Symbolic Chrysanthemum Meaning

Symbolic Chrysanthemum Meaning

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Exploring Chrysanthemum Meaning

This perky, multi-petal flower is packed with symbolism. It’s a heavyweight feature in ancient Eastern cultures and ceremonies as well as a prominent icon in the Victorian language of flowers.   In terms of chrysanthemum meaning, I think the highlight is its prime season of life. They thrive in cooler temperatures, typically at their height of bounty and beauty in the season of autumn. 

This speaks to the importance of hope. How so? Well, autumn is a time of fading of sunlight. For many ancient cultures, this was a time of unknowns, mystery, and sometimes it held an air of dubious doubt. Questions were asked by our ancient ancestors during the fall such as, “Do I have enough food to last through the winter?”, “Are we prepared for illness when the cold months come?” “What will the winter bring? How long will it last?”  During the fading of the light, any kind of hope was grasped; this includes the happy blooms of the chrysanthemum. 

In essence, the chrysanthemum is closely linked with light, clarity, and hope; its blossoms are hailed and applauded for eradicating negativity and doubt. Read on for more about symbolic chrysanthemum meaning and how to utilize this noble bloom in your daily life.

Symbolic Chrysanthemum Meaning
Symbolic Chrysanthemum Meaning

Perennial vs Annual Chrysanthemum Meaning

Some chrysanthemums are perennials: A symbol of returning focus, reoccurring themes, perennial wisdom. In this light, chrysanthemums represent a kind of never-ending wisdom, or a lifelong message that we keep on encountering.

Chrysanthemums that are annuals: Reminders of the cycles of life, impermanence, and the value of seizing the present now. Viewed as a temporary aspect of the life experience the chrysanthemum represents the fleeting nature of all things, and the importance of appreciating the good stuff we have at this moment.

Keywords for Chrysanthemum Meaning

  • Joy
  • Clarity
  • Vitality
  • Vibrancy
  • Memorial
  • Longevity
  • Inspiration
  • Enlightenment

Chrysanthemum Meaning in the Victorian Language of Flowers

In the Victorian language of flowers (where certain flowers were unspoken code, allowing subtle language to be expressed without speech), different colors of chrysanthemum mean different things. To wit…

♦Yellow chrysanthemum meaning: gently declining amorous advances.
♦Red chrysanthemums: a proposition, invitation to ignite a new relationship
♦White: tell the truth, be honest, a request for utter candor
♦Violet color meaning for chrysanthemum: a merry wish for wellness

If a chrysanthemum is worn upright on a lapel, (in the Victorian language of flowers) it is meant to convey success gained from hard work.  It’s meant as an honorary sign that life provides no entitlement. Instead, focus and determination win the big rewards in life.

An upside-down or reversed chrysanthemum meaning implies struggles and delays in the pursuit of happiness. It is also a sign of mourning. Those who wear an inverted chrysanthemum, according to Victorian flower language, are not to be approached, as they are grieving from loss, or enduring a time of challenge.

Symbolic Chrysanthemum Meaning
Symbolic Chrysanthemum Meaning

Chrysanthemum Meaning in Eastern Traditions

In Chinese culture, the chrysanthemum signifies a life of ease gained by sacrifice or hard work. It is also a symbol of high status, rank, and authority.

As it is a long-living plant, it’s been held as a symbol of immortality in Chinese iconography. In other words, the chrysanthemum is a potent Chinese symbol of longevity.

Buddhists are fond of using this flower as offerings on alters. Symbolic of powerful Yang energy, this flower is an attractant of good luck in the home.

In Eastern meditative and Ayurvedic traditions the chrysanthemum is associated with the heart chakra and the crown chakra  A common practice is to focus on the beauty of the chrysanthemum with a goal to blossom the beauty held within the heart….stimulating the heart chakra. 

This flower associated with the crown chakra points to the thousand petal aspect of consciousness. It represents the many layers of awareness that are in constant flux. Balancing the crown chakra by focusing on the blossoming chrysanthemum meaning is a great way to render higher consciousness, or perhaps even attain nirvana or the zen state.

Chrysanthemum Personality Type

As a personality type, (in general, or specifically if born October 23 – November 21, Scorpio) the chrysanthemum indicates there are many layers to you, and just as soon as someone thinks they have you identified, you pop out with another blossom of surprises. You like clarity and honesty in all things. In fact, when situations are murky or unhealthy you are the perfect sign to come in and clear the air or heal the situation. You are focused and tend to be serious in your emotions, but you are deeply intuitive and help others identify areas they need to work on for their own emotional growth. You are active and amorous with no end to suitors

Dreaming of Chrysanthemums

Dreaming of chrysanthemums indicates an unfolding of the inner self, during a tumultuous time of life.  More specifically, it may represent a time of deep personal growth forged by hardship or conflict.  The result leading to a stronger, more realized self.

Symbolic Chrysanthemum Meaning
Symbolic Chrysanthemum Meaning

Stuff to Do With the Chrysanthemum

When you encounter this flower, or if you want to employ its powers, here are a few highlights regarding chrysanthemum meaning and properties on a personal level.

Meditate for Demystifying: Deep contemplation and concentration upon the chrysanthemum blossom is purported to uncover mysteries.  Its bright, jovial energy is meant to dissuade confusion and attract light. By association, meditating upon its blossoms is supposed to clear the chaos and reveal deep secrets.

Honoring Loss and Easing Grief:  Chrysanthemums were often used as funerary decorations in both early Asia and in 18th century western societies. The happy blossoms were thought to discourage morbid energy, shoo away negativity and keep evil spirits away.  Furthermore, the chrysanthemum is believed to uplift energy, which soothes the souls of those who have lost a loved one in death.

Protecting the Home and Heart: As mentioned, these bodacious blooms are thought to ward off negativity. Bring chrysanthemums into the home when you’re feeling blue, or downright icky from bad juju.  These flowers are especially potent in establishing a good vibe when you have company as it deflects any potential conflict.  Also consider bringing in blossoms as a cleansing of your home and heart after saying goodbye to unwanted visitors or guests (especially effective when combined with a sacred smoke ceremony).

Last Word About the Chrysanthemum

At the very least, showcase a few potted chrysanthemums on the front porch as a message of joy, vitality, and hope. Who knows, they might just ward off bad juju from crossing the threshold with the power of their perky, pretty, petals. You can go more extravagant by using chrysanthemums as a meditational focal point, or in a grieving ceremony.  Whatever your purpose or objective, this jovial flower is sure to get you jump-jiving with positive vibes. As always, thanks for reading!

Mighty brightly,

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