Symbolic Bee Messages

Bee Messages and Meanings

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Exploring Symbolic Bee Messages

In Nature and in cultural symbolism, bee messages are a big deal. Bees are considered “green light” signs of industry, communication, good luck, productivity and so much more. If you think about it, our world would look much different without bees. In fact, many experts say that without the pollination-power of bees, our agriculture and food supplies would come to a screeching halt. The bee has a lot to live up to, but they can’t concern themselves with outside opinions or worldly fears.

Maybe that’s why I love them so much…because they are so focused on the tasks at hand. When the bee comes into my awareness, it’s a clear sign for me to shut out all the racket the world tends to shove in my face, get focused on my purpose, and get to work. The bee reminds me the only way my stuff is going to make an impact is if I put the sweat equity in. Thank you bees! I owe a lot to these babies for showing me how hard work, communication and organization is key to getting results.  

Symbolic Bee Messages
Symbolic Bee Messages (drawing by Avia 😉

Bee Messages in Myth & Lore

Ancient Egypt:  The bee was a lucky emblem because it was believed to be the giver of life.  It represented life, birth, death and resurrection.  It was also a lucky symbol of strength and power. Apparently, the Egyptians associated the bee with lightning and the sun. Bees were said to be born from the tears of the sun god Ra. This made encounters with bees a lucky sign of gaining strength and winning battles.

Greek & Roman: In Greek and Roman myths, bee messages are about prosperity and success…especially in soulful endeavors, or in work invested in achieving personal goals.  You’ve heard the term ‘busy as a bee.’  Well, the Greco-Romans observed their industriousness and considered the bee as a symbol of success when hard work is applied to any endeavor. The bee is also associated with love and is a sacred symbol of Cupid, the Roman god of desire and love.

European & North American Folklore: Bees have been honored in the “old ways” by country folk and mountain people for centuries. It’s common knowledge among those who practice the art of Natural wisdom that bees know (and they want to know more). As such, bees are often in a position of communication.  As communicators, it is a tradition to share big news with bees. This is especially true if a beekeeper is moving the location of the hive if there is a new birth in the family or even death. When change comes, tell the bees. Talking to bees is considered a smart practice. It’s also believed that bees will help through transitions, and ease struggle during moves, & changes in life.

There are more cultures and traditions around the world that honor bees, but let’s get on to bee messages. If the bee could speak directly to you, what might this beautiful baby say to you? Here are a few ideas about what the bee might buzz in your ear…

Symbolic Bee Messages
Symbolic Bee Messages

Direct Bee Messages: What Bees Might Say in Times of Need

Imagine sitting in a bevy of bodacious blossoms and the bee is buzzing around you with big messages. As your personal guide, consider these bee suggestions as direct, 1st person (err, well, 1st-bee) advice just for you from the bee…

The biggest message I have to share is this: ‘Never underestimate the little guy.‘  I may be small, but in every way I am big-time and hard-core.  My strength is beyond most other creatures in the animal kingdom.

I’m best known for the old saying ‘busy as a bee.’  There’s a reason for that.  Consider…my crew and I can build a city for 50,000 citizens within a month.  How long does it take humans to build a town for 50,000 inhabitants?  A lot longer than a month, that’s for sure.

Yeah, I get busy.  And that’s a great totem lesson for you.  Ain’t nothing going to get done without hard work.  My fellow workers and I achieve monumental feats of accomplishment because we work together, we work constantly, and we work hard.  So if you’re trying to attain a dream, goal, job, whatever…take it from me, the busy bee…work your stinger off to get what you want.  If need be, recruit helpers to achieve your purpose more efficiently and quickly. Communication is crucial when it comes to accomplishing big dreams. Also, remember that nothing happens overnight. Be patient with yourself and celebrate your progress.

And while you’re flapping your wings furiously to accomplish your goals, keep this in mind: Preparation is key.  You can work yourself into a frenzy, but without a blueprint, preparation and a plan, getting the goal might be a long, sloppy process. 

Did you know a queen bee may collect over 50 million samples from male bees before she settles in to have her babies?  The take-away point here is this: Don’t just prepare, over-prepare.  If you want something with all your heart, you be willing to go the extra mile to lay a solid foundation for what you want.  From building our hives, to sustaining our colonies; my grist of bees and I formulate a plan and keep to it for ultimate success.”

Symbolic Bee Messages
Symbolic Bee Messages

Closing Thoughts About Bee Messages

In summary, I hope these ideas about bee messages prove inspiring and helpful to you. At the end of the day, the bee is a sign of organizing our lives in thoughtful, mindful ways.

Remember, bees aren’t the epitome of industry for the sake of production. In other words, they aren’t busy for the sake of being busy. No. They are keen on their purpose. They are driven to serve the bigger picture of life, productivity and function. They may be tiny, but their mission is mighty.

I think bee messages remind us of this: We must be ever-mindful of our purpose and the bigger picture…understanding our place in the big Universal wheel cranking away for common good and goals.  Then, get to work at helping the wheels turn for a better world and a better life.  Let’s stop working for the sake of work, and make your efforts meaningful with broadened vision & purpose. Just thinkin!  As always, thanks for reading!

Mighty brightly,

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