Tiger artwork and symbolic tiger meanings

Stunning Tiger Artwork by Rosabelle and Symbolic Tiger Meanings

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Tiger Meaning and Powerful Tiger Artwork by Rosabelle

Do you want to catch a tiger totem by its tail? Maybe you want to know more about symbolic tiger meanings. Whatever jazzes you about the tiger, I can guarantee you will be granted greater access to this feline’s energy with the help from having tiger artwork in your environment.

Not sure about that? Well, let me tell you a story.  Once upon a time, I kept getting these intense visions of the tiger. I saw tigers in my sleeping dreams and waking dreams. She always came with a message, but her prompting never seemed quite clear enough. I really craved to know what this lovely beast was trying to tell me.

What’s a body to do? When I’m flummoxed, I like to go to the source, of course. But living in NY, it’s not like I’m going to find a tiger on Main Street and dip my intuitive toes into her energy. Nope.

My solution? Get a powerful, dynamic image of the tiger! Yep. By having a bold, beautiful, prominent portrait of the tiger in my awareness, I was able to focus more clearly and finally uncover what this amazing creature was trying to share with me.

It really works! The mind is a funky thing…particularly the subconscious mind.  It doesn’t really differentiate between the real deal or a facsimile. So by having tiger artwork ‘in your face’ so to speak – that’s a strong statement in the realm of totem energy.

Having a portrait of your totem (tiger, or otherwise) sends an affirmation to the universe that says: “I want to know. I want to connect. I want to learn.

Tiger artwork in my life profoundly changed my views and gave me solid guidance. I hope it might do the same for you and that’s why I’m sharing Rosabelle’s stunning tiger artwork with you. Check it out….

Rosabelle’s Creative Process with this Tiger Artwork Entitled: “Quietude”

This is Rosabelle’s tiger artwork in progress. I love seeing the transformation as this big cat springs to life!

Inspiration and Symbolic Tiger Meanings for this Tiger Portrait

If you have a tiger for your totem, I’ll bet my buttons you are a very sensitive person.  Tigers are all about awareness. They are extraordinarily sensitive to their environment.  You and the tiger are a great team for making perceptions clear and attention focused on what you want. Whether your totem animal or not, this is a true statement to tiger energy. Tiger is big juju when it comes to sensory perception!

Another attribute about symbolic tiger meanings deals with patience.  Very often when the tiger comes into our lives, it’s a sign to be cunning and careful before we pounce.  Gather all the facts. Sniff out all the potential threats and/or opportunities.  The tiger reminds us we might have only one chance to snatch our prey…make that chance count!

Tiger’s are solitary creatures.  By association, tiger energy is frequently a message that speaks something like: “Hey you! When are you going to take time for yourself?

Tigers encourage us to have quality time alone to reflect, meditate and ponder.  They also want us to luxuriate, relax and submerge ourselves in the bliss of indulgence.  So when the tiger comes prowling in your awareness, she might be giving you permission to unplug, take a bubble bath and just chill out by yourself for a while!

Look at how Tiger Totem is jumping off the page!

A Bit About This Tiger Artwork and Description

Featuring a highly detailed young tiger, from the original hand drawing entitled “Quietude”

Professional quality, made to order print, on softly textured Somerset Velvet paper, giving the effect of an artist’s water-colour paper.

Light-fast inks guarantee the print to last a minimum of 75 years when placed out of direct sunlight.

Prints are individually signed by the artist

Includes hand signed Certificate of Authenticity

Unmounted and unframed
Shipped flat with backing board and cello sleeve

Watermarks do not appear on print purchased

To learn more about Rosabelle, and this piece, click here.  

Capture the essence of the Tiger with this amazing artwork!

More Inspiration and Symbolic Tiger Meanings for this Tiger Artwork Titled “Quietude”

If the tiger is coming to you large and in charge, it is totally worth your attention.  Tigers don’t fool around. They get right to business.  They have an intense energy, and if the tiger visits you it means you might need to get down to business too! Here are some areas of interest the tiger rules over…

Keywords for Deer Meaning

  • Stealth
  • Luxury
  • Solitude
  • Strategy
  • Cunning
  • Patience
  • Knowing
  • Relaxation
  • Perception
  • Confidence
  • Contemplation

Summary About the Tiger Totem and Symbolic Tiger Meanings: The tiger beckons you to get primal and primitive about your situation. That might sound a little to ‘Jungle Book’ for you – but it is so true.

The tiger relies exclusively on sensory perception, and instinct.  When tiger puts her paws on the pathways of your mind – it’s a sure sign to pay attention to your instinct and be more aware about what’s going on in your life.

Be patient. Be kind to yourself, and give yourself permission to process your journey in your own way. Pay attention. That’s pretty much the tiger way!

Messages of Guidance from the Tiger:

  • Before you pounce, give an ounce...of attention that is.  Tigers will sit for hours observing their situation before striking out at an opportunity. The tiger encourages you to do the same.
  • When in doubt, crouch. You might not think a powerful beast like the tiger would ever retreat. It doesn’t really, but tigers know when to step back. They are capable of causing tremendous damage with such impressive strength…but they know that’s not always the right choice. The tiger is sometimes a reminder to lay low before taking action.
  • Dare to indulge. Tigers are big about comfort. They like things their own way and they like the better things life has to offer. When the tiger comes to you, it’s often a sign to take a break, live a little, and take time to play. Tiger time is purrrrrrring time!  Pamper, purr, enjoy.

In conclusion, I hope this post on symbolic tiger meanings and tiger artwork has stitched together some inspiring insights.  To be sure, having a tiger portrait in your awareness is a profound way to connect with these totem tips, and so much more.

You know me. I will not promote products I don’t believe in, and I absolutely adore Rosabelle. Her finely crafted pieces are thoughtfully created and they are made with authentic love for the wonders of nature.

When you buy from Rosabelle, be sure to include the code “SIGNS” in your order!

As always, thank you for reading. I hope you enjoyed this post on symbolic tiger meanings and I know you are going to love this tiger artwork titled “Quietude” when it is delivered to your door!Learn more about the artist and her art by visiting

Rosabelle Art at Etsy

All images on this page are copyrighted and exclusive property of Rosabelle Art. 

Tiger artwork and symbolic tiger meanings
Tiger artwork and symbolic tiger meanings by Rosabelle
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