Navigating Spiritual Advancement in the Modern World

Modern Life vs. Inner Light: Navigating Spiritual Advancement in Contemporary Lifestyle

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Modern life forces you to focus on material assets and income. Your salary largely determines your quality of life and you have to work hard if you want to support your family. But does it have to be this way? And what’s the overall impact on yourself and the world around you if you’re always caught up in chasing that so-called “mighty dollar”? We have answers. Read further about how to balance modern life vs. inner light and get some super-helpful tips on how to navigate spiritual advancement in the modern world (and why it makes a big difference in the world and within yourself).  

Navigating Spiritual Advancement in the Modern World

Spiritual Advancement in the Modern World. Is it Possible?

Hyper-focusing on material goods and money can lead you to forget the importance of spiritual development. This is a serious issue, as fast cars and expensive watches won’t nourish your inner light. 

Thankfully, you can reassert control and navigate your spiritual advancement by simplifying your life. Try to limit the amount of time you spend chasing material goods and reconnect with your true self. This will help you find joy in the present moment and will help you negotiate life’s challenges. In the next few sections, we’ll take a deeper look at various factors that the modern world imposes upon us, their effects, and how to navigate your spiritual advancement in spite of modern interference.


In economic terms, consumerism is a good thing. It drives us to spend more money and lubricates the wheels of industry. However, consumerism can erode your sense of self and leave you constantly unfulfilled. Left unchecked, rampant consumerism usually has a negative impact on the world at large, too. 

The world of fast fashion is particularly notorious for its impact on the world and your mental health. The ethical and moral issues caused by fast fashion include: 

  • Environmental Damage: 10% of the world’s emissions are caused by clothing production. The dyes and fabrics used in fast fashion clog up landfills and cause ecological damage to the local environment. 
  • Worker’s Rights: Fast fashion goods are produced at low cost. This means that many workers are not paid a fair wage and receive poor treatment at work. Some brands have dubious safety standards in place, too. 
  • Impact on Small Business: Undercutting the market with cheap goods harms small, local businesses. This is bad for consumers, too, as you’ll end up paying just as much to replace poorly made products. 

Consumerism may increase production but it likely has a net negative effect on the world at large. It causes environmental damage and forces small businesses to find ways to cut costs lest they be forced out of the market. 

Basing your identity on material goods can undermine your spiritual growth, too. Constantly desiring a new watch, shirt, or car will distract you from asking the self-reflective questions that really matter. 

Consider adopting a mindful approach to consumption. A mindful approach to consumption makes you grateful for all that you have and helps you find joy in everyday goods. So, before you head over to the mall, consider throwing on that old sweater and reflecting on all the good times you’ve had while wearing it. 

Navigating Spiritual Advancement in the Modern World

Selfie Culture

Social media has changed the way we see ourselves and the world at large. You can watch people’s daily lives unfold and find out how old friends are doing. However, you may find that spending too much time on social media makes you feel inadequate compared to others. 

The rise of selfie culture could stunt your spiritual growth, too. Taking a selfie at every major life event will skew your perception of the world and lead to an unhealthy preoccupation with self-image. A constant digital connection can undermine your friendships IRL, too, as you may end up spending your evenings doom-scrolling rather than socializing. 

Reassert control over your social media use by setting limits and taking time away from the digital world. You don’t have to turn your back on social media altogether but should always feel as though you’re the one in control. If you find you can’t go a day without going online, you may have formed an addiction. 

When you do go online, try to spend more of your time spreading positivity. Leave complimentary comments on your friend’s posts and only engage with digital conversations that seem productive. This can help you grow spiritually while avoiding the negative side effects of social media. 

Navigating Spiritual Advancement in the Modern World


Self-discipline and hard work are values that will serve you well. Finding success in your career can lead to spiritual growth, too, as you’ll learn plenty about yourself when working on a big project. But not if working eclipses your spiritual advancement in modern living.

However, overworking will impede your personal growth and snuff out your inner light. It could also lead to early death, too, as more than 745,000 people die each year due to work-related stress. Failing to take some time for yourself dramatically increases your risk of heart attack and stroke while taking you away from your family. 

If you’re used to overworking, start taking small steps to reassert your work-life balance. Consider, for example, uninstalling communication apps and work emails from your personal devices. This may seem dramatic, but you need to disconnect when your shift ends. 

You’ll need to assert strong boundaries with your colleagues, too. The folks you work with will pressure you to work longer hours or respond to emails when you’re out of the office. Be clear about your desire to reassert your work-life balance as this will help coworkers understand your decision to disconnect. 

Navigating Spiritual Advancement in the Modern World

Time in Nature

Spending time in nature is a remedy for many of life’s greatest challenges – including achieving spiritual advancement in modern times. Recent research shows that even a 20-minute nature break can relieve stress, regardless of other factors like the time of day or the weather. However, you may find it difficult to find time for nature walks and camping. This is entirely normal if you have a busy work life and look after kids while at home. 

Try to prioritize nature breaks and think of them as an investment in your well-being and spiritual growth. Encourage your kids to join you when you want to go for an evening walk and book time off to go camping. 

When you have time to get outside, consider trying out activities like journaling or sketching. Don’t judge your production and instead focus on expressing your thoughts at the moment. This will help you unwind and form a deeper relationship with the natural world. You can look back at your writing at a later date, too, which could serve as a jumping-off point for spiritual reflection. 


Modern life is dominated by long working hours, materialism, and social media. This can snuff out your inner light and impede your spiritual growth. Overcome the pressure of contemporary lifestyles and grow on a spiritual level by adopting a more mindful approach to life. This will improve your work-life balance, reduce the amount you spend on fast fashion, and help you reconnect with nature.

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