iris flower meanings

Iris Flower Meanings

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Iris Flower Meanings and Iris Symbolism

Iris Flower Meanings

Irises…sure, they’re pretty, but have we ever contemplated their deeper meaning? It’s worth the investment. Irises are off-the-hook with healing energy. They are also amazing catalysts for opening our consciousness, enhancing our awareness, heightening perception.

The word iridescence is derived from the iris. Makes sense. Anyone who has beheld these bright beauties agrees they just shimmer.

The quality of iridescence refers to a shifting of color with a slight movement. Irises come in amazing color variations, hues and variegations. From different angles, an iris seems to glisten with color. It scintillates and radiates energy. That’s magic, folks. And the iris has plenty of symbolic magic to offer.

Let’s take its iridescence. That’s a lesson. This quality of the iris is a reminder that we all glimmer. Iris is a reminder to express our true colors. Iris also tells us it’s okay to shift and change. The whole point of blooming is about growth. Iris iridescence is a symbol to embrace who we are, while accepting the changes we go through.

When the iris shows up in our lives, it’s also important to approach who we are from different angles. Consider other people in our lives. They often see us differently than we see ourselves. What does that mean? How can we see ourselves in a different light? How can we shine and glisten more vibrantly? Meditating about the iris can help with these things.

iris flower meanings
iris flower meanings

Iris is a champion show-off when it comes to color. Iris comes in a rainbow of colors. In fact, the word iridescence means rainbow. Also, the Greek goddess Iris is associated with both the iris and rainbows. This goddess used rainbows as a bridge to allow her to move between realms. By symbolic design, iris flower meanings deal with the same kind of transition between one state and another. Meditation upon the iris can shift our minds into deep awareness and understanding.

Iris facilitates transformation. Are you stuck? Can’t seem to think outside the box? Trying to communicate with the other side? Bring iris into your consciousness. This flower will get you past the mundane, and into higher realms of perception. As such, the iris is also a great helper when we are developing our psychic abilities.

“A flower blossoms for its own joy.”

~Oscar Wilde
iris flower meanings

Keywords for Iris Flower Meanings

  • Vitality
  • Beauty
  • Healing
  • Dreams
  • Diversity
  • Creativity
  • Transition
  • Protection
  • Perception
  • Femininity
  • Awareness
  • Purification

When we contemplate iris flower meanings, it’s not all about the flower itself. Paying attention to the leaves is also key to symbolic meaning. Iris leaves are sword-like. This suggests a sharpness juxtaposed the tender, sweet petals. What does that mean? It means the iris is a reminder that we can be bold and sharp-witted, yet soft and delicate too. Iris asks us to balance our male and female qualities. This flower is a great messenger of the importance of harmonizing our sharp edges with our soft sides.

Iris flower meanings takes on a whole new and cool meaning when we consider the petals. The anatomy of iris blossom is a trinity. It has three ‘true’ petals (called standards). Three is a very big deal in symbolic meaning. Consider all the trinities floating around in mass consciousness. Here are a few examples of triads…

Iris and Trinity Meanings

  • Body, Mind, Spirit
  • Past, Present, Future
  • Father, Son, Holy Spirit
  • Mother, Maiden, Crone
  • Creator, Destructor, Sustainer
iris flower meanings
iris flower meanings

By association, the iris embodies all of these powerful trinities and more. In light of trio symbolism, the iris reminds us it is crucial to have the right elements in place to make a whole. We can’t make a triangle without a base, and three equal sides. Same goes with life. The three-petal iris tells us it is essential to have a foundation that’s based on the right mix of elements.

Iris Flower Meanings in Dreams

Dreaming of the iris can mean a lot of things. Primarily, an iris dream is an invitation to reach more deeply into the psyche. Just as the goddess Iris rides a glittering rainbow to bridge one world to another – we can do the same.

Irises in our dreams beckon us to move beyond the superficial. Move out of the mundane. Get out of our grinding world of bills, crying kids, crummy jobs. We are infinite potential. Our minds, bodies and spirits have the capacity to rocket into new, exciting realms. Iris asks us to dive deep into magical states of awareness. We can do this through meditation, contemplation and/or lucid dreaming upon the iris. This flower will take us to heady heights.

Iris Flower Meanings and Color Associations

Whether dreaming of irises, or simply admiring them for their deeper meaning – it’s important to take note of color. Color is the most basic touchstone for symbolic meaning. Many times, if I’m lost about what something means, I’ll cue in on the color. From there, I can inevitably expand into richer meanings of an object. When you encounter the iris, allow her colors to flavor your perception. With that in mind, here are a few iris colors and their meanings…

Red: Passion, Sex, Love, Energy, Vitality, Pleasure, Radiance
Orange: Harmony, Inspiration, Sociability, Contentment, Intelligence
Yellow: Creativity, Protection, Intellect, Positivity, Clarity
Green: Youth, Sentimentality, Nature, Growth, Health
Blue: Freedom, Imagination, Expansion, Dreams, Sensitivity
Indigo: Depth, Emotion, Shadow-Self, Mystery, Expression
Violet: Intuition, Perception, Awareness, Spirituality, Peace

iris flower meanings
iris flower meanings

Closing Thoughts on Iris Flower Meanings

The iris is a powder keg of meaning and potential. When we incorporate this lovey-lovely into our awareness, there is no limit to the awareness we can gain.

Consider bringing fresh-cut iris into your home for fresh inspiration. If out of season, a picture will do the trick. Contemplate the image of an iris, and really appreciate its iridescence, its vitality, its ebullience. Know that all transformations the iris represents are present in you. Allow iris to help you bridge the gap between ho-hum to WHOA YEAH!

To be sure, iris can launch us into mind-blowing states of awareness. It just takes appreciation and focus upon this gentle beauty.

As always, thanks so much for reading. I hope this article on iris flower meanings inspires each of you to get your bloom on. 🙂

May all your iris encounters be illuminating,


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