Full Pink Moon Meaning in April

Pink Moon Meaning: Full Moon of April

Symbolic Pink Moon Meaning of April

Exploring Pink Moon Meaning and the Full Moon of April: The full moon of April carries a lot of meaning and influence.  It is a moon that is strongly connected with new growth, healing, and rebirth.  This is a full moon that has the potential to support your desires for gaining clarity, renewal, and reinvention.  Much of this kind of energy comes from the month of April and its season. In order to gain more insight into the pink moon meaning of April, let’s take a look at this specific month and all its symbolic implications. Oh, and PS: If you are here wanting to know about the full pink supermoon meaning, check out the end of this article for ways to celebrate this auspicious full moon!

Meaning of the Month of April and the Fourth Full Moon of the Year

The month of April and the origin of its name is open to big debate.  Some associate the name of this month with aphrilis, which is a variable of the name given to the Greek goddess of love, Aphrodite.  History has cast this assumption because it was common for ancient Greeks and Romans to assign months of the year to certain deities. In this Mediterranean region, this time of month meant flowers blooming, the sun is shining and the promise of love and renewal saturates the salty-sea-kissed April breezes. It is a time for rejuvenation and it implies hope upon every bloom that surges forth upon the landscape.

Other historical accounts attribute the month of April to the Latin word aperire which means “to open”.  I like this assignment very much.  If you think about it, the month of April (at least in the Northern hemisphere) is open to grand growth and opportunities.  Buds begin to open. Seeds begin to open. Life begins to crack through and expand into a new moon phase of life. Hope is in the air, and we must be open to the opportunities that are present in every moment in this month, especially during the time of the full moon of April.

This is the fourth full moon of the year. This implies a certain stability. The symbolism of the fourth full moon in April is about grounding and forging a focused effort to bring about an energy that is healing and loving. This energy is about getting rooted in foundational elements. We can utilize this balanced energy to explore and implant our own desires. 

Full Pink Moon Meaning in April
Full Pink Moon Meaning in April

“April hath put a spirit of youth in everything.”

~William Shakespeare

What’s Up With the Meaning of April Full Moon Names?

We have wise observations from the Native Americans to thank for the full moon names we see today. And there are many different names for each full moon. For example, the full moon of April is known as the worm moon, goose moon, crow moon, wind moon, and many other names. The names change according to which Native American tribe you consult.  The Native American full moon names listed on this website are from tribes in the northeast such as Algonquin and Iroquois.  Here are a few names for the full moon of April and their meanings.

Native American Names of the Full Moon of April

Pink Moon Meaning:  This name for April’s full moon is a wee bit misleading and the nickname shouldn’t be taken literally.  To explain, this moon won’t glow Pepto-Bismol pink. It will be its usual beguiling bright hue.  It’s called the pink moon because savvy Native American’s observed the land blushing with blooms of pink moss.  It’s a plant called phlox, that grows in northeast North America and it covers the land with a thick, beautiful blanket of tiny pink flowers.  So, the pink moon meaning is more about how this moon illuminates the pink hues upon the earth (rather than the color of the moon itself).

Seed Moon Meaning: In the northern hemisphere, this time of year is ideal for planting seeds and prepare the land for future crops.  The seed moon is a way to herald the presence of spring, and a way to signify big blessings upon all the seeds we sow this time of year.  Symbolically, the seed moon provides excellent energy when it comes to planting our own seeds.  This could be literal seeds we could nestle into the ground. Or, it could be metaphorical seeds like planting the seeds of a dream or a new idea.

Egg Moon Meaning: Ever wonder why Easter in April is much ado about eggs? Well, there’s a lot of ancient history why this holiday and this moon are connected with eggs.  Suffice to say this is a time of year when life begins, and many birds begin nesting.  For example, the Native American Dakota tribe gave this full moon the name of full goose egg moon because geese typically start laying eggs during this month. 

Full Pink Moon Meaning in April
Full Pink Moon Meaning in April

Nifty Symbolic Stuff to Do During the Full Pink Moon

All full moons in every month have unique kind of energy. We can harness the unique energies of the April full moon.  We can use the pink moon meaning and momentum to stimulate and enhance our intentions.  Here are a few ideas that might help you take advantage of this fabulously powerful full moon.

♦ Sowing the Seeds of Love:  (Yes, I’m a product of the ’80s and I’m referencing the Tears for Fears song here. lol). …As mentioned earlier, this moon is also known as the seed moon.  This is a brilliant time to start planting seeds in a literal sense. Planting is a powerful way to harmonize and stabilize your energy. Nature is perhaps the single most powerful healing & calming force.  It doesn’t matter if you live in a cardboard box in a metropolis surrounded by taxis and skyscrapers…Nature is still the most dominant, ever-present energy. That’s why it can be a powerful meditation tool.  The best way to engage in an active meditation with Nature is gardening. There is something about mindfully sifting through the soil, sowing seeds, applying pure life-giving water, watching new life emerge…breaking through the soul to answer the call of the sun…it’s a truly magical process.  You don’t have to till an acre. You can start by mindfully planting parsley and nurturing life forward.  It can be a revolutionary act when you are completely present in the process. If you don’t have a green thumb (or totally disinterested in planting), then consider the seeds of your dreams, ideas, or goals.  This full moon is an excellent time to plant the seeds of your ideas now, so that they may pollinate your life and community with manifested results in the future.

♦ Pretty in Pink:  Whether you’re a fan of the color or not, you have to admit the colorful pink blooms that perk up the land this time of year are pretty darn special. Part of the full pink moon meaning is about seeing signs of life in Nature and embracing the beauty abounding this time of year. One way we can harness the revival of spring is to consider doing some renovations in terms of color.  Think about painting the house or the office. Change the landscape of your environment. Doing so on or around this full moon can really recharge your batteries and even renew your energy. I’m not suggesting you paint your surroundings in pink, but I am suggesting giving your environment a facelift that is synchronized with the renewing energy of this lovely full moon.

Full Pink Supermoon Meaning in April
Full Pink Supermoon Meaning in April

A Note About the Full Pink Supermoon in April 2021

Before exploring the full pink supermoon meaning, let’s address the meaning of a supermoon.  In a nutshell, a supermoon is a full moon that looks bigger and brighter. It really isn’t, but it appears that way because these special moons are closer to the earth than other full moons during certain times of the year. The unique proximity of the moon to earth makes it appear anywhere from 5%-15% brighter than usual.

Although this full pink supermoon on April 26th, 2021 will appear brighter, we won’t be wowed by a hot pink luminary wonder. It will have the familiar hue and glow we know, but that doesn’t lessen its influence. This supermoon has a powerful energy backing it.  You could say its strength is increased by its closeness to the earth and its brightness in our lives. All the tips and suggestions I mentioned about harnessing the power of the pink full moon are more enhanced during the April 2021 pink supermoon.  As this is a springtime full moon, think about setting intentions, planting new seeds for growth, starting new projects, launching goals and ideas during this full supermoon…your efforts will be doubly blessed!

In closing, I hope you enjoyed this article about the full pink moon meaning as well as some thoughts about the full pink supermoon in April 2021. I hope all of your lunar experiences are illuminating! As always, thank you for reading!

Bright pink moon blessings to you!


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