: Common Dream Interpretations

This page offers common dreamsymbol meaning for enhancing your own interpretations. It’s a smart move to pick out prominent symbols in your dreams because they can highlight prime-roots of meaningful activities going on in your life.


Because your dream is a message for you.

Furthermore, dreams are a form of self-communication. Dreams arise when certain aspects of yourself are reaching out to contact other aspects of yourself.

So, by becoming more familiar with dream symbol meaning, we become more familiar with ourselves…essentially arming ourselves with wisdom. This comes in handy on a daily basis…particularly in times of stress or anxiety. Knowing ourselves through our dream meanings can give us a creative way to solve problems, know ourselves, and react to situations in a more healthy manner. Rather than just knee-jerking our way through life, knowing ourselves on a dream level gives us power for conscious, creative living.

With that in mind, here are a few common dream symbol meaning s to assist in your self-interpretations.

“Without dreaming, we lose the excitement of possibilities.”

~Gloria Steinem

Common Dream Symbols and Their Meanings

Altars: Dreaming about an altar tends to symbolize that a project you’ve been working on will be successful. If there are lighted candles on your altar is a double sign of success. Kneeling in front of the altar suggests you are a deeply spiritual person, and that divine intervention will assist in your success.

Angels: Angels in dreams are the personification of a divine idea that has occured to us. Angels appear in our dreams when we are examining our attitudes, and indicate that we need to also examine our motivations. The Angel is a messenger. When we take the time to trust and soul-search, they will lead us to new insights and new directions. Dream appearances of Angels also indicate a strong desire of harmony, guidance, strength, friendship and emotional connection.

Bags: The dream Bag contains character and personality traits that either hinder or help you. As such, it is necessary to pay attention to what is hiding in the Bag. When a Bag ocurrs in our dreams, it is a message to search our unconscious deeper to uncover what is blocking us or what is supporting us. By identifying these things we are able to accelerate our growth.

Clocks: The dream Clock, as you would guess, deals with time. Specifically, the Clock may indicate that you are afraid that life is moving by you, or things are moving too fast. If you are dreaming that you are winding a Clock, this means that you may be starting a new phase in your life, or heading in a new direction. If the Clock alarms then you are faced with a life-changing decision. See blog post on Clock Symbolism here.

Devils: The Devil in dreams symbolizes darkness and confusion. Its dreamtime visitation may also mean you are preoccupied with negative thoughts, or someone in your life is bringing you down to a negative emotional level. The Devil may also indicate you are dealing with temptations. The Devil is also the personification of ego – it may be time to soften your ego a bit.

Eyeglasses: Dream symbol meaning for Eyeglasses deals with how you see things in your world. If you are wearing Eyeglasses in your dream it is a symbol of moderation, balance, and virtue. If you’ve lost your Eyeglasses, you are going need to be aware of lies being told in your life, and some unsolved mysteries may be coming your way. If you dream of Eyeglasses by themselves, it may mean you have a distorted view of your world and surroundings at this time.

Forest: Have you heard the adage: “can you see the Forest for the trees?” Dream Forests deal with experience, vision, emotions and shadows. Forests in our dreams may indicate unresolved feelings about something, or not being able to see our way clear of a problem. Forests may indicate we feel lost in our lives. On the otherhand, if you are dreaming of a beautiful, lush Forest, this indicates an unshakable faith in the Divine and prosperity is your destiny. Seeing a Forest fire indicates health problems. See also: Celtic symbolic tree meanings page.

House: Dream symbol meaning for House deals with the body, as well as a desire for security and safety. The condition of the House in your dream represents how you truly feel about your current sitation. If the House is in ill-repair or disarray, you need to take a close look at your health. If you are building a House, you should expect visits from old friends and you’ll make new friends. A picture-perfect House means you are ready to settle down into a more stable situation.

Mask: Dream Masks deal with the inability to be comfortable with being ourselves. When we dream of Masks, it often inferrs that we are not comfortable in our own skin, or we are incabable of showing others our true selves. Often, Masks represent overuse of drugs, alcohol or food to cover up our emotions. If others are wearing Masks in your dreams, it may mean that others are not being fully honest with you.

Mountain: Mountains in our dreams symbolize conquering, overcoming, hard work, willpower, and ascending above petty circumstances. Climbing the Mountain implies hard work in learning a new skill. Descending the Mountain implies stepping back from a situation, taking time to think about your actions, getting a second opinion. A Mountain range in your dream represents a new adventure, and is a message encouraging expansion in your life.

Rings: Dream rings represent a promise or bond we have with our destiny, with another person, or with our community. This symbolic bond is incredibly strong and infinite. When we dream of a Ring slipping off our finger, we must rekindle the relationships we’ve let slip. When we dream of Rings that are stuck on our finger, we need to re-examine an unhealthy relationship.

Shoes: Shoe dreams deal with walking certain paths in our lives. If you are wearing tight Shoes, the road you are traveling is hard, and much sorrow is involved. Comfortable Shoes indicate you are in a good place in your life and success is around the corner. Buying Shoes indicates you still have quite a distance to travel until you reach your goals. Dirty, worn-down Shoes encourages us to examine our spiritual walk, or asks us to take a walk of faith. See Shoe Symbolism and Superstitions (blog) here.

Tunnel: Dream symbol meaning of Tunnels deals with birth, and sometimes death. Tunnels in our dreams ask us to look back to a starting point. In Tunnels we often encounter our deepest mind – our unconscious thoughts. Tunnels encourage us to follow a path into the unknown. They are a message for us to begin exploring our own concepts of life, death, and birth.

Umbrella: Umbrellas in our dreams indicate our need to take a closer look at our worries and fears. When we have an open Umbrella in our dream we must act carefully and watch how we behave with others. A closed Umbrella means we are worrying and obsessing unnecessarily. When Umbrellas appear, we must ask what we are afraid of because our fears are holding us back from progress.

Water: Dream symbol meaning of Water deals with cleansing and emotional stirrings. If the Water is murky in your dream, this is a warning not to get involved in new endeavors. If the Water is clear, success is coming your way. Seeing yourself in waters reflection means that you aren’t being fully honest with yourself. When you contemplate your dream of Water, keep in mind Water is a symbol of your emotional state. See Symbolic Water Meanings here.

I hope you have enjoyed these observations about various dream symbol meaning. Don’t let the dream end…check out the links at the end of this page for more dream interpretation meanings.

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