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Reading Auras

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Tips on Reading Auras: Reading auras is a natural part of the communication process – just as natural as listening to your partner speak, or observing body language.

In fact, reading auras is another layer of communication that when utilized, can open up an entire new world of information to you.

Everyone has an aura. And, as I cited in a previous article (How To See Auras), everyone can either see or at least sense their own auras and other people’s auras too.

Once we get more comfortable with seeing auras, interpreting them with our psychic perceptions and intuitions gives us amazing insight and clarity into the human design.

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how to tips on reading auras
How-to tips on reading auras

Viewing Clues: What Reading Auras Can Reveal

♦  Identify health levels and physical condition of the body

♦  Identify moods in you and others

♦  Identify thought patterns

♦  Identify past life activity

♦  Identify energetic flow of body/emotion/thought

♦  Identify patterns of energy which allude to future outcomes (foretelling)

♦  Identify energetic connections shared with the environment and their interplay

Reading Beyond Human Auras

What’s very interesting about reading auras is that the practice is not limited to reading human auras. Once you start practicing the art of reading auras, you can begin to see energetic emanations from anything and everything living. For example, flowers have an aura, and this can be seen when we develop our ability to see auras.

Reading auras is not limited to humans. You can read auras on anything alive, including flowers, animals, etc.

Understanding the Connection of Auras and Life-Force

Those points are just a few ideas relating to the vital information residing in auras. As you work with auras – you begin to understand you are seeing life-energy (chi, prana, life-force).

This life-energy is an emanation and a direct product of the source. For example, if you are feeling or seeing the aura of your best friend, you are experiencing an energetic reflection. The aura is mirror, casting a reflection of your friend’s internal condition.

Professional auric readers are so practiced at reading auras, they can identify trouble areas in the body. From their diagnosis, their client’s can seek holistic, alternative, or traditional medicinal therapies for healing.

Reading auras has other practical benefits too. Used wisely and with love, reading the information provided by auric energy can transform relationships, augmentbusiness partnerships, and blaze trails into innovative paths of thought/behavior.

For example, I used to work in a high-pressure business environment. I would read auras during corporate meetings as a way to understand interoffice dynamics. Reading auras in the conference room gave me an inside track on personalities, motivations, strategies of each of the key players involved in the meeting.

reading auras
Tips on reading auras

Knowing this allowed me to act on the needs of the group, and provide solutions to their problems from an inner standpoint. The results were always viewed as miraculous by my peers – but I knew it was as simple as reading energy and acting on it in a supportive way.

You can do this too. Whether in the boardroom, or in the dining room at home. Tap into auras as a new way of communication. Just as easy as listening to conversation – reading auras will give you a new dimension in perception.


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I hope you have enjoyed this article on the benefits of reading auras. Check out the links below for more relevant and interesting articles. Happy aura-reading!

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