Symbolic Meaning of Retrogrades

Symbolic Meaning of Retrogrades

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Meaning of Retrogrades: No Reason to Panic

Exploring the symbolic meaning of retrogrades:  I can’t claim to be a full-on expert at astrology, but I’ve been an avid student of its symbolism for decades. I’ve learned to read astrology charts as a deeper way to find clarity about personalities and life trajectories.  I’ve also learned a lot about the meaning of retrogrades and how they influence human lives and the world we live in.

The term “Symbolic Retrogrades” is my personal understanding of the meaning of retrogrades according to the participating planet and its own symbolic meaning.

Symbolic Meaning of Retrogrades
Symbolic Meaning of Retrogrades

That said, what is the symbolism of retrogrades?  And so, initial symbolism of retrogrades includes themes of retro-action, which brings us to  a few keywords to pin down the energy of planetary retrogrades.

  • Delay
  • Recession
  • Withdrawal
  • Regression
  • Hesitation  

Meaning of Retrogrades: What The Planets Say When Going Retro

Observed from Earth, some planets look as though they are traveling backwards in the sky.  Of course, the planets aren’t really moving backwards. Here’s an example…

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Symbolic Meaning of Retrogrades
Symbolic Meaning of Retrogrades

Picture two cars on a highway.  One car is moving faster than the other, and passes the other car.  Both cars are moving forward, but the car that was passed looks like it’s moving backwards because the other car has moved ahead of it.

Same thing in the fast lane of planetary orbits.

So, if a planet is being passed on the cosmic highway, we could say that puts the energy of the planet in a reflective position.  That planet is in a position to observe all that flows before it. 

Using this example, the planet in the “slow lane” (going retrograde) takes on symbolism’s such as:

  • Pensive
  • Reflective
  • Observant
  • Contemplative
  • Different Perspective
Symbolic Meaning of Retrogrades
Symbolic Meaning of Retrogrades

More About the Meaning of Retrogrades

When I first encountered the retrograde phenomenon in my studies, I was intimidated by some of the implications and influences of a retrograde phase. However, with a little more contemplation devoted to the subject of retrogrades, and a little common sense, I was able to find a different perspective on the retrogrades

Rather than subscribe to a slightly panicky view of retrogrades, I invite you to consider the softer side of the subject. 

  • The side that steps into a different phase of time
  • The side that allows events to take their natural course as we step back to watch what happens.
  • The perspective that quietly observes the unfolding of events in  calm assurance that we are indeed moving forward in progress.
  • The perspective that we are “just in time” for all that we do, and we can afford this span of calm reflection.

When we recognize everything in our Universe is always moving forward, it puts a positive spin on our outlook, doesn’t it? 

I hope you’ve enjoyed these thoughts on the symbolic meaning of retrogrades.  Please feel free to check out other pages of interest on this website that explores the meaning of astrology. As always, thanks so much for reading.

Mighty brightly,

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