Tips to Balancing Chakras

Tips to Balancing Chakras

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Different Ways to Balance Chakras

Helpful suggestions for balancing chakras: I get many emails on how to balance the chakras.  There are many ways, but the following is my response on different ways I use to balance chakras through symbolic visualization.  I hope these tips to balancing chakras through color, visualization, and Sanskrit meaning are as helpful to you as they are to me.

I find the best way to balance the chakras is to visually meditate upon them.  Find some good illustrations of them and picture each chakra in your mind. Now…visualize each center lotus within the chakra as a pinwheel…spinning and moving.  When you are in tune with the being that is you – you will notice some of the “pinwheels” in your chakras are moving faster than others. 

“Each of the seven chakras are governed by spiritual laws, principles of consciousness that we can use to cultivate greater harmony, happiness, and wellbeing in our lives and in the world.”

~Deepak Chopra

For example, when I first started this exercise, I noticed my solar plexus chakra was moving very slowly, yet my crown chakra was spinning wildly. This is an indication of an imbalance. The object of this practice is to maintain all your chakras spinning at about the same rate…and this should be a smooth steady pace…as if the loving universe is the calm wind, gently turning your pinwheels in a peaceful easy rhythm. See what I mean? As you work with this visualization practice, you might also try incorporating root chakra affirmations to enhance the experience.

You may find after a while you will become more intimate with the concept…the feeling of each chakra…their purpose, and prime essence…this, in turn, will enable you to more easily go about the business of balancing them.  You will find as you learn and understand more about your chakras – you will begin to instantly be aware when one or several are out of balance.

Chakra symbols
About Balancing Chakras

Meaning of Sanskrit Writing for Balancing Chakras

And speaking of prime essence, knowing the meaning of the symbols within each chakra is also a way to balance.  The symbols in the center of chakras are actually writing characters called Sanskrit.  The meaning of each Sanskrit symbol is given below according to each chakra. From Root to Crown, the Sanskrit symbol meanings within the chakras are as follows…


Solar Plexus
Third Eye 

Sanskrit Symbol Meaning


Chakra Chart

Another good way to balance chakras through visualization is to get in sync with each chakra meaning. This handy chakra chart (below) might help with that…

Chakra chart
Chakra chart

Balancing Chakras with Color

Another separate practice I enjoy is focusing on the colors of the chakras. Also while meditating…go through each of the chakras and focus on the color of each.  Feel the color, taste it, hear it…what does the color of the heart (green) chakra feel like?  Taste like?  Sound like?  Imagine that every cell in your body is flooded with color.  Your blood is the color of the chakra (this gets kind of trippy with the blue throat chakra…or any of them that is not what the mind typically considers the red color of our blood)…visualize your hair, nails, and teeth the color of the chakra…BE the color of each chakra.  Go through each chakra color, practicing the experience of each color. 

When we look at the spectrum of colors, it’s easy to see how the colors progress, and deliciously morph into each other. All the colors dance in and out of each other to create new colors, new depths, and new meanings. For example, blue could never be blue if it had never held hands with yellow, or green. It’s all a dance in which all the colorful dance partners share the beat of life.

When you are balancing chakras, keep the flow of the rainbow in mind…see each color flowing lightly and easily, forming a perfect ribbon of balance within you.  See this also as a sign of promise for your wellbeing.  Keep in mind, each color is individual, but they must be balanced in order to shine and attain brilliance. Keeping to that same premise, we can build extraordinary connections between the mundane and the mystical.

What do I mean by that? Another example: When spring unveils her presence with fresh violet crocus jutting up from the earth, it’s akin to an awakening. The color violet corresponds to the crown chakra, which also represents awareness and blossoming. By connecting with the awakening violet crocus, our violet crown chakra is awakened. This elicits an internal dawning – a vital crowning as we situate ourselves into a new awareness.  All these associations and connections are just another great way to balance your chakras with color.

Closing Thoughts About Chakra Balancing

The whole point and purpose of balancing chakras are about aligning with our core energies. Of course, it also helps to relax, meditate, care for yourself and stay away from screen time when balancing chakras. Everybody is different, so your approach to getting your chakras in harmony is about what works for you. Every human is composed of complex and intricate elements and each chakra allows us to tap into each dynamic aspect within us.  I hope these brief tips to balancing chakras offer you clarity and guidance on your path! You may also consider chakra balancing with crystals (which I’ve written about here). As always, thanks for reading!

Mighty brightly,

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