Full Moon of May Meaning

Full Moon of May Meaning: It’s a Blooming Big Deal

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You might already be aware that every full moon of each month has a personality. Many Native American tribes assigned names to monthly full moons to better describe the character of the moon within a given month. The full moon of May is known as a flower moon, and it’s a blooming big deal.

Flower Power: Exploring the Significance of the Full Moon of May

The old adage, ‘bloom where you’re planted’ is a commonly used turn-of-phrase, but it’s super-relevant and important in terms of this particular moon. This full flower moon of May reminds us that we can pollinate, grow, and blossom no matter where we are, no matter what our circumstances.  What’s more, this flower full moon of May lends an encouraging energy that makes change, growth and expansion more accessible and attainable.

The flower full moon of May delivers an energetic message that says:
“Howdy! I’m a big lunar bouquet of bodacious beauty reminding you to bloom where you are planted!”


Harnessing the Power of the Full Flower Moon of May

All full moons have a specific energy, and that energy changes according to the months.  For instance, the wolf moon of January has a completely different vibe than the full flower moon of May.  Knowing the personality of each full moon is crucial to taking advantage of the underlying theme, energy and vibe to achieve personal goals, fulfill intentions or galvanize affirmations. 

Taking advantage of full moon power can be more easily done when we realize everything is connected. As citizens of the cosmos, we can call upon, absorb or acknowledge full moon power in order to support and sustain our ideals and vision for life.  With this in mind, here are a few ways to harness the power of this full flower moon of May

Full Moon of May Meaning
Full Moon of May Meaning

A Closer Look at the Energy & Full Moon of May Meaning

When pondering things we can do during this full moon, it might be helpful to learn that it’s not exclusively known as the flower moon. It goes by many different names. Here are a few other Native American nicknames for the full moon of May:

  • Planting Moon – Cherokee
  • Mulberry Moon – Choctaw
  • Budding Moon –  Shoshone
  • Blossom Moon – Ojibwe
  • Frog Moon – Cree
  • Strawberry Moon – Shawnee
  • Green Leaf Moon – Lakota
  • Flower Moon – Algonquin

If you deeply look at all these Native full moon names, you’ll see an overarching theme of new growth and that’s precisely what this full moon of May is all about.  This is a springtime moon. Consequently, we’re talking about themes of new birth, new development, and starting something new.  Simply compare the bounty and beauty springtime represents, and you’ll clearly connect with the flower moon meaning.  With this in mind, here are a few things to do during the flower moon of May.

Affirmations & Setting Intentions During the Flower Full Moon of May

Because each full moon has an influence on everyone and everything on earth, why not take advantage of it? Here are a few affirmations and activities that help you get aligned with May’s full moon as well as assist you in furthering your dreams.

Get Recognition

As its many Native names imply, this full moon is all about breaking through barriers, moving into the light, and relishing recognition.  Consider some of the aforementioned names, “bloom, blossom, flower, budding” – now think about the journey a flower takes to get to the point of blooming.  It seems like such a simple process – but it takes a lot of grit, strength and gumption to produce a bloom. 

The same holds true for us when we are seeking to blossom with our ideas, visions, dreams, projects, etc.  This full moon gives you power and confidence to break out and expose your gifts to the world.  Is strutting your stuff and showing your blossoming awesomeness to the world easy? No. But the blooming moon of May will help you remain stable, strong and stand your ground.

Get Started

This full moon of May is a champion when it comes to supporting new ventures.  If you have an idea or a project or something you’ve been yearning to start – this moon will help you get your dreams off the ground. This could anything from starting a new business or art project. You might even get inspired this month and start planting a garden by moon phases.

Furthermore, the “oomph” of spring is another encouraging energy that can help you manifest your vision from something fluffy into something solid.  This moon and springtime vibes lend momentum – it’s a “snow-ball-rolling” type of feeling. So once you get started, you should feel the force and impetus of this time that can help you make great strides and progress in your endeavors.

Get Charging

Springtime and May’s full moon is all about embracing change and moving forward. This moon will help you remove obstacles that have held you back.  It can also make transitions easier to take.  This could mean big changes such as relocating your home or office.  Or, perhaps you’re trying to stay more mindful more consistently or change eating and exercise habits.  This full moon can help you with any change you’ve been trying to make or need to make in your life.

Full Moon of May Meaning
Full Moon of May Meaning

Supermoon Symbolism

A supermoon is a full moon that is closest to the earth. This is known as perigee. It’s known as a supermoon because the moon’s orbit is very close to the earth and so it appears “super” awesome to observers on the ground.  Not only are supermoons a massively impressive sight, they also have special meanings.

Energetically, a supermoon tends to stir up secrets and reveal the truth.  Its symbolic gravitational pull along with increased illumination is all about exposing hidden desires, gaining clarity, and being able to see and understand things that were muddled or confusing in the past. In this respect, a supermoon can augment transparency, self-honesty and clearer communication with friends, family, co-workers, business associates, and romantic partners.

Blood Moon Meaning

In essence, a blood moon is a term to describe the ruddy red hue the moon takes on during a lunar eclipse. The sanguine hue of the moon is caused by the sun spilling its light upon the moon’s surface after being filtered through the earth’s atmosphere. Sadly, due to misconceptions there are a bunch of myths about the blood moon that don’t cast a great light on this special lunar phenomenon.  But once you cut through the stigma, a blood moon can represent a lot of personal growth and development. 

If you consult cultural philosophies and myths about this rusty-colored moon, you’ll discover an overarching theme. That theme is all about purging, sacrificing and letting go.  On the surface, these adjectives might feel spooky (hence, the doomsday reputation the blood moon has suffered since ancient times).  In truth, this lunar wonder is about letting go of things that no longer serve us.  The blood moon presents a perfect environment to shed old beliefs, cast off unhealthy influences, and purge elements in our lives that are holding us back from living our fullest, best lives.

Full Moon of May Meaning
Full Moon of May Meaning

Lunar Eclipse Meaning

A lunar eclipse demands perfect alignment to pull off that sensational celestial scene.  To explain, the sun and moon must choreograph their dance in such a way as to be on polar opposite sides of the earth. This dance projects the illusion of the moon being swallowed into darkness. In reality, the moon is in the earth’s shadow.  What does this mean symbolically? Let’s look at the push-pull play of light and dark found in a lunar eclipse.  When you think about that, you could say that an eclipse points out the constant presence of duality.

Therefore, a lunar eclipse is a brilliant reminder of the epic themes of light vs dark, death vs life, good vs evil, etc.  It’s a lovely message that life is not linear. There are ups and downs, pros and cons.  This means that even in the darkest of times, there is always light around the corner – because there can be no light without darkness. 

Furthermore, a lunar eclipse encourages us to get in sync with this concept of duality.  Because it takes perfect alignment to render a lunar eclipse, we too are asked to get into alignment in order to embrace, manage and remain stabilized in the throes of transition and balancing polarities in our lives.

The Last Word About the Flower Moon of May

The full moon of May is bursting with blooming signs and symbolic meanings in its own right. I sincerely hope these insights into the illuminating moon of May offer inspiration and clarity as you continue to grow on your symbolic journey. Oh, and if you liked this, you might also like my horoscopes for May. As always, thanks for reading!

Mighty brightly,

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