Should You Make a Career Move?

Should You Make a Career Move?

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Helpful Tips on Deciding if It’s Time to Make a Career Move: Over a period of time, we’ve all met a lot of people with different sets of careers. The two categories that set them apart is the fact whether they are in it because they had to do a job or because they love what they do.  That’s why many people today are wondering if they should make a career move.

How is one different from the other? Well, one is focused more on the penny that the job brings while the other enjoys what he or she does while consciously not thinking about money but subconsciously knowing that they will be paid.

The first person who is in for just employment would live a life of an android while the other will be living and enjoying life even when it’s work.

A career is a pathway to lead a life with a purpose, growth, and goal while securing the food, shelter, and medical care of oneself. Without the first few elements like purpose and goal, the career is just employment that would eventually make one’s life monotonous.

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Make a Career Move to Do What You Love
Make a Career Move to Do What You Love

Changing Careers and Education

The education system that we are pushed into is outdated. It is like mass-producing cattle of drones across the year, every year. And the educational system certainly isn’t geared to encourage independent thought. While 80% of the things taught are never useful when one gets a job, the remaining 20% might make you into an automaton just regurgitating what you’ve learned. 

With this in mind, the prospect of a career move could seem daunting.  That’s why we’re discussing a few insights about careers that might pull you out of the drone mindset most educational institutions want to keep you bottled in.

At the base of everything, we all are humans. We become enlightened beings on the planet because of our curiosity. That’s why it’s important to recognize that traditional education tends to be limiting and restricting – especially for those who are highly creative.  If you have a tendency to ask, think out of the box, or have a healthy curiosity, conventional education might not be your thing when considering a career move. 

Instead, think about alternative learning opportunities.  Depending upon which career you’re considering, you might be able to teach yourself through study and observation.  Or, you might be able to find a riveting masterclass on the subject or career you’re longing for. 

Having the ability to “go beyond” and strive for something truly satisfying to the soul is a key consideration to any career move.  After all, the freedom to learn creatively and think independently has led to the discovery of remarkable inventions and innovations in the world.

Is it Time for a Career Move?
Is it Time for a Career Move?

Careers Under a Microscope

A career must have six elements.

  1. Growth
  2. Goal
  3. Purpose
  4. Legacy
  5. Vision
  6. Mission

Any job that is deficient in any of the above-mentioned elements is merely a job or employment. It can’t really be called a career pathway worth dreaming about.

So, if you are in a job that has a permanent routine of one single chain of work without any change, it might be time to make a change.  You should be challenged to grow rather than merely using your surface mental capacity.

Otherwise, you might feel stuck and bored throughout the period. This could eventually be problematic and give you a bad energy output because you are disinterested in the work you are doing. If you are doing something that doesn’t satisfy your inner self then you are merely living an android life.

It is important to build a career in the field where you are passionate about the proceedings. It can be overwhelming but full of joy and satisfaction.  For example, imagine if you love sports and you were into athletics passionately throughout your childhood, senior, and junior high. Then you came to college and chose engineering as a field because your folks chose that and the society. As a student, this can have a negative impact on academic performance, and you will have to pay someone to do your homework.

Career and Spirituality: The Co-Existence

Do what satisfies your soul. Pick a career that defines who you are or what compliments your inner self. Find work that provides you with growth and keeps your mind stimulated. Because you won’t be seeing work targets as objectives, but you’ll see yourself achieving personal goals when you get them.

Spirituality is a multidimensional dynamic field of practice that co-relates with everything we do.

Our body’s spiritual chakras act as the core gearbox that controls the balance of energy flow in our body. Whenever we do something that negatively impacts us, these chakras go out of alignment and manifest physical pain and mental imbalance. This imbalance further results in incompetency at the workplace leading to a bad impression on managers and immediate seniors.

When you do a job or pick a career that doesn’t suit your interest, it eventually consumes you and puts you under pressure.  

See it like this.  When you are reading something that isn’t much fun it’s hard to endure that for just an hour. But then think about doing something riveting that keeps you engaged. Without realizing it, you might be shocked to look up and see four or five hours have flown by.

That kind of investment of your inner self defines the right career for you. You should enjoy your work, so convert your passion into a career. It will serve your growth and life in the long run.

Tips on When to Make a Career Move
Tips on When to Make a Career Move

So, What is the Final Decision About Making a Career Move?

Ask yourself these questions,

A. Are you passionate about the work?

B. Does it satisfy your inner self working there?

C. Do you see growth?

D. Do you have a purpose for serving?

E. Is the job healthy for you?

F. Will you have any legacy when you eventually leave the workplace?

If the answer to all the questions above is “Yes”, you are already in the right Job. Are you crossing each above instead and saying” No”? Then it might be time to make a career move. In the end, if you are struggling at your job, it’s time to do some soul-searching. Maybe it’s time to become a student again and learn a different trade, or perhaps it’s time to start your own independent business. Working for a living isn’t always easy, but it doesn’t have to be arduous if you do some planning and thinking about the subject.

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