celtic meaning elder tree and celtic tree ogham meaning

Celtic Meaning Elder Tree

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Celtic Meaning Elder Tree in the Druid Ogham

Celtic Meaning of the Elder Tree in the Ancient Ogham: The elder tree ruling time is within the cycle of the thirteenth moon. This is also the end of the old year at the time of Samhain. This is where the elder derives its symbolism of endings and/or death. In this same vein, the druids and ancient Celts recognized the elder had natural banishing abilities.

The essence of its leaves, and the odor of its pretty white flowers were proven to ward off pesky insects. This origin might have been expanded upon in Celtic lore where we learn branches were hung over doors to ward off evil spirits.

celtic meaning elder tree in druid ogham
Celtic meaning elder tree in druid ogham

Right on the heels of its associations of banishment and death come the elder’s attributes of rebirth and renewal. The elder earns these symbolism’s honestly as it has long been recognized as a prized medicinal tree. Everything from bark to berries has been used to treat all manner of ailments. The ancient Celtic people recognized its healing abilities, and honored the elder for the gifts of good health.

Symbolic Celtic Meaning of the Elder Tree

  • Death
  • Cycles
  • Rebirth
  • Renewal
  • Creativity
  • Regeneration
  • Transformation

“To cherish the earth is the only true hope of survival.”

~Wendell Berry
celtic meaning elder tree and celtic tree ogham meaning
Celtic meaning elder tree and Celtic tree ogham meaning

The elder tree is known as a transformative Celtic symbol because it is associated with the realm of fairies. Celtic lore indicates that if you stand near an elder tree at Midsummer’s Eve the land of the fairies will be revealed to your searching eyes. Furthermore, fairies love music – particularly the lulling notes of a flute made from elder wood.

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