Starlight Symbolism and Metaphor

Starlight symbolism

Starlight Symbolism and Metaphor
You're a Star!

Ah stars, what's not to love about those twinkly beauties in the heavens? In a nutshell, stars are globs of gasses that are held together by their own gravity. That's a bright bit of symbolism, right there. This way of existence suggests self-reliance.

Need a reminder of how you radiate your own force-field of power? Need reassurance that you can accomplish something grand by your own true grit? Stars lead solitary lives in the crazy chaos of the cosmos. They keep living, dying, rolling and functioning though. They keep shining by their own perfect design. You're perfectly designed too, and you can turn your high beams on to shine whenever you need too. I love that kind of star-lesson.

Starlight symbolism also deals with navigation. For as long as humankind has been star-gazing, we've been using these glistening lights to mark our way through life. Whether using an astrolabe or casting an astrological star chart...stars are the ancient GPS for human observers.

Starlight symbolism and metaphor encourages taking a hard look at that. There is a grand, powerful force that guides each of us. It could be the stars. It could be our passion. Maybe it's our idea of a higher power. Whatever it order for it to move us in the right direction, it's got to be big and meaningful. Stars in terms of divine navigation remind us to make our motivational-maps big, beautiful, breathtaking and bold.

Starlight symbolism

You know how I love lists and bullet-points. Starlight symbolism certainly deserves its own checklist of noteworthy, symbolic attributes, and here 'tis...

Starlight Symbolism and Meanings

  • Light
  • Energy
  • Dreams
  • Gravity
  • Solitude
  • Mystery
  • Intuition
  • Guidance
  • Radiance
  • Navigation

Starlight as a Cool Metaphor

Sometimes when I meditate, I journey through space, and my inner vision reveals the wonder of our galaxy, its constellations and beyond.

When this happens, I think back to a bit of trivia offered from an astronomy professor I once had. She pointed out that the stars shown on star-charts and stellar maps are not represented by size. Rather, stars are conveyed by intensity of light, not by size.

So, when you're oggling a map of the stars, the ones that appear big, aren't really bigger than the others. Rather, they're big-time brighter than the rest.

I'm hard-wired to read symbolism into this. This connection reminded me that, metaphysically speaking, size doesn't really matter, at least not as much as intensity. Very cool starlight symbolism in that.

Have you ever felt small or ineffectual? Helpless? Or perhaps you've sometimes felt as though your actions are too small to make a difference. I say "horsefeathers" to that! :)

Consider the astronomical technique of defining stars in our heavens. It's not the size that gets them noticed on the map, it's their intensity of brightness.

So what, big deal, right? What does this have to do with our efforts putting a dent in the world-at-large?


Humans are made from the same stuff as stars. Do some research, you'll find it's true. Our bodies are composed of the very same minerals and essences as our stars are. We were born from the womb of deep space, and so our physical makeup retains traces of our celestial forebears. Cosmic dust, star particles, galaxy goo...whatever you wanna call it, we've got it swimming in our own bodies.

Taking that factoid a bit further, we can ascertain that we are born to shine (just like our star-lineage). I propose it's not how big our actions are that put us on the map of life, but how intensely we shine our inner light upon the world.

Starlight symbolism

So how do we shine?

Lots of ways. Meditation is a great way to stoke the inner flames to full blast. I do this by pondering each cell of my body infused with light (starlight, even). After a few moments of this progressive visualization, all the cells of my body become light-infused. At this point, I begin to radiate that light outward into my environment. I see my inner light shining out in the space around me. Often I direct my light-beams to people in my life who need healing, or support.

That's just a suggestion for internally combusting your radiance. You don't have to take such a woo-woo approach. Simple thoughts of love and warmth will make you sparkle from the inside out as your star-ancestors do. Get your glow on, and keep to glittery thoughts.

Random acts of kindness tend to make us all shimmer up to our starry potential. This can be as simple as picking up trash when you see it on the sidewalk. Or, giving your elderly neighbor a bunch of daisies (preferably not the ones growing in her flower box, lol). Your acts of kindness don't even have to be random. Chart out your good deeds - make a map of all the starlit goodies you can think of to share with the world. Then make a schedule. Commit to fulfilling a good star-deed once a week, or whatever.

So, the next time you feel small in a very big world with very big problems, consider your inner light is your inheritance, your birthright, your innate essence. Your inner light is also your ace tool for effectively converting the energy around you. Just think about it.

The starlight symbolism, metaphor and moral to this story is profound, and also backed by scientific fact. Science has proven that: There can be no darkness when light is focused brightly in the same area. That means your light is profoundly powerful in penetrating the darkness around you.

Remember you are born from the celestial lights, and your illumination can be a gravitational powerhouse in uplifting the world around you. You were born to shine, so stay lit in lovely ways!

I hope you enjoyed these ideas about starlight symbolism and metaphor. Turn your intellectual telescope onto the links below for more cool symbolic frolic.

As always, thanks for reading. May all your star-travels be spectacular.

Shine on,


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