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Shark tattoo ideas deals with the indomitable spirit of the shark. These creatures are built for survival, (they haven't evolved much in over 400 million years!). As such they are perfect for people who want a tattoo to signify they are survivors. Symbolically, this speaks to our human hearts, and tells us:

a) We are born perfectly designed (how can you improve perfection?).
b) Whatever life throws at us, we will survive.

To the Maori, the mako shark (mako meaning shark or shark tooth) is a sacred fish because of its status as "king of the waters." To their natural way of viewing life, the shark is a powerful symbol of victory and superior power to the Maori. I've seen a few Maori shark tattoos (shark teeth, specifically) and indeed their bold presence is equally bold in symbolism.

Celtic shark tattoos will capture the symbolism of the scythe because ancient Celts (who were quite sea-savvy) observed the dorsal fin of the shark to look a lot like a sickle or scythe (the crescent blade used to harvest wheat. Also a sacred Druidic tool). As scythes are synonymous with harvesting and also the closing of an agricultural season, the shark to the ancient Celts would speak of respectfully gathering resources while opportunity is available. It also speaks of transition, cycles and acknowledging the passage of one phase of life into another. See more Celtic animal symbolism here.

Shark tattoo meaning

Some keywords to consider as you explore shark tattoo ideas...

Symbolic Shark Meaning

  • Focus
  • Power
  • Primal
  • Energy
  • Knowing
  • Graceful
  • Strength
  • Survivor
  • Instinct
  • Authority
  • Calculated
  • Confident
  • Protection
  • Fearlessness
  • Effectiveness
  • Self-assurance
  • Assertiveness

Shark tattoos are considered symbols of protection - especially for sailors, pirates and those who travel often (particularly by sea).

Interestingly, the Hindu god Vishnu is sometimes shown leaping out of the mouth of a shark. This can be interpreted several ways. Predominantly it signifies the dominance of Nature; that Nature and her creatures must be respected - never underestimated. This illustration also puts sharks on a divine level, having same status as gods and goddesses. This reinforces shark symbolism of power and authority.

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