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What is EcoIntuition?

Far from a new catch-phrase, EcoIntuition is a prescription for the evolving paradigm of existence.

Broken down, EcoIntuition is a blended phrase marrying the terms “ecology” and “intuition.”

We all have a good grasp of what ecology is.  Webster’s dictionary describes ecology as the study of relationships and interactions between biological organisms and their environment (paraphrased).

Likewise, most of us have a handle on the concept of intuition.  It’s a deeper form of knowing; a specialized knowing derived outside the realm of traditional/logical deduction.  When we speak of intuition, we are describing direct perception – insight that is visceral, deep and wholly non-linear.

Intuition and Ecology are perfect partners in the evolving paradigm of life.  These branches of study and observation are natural and complement each other in synchronistic ways.

What’s more,  current  transitions in our environment demand a dynamic new field of perception, and EcoIntuition is a categorical title easily applicable to this unique demand.

EcoIntuition Meaning
EcoIntuition Meaning

EcoIntuition is More Sensory Than Science

The more science prods our environment for answers, the more stupefied we become because linear definitions simply fail to contain the quality of marvel in our discoveries.  More and more, our branches of ecological science are detecting an essence of wonder indwelling the natural realms.

In short, science is beginning to recognize the magic inherent in ourselves and our environment.  Sages, Seers, Shamans have acknowledged this magic for eons.  EcoIntuition is merely a modernized approach to observing our worlds from a holistic, intuitive stance.

Moreover, EcoIntuition addresses the relationships, connectivity and interaction between humankind and its environment from an empathic viewpoint.  We could even say EcoIntuition welcomes the presence of the divine indwelling all life

And so, at the most simplified level, EcoIntuition is the process of moving specialized awareness into our ecology with a goal of intuiting profound meaning.

It’s certainly not a new concept, and as time rolls onward I’m laying odds that EcoIntuition will find a prominent place in our understanding of the Universe and how everything works in connective, divine patterns.

I invite you to entertain your own idea of EcoIntuition and how it relates to your life experience.  Take an intuitive approach to your environment.  Dare to align your higher vision with the divinity indwelling all life.

It’s a journey, to be sure; and once you take those steps into this magnificent direction, you may find need for a term to encapsulate some of your epiphanies on this path.  Perhaps you will find the term “EcoIntuition” an adequate moniker for your evolved understandings.

Mighty brightly,

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