Symbolic Mosquito Meaning

Symbolic Mosquito meaning

Symbolic Mosquito Meanings

Getting insight into symbolic mosquito meaning requires us to observe the creature objectively, and from an integrated standpoint. What do I mean by integrated? Well, it's about looking at life and its cycles from a broad, "big picture" perspective. It means recognizing the deeper continuum of life, even if aspects of life's progress includes some discomfort.

Let's face it, nobody relishes getting bit by mosquitoes. Their bite leaves us itchy and irritable at best, and considerably ailing at worst. Before buzzing more deeply into mosquito meaning, it might be worthwhile to consider the implications of a bite or visit from the mosquito in our lives. In short, a visit from the mosquito may be an indication of small inconveniences in our lives, or slight disturbances, or irritations. When they bite the skin, leaving itchy irritations, that's a cue for us because our skin is symbolic too. Skin is our first defense, symbolically, so we're talking about themes of protection, defense, and even sensory (tactile) perception. Combine this with a mosquito bite, and it makes sense to take a look at what (on a large scale), in our lives is aggravating us. When you've been bitten by a mosquito, it's time to consider your environment to detect agitators.

Animals that suck blood are drawing out the essential. In that it has been theorized that mosquitoes are attracted to the dead particles in blood, this could also represent the removal of the non-essential and even harmful from the essential. The bite of the mosquito grabs our attention, another attempt at re-connection with our Mother. Bites are reminders and speak to us of inoculations and cures. To receive we must give and we must learn that the price of our existence is cooperation.

Interestingly, only female mosquitoes bite. Males mostly take their nourishment from nectars, where females require proteins in human and animal blood to sustain her brood of babies. There's a lot of symbolism in this, and if we look at the "big picture" of life's progress, we can see the process of the female mosquito taking our blood actually contributes to the cycle of life.

Blood is symbolic of life, the life-force, chi, prana, vitality, and even lineage. When the female mosquito takes our "life essence" in the form of extracting our blood, she transfers that essence onto her brood, insuring the life of her babies. This talks to me about continuation of life, and sharing the unique flow of life-force (blood) to sustain the balance of the Mother (Nature). Have no doubt, Nature works on a co-operative level. All of her aspects are intertwined - inseparable. There is no facet of her growth that is not dependent upon another. As Dennis Lehane said, "Life is made of countless threads. Pull on just one of those threads and everything else is affected."

I find it fascinating only female mosquitoes take blood. This speaks to me about feminine assertiveness, and the overwhelming motivation to insure life continues. To be sure, female's (in all forms) are the warrior's of life - the give life, sustain life, nurture life - at all costs. This might be something to contemplate if/when you encounter a mosquito bite.

For those of us (admittedly, present company included) who aren't jumping for joy at receiving an itchy irritable bite from a mosquito, it might be some consolation to know that within 24 hours of a bite, the female will give birth to her brood and then die. Although the offending party has sampled from the buffet of our blood, her life is extinguished in the process. This is huge symbolism. It talks to me of self-sacrifice, and a willingness to make the ultimate offering for that which is precious to us (life, offspring, creativity, progress etc).

Mosquitoes are fascinating creatures and we may not fully appreciate their helpful and essential qualities. First and foremost, the mosquito is an expert at detection. Highly developed to sense heat, color, and chemical differences, mosquitoes carefully monitor and choose their targets.

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Symbolic Mosquito Meanings

  • Secrets
  • Details
  • Agility
  • Travel
  • Release
  • Discovery
  • Agitation
  • Survival
  • Continuum
  • Persistence
  • Surveillance

Though they spend most of their lives in the air, mosquitoes are born of the water, so her foundation in emotion is always there. A close cousin to the crane fly, the mosquito can really get under our skin! Perhaps it is the hypnotic hum of their wings' movement or their tendency to travel in swarms, mosquitoes can represent disturbance, relentlessness, and criticism. Furthermore, the fact that these creatures thrive in stagnated waters is highly symbolic. This condition should encourage us to take a look at our own emotional landscapes. Are our emotions stagnated? Are we allowing swarms of negativity to reproduce without our emotional waters? Is it time to stir the waters of our emotions? Mix things up? Some questions to contemplate when the mosquito visits our awareness.

Mosquitoes are piercing and they touch us at the raw. The mosquito floats in the realm of high ideals and, like the bitter sting of conscience, brings us back to reality. They hold ancient associations and they are the timeless, sentimental haunts within us.

Consider the indiscriminate way the mosquito transmits and infects complicated pathogens to other animals. Indeed the spread of various plagues has been attributed to the mosquito with devastating results. In its larvae stage, the mosquito has the remarkable ability to filter out impurities of the liquid environment around it, namely water. Perhaps, when the mosquito comes to call upon you, it might be time to filter out impurities from your own energy. Further, this idea links mosquito meaning to the microscopic and smaller, the very foundations of life.

As the guardians of all animals, we must always strive for conditions that inspire, promote, and sustain health. That being said, Nature has in her infinite wisdom provided for the regeneration and steady upliftment of all things. As Nietzsche once said, "that which does not kill me makes me stronger."

I hope you have enjoyed these ideas about symbolic mosquito meaning. Check the links at the end of this page for more interesting bites of information about animal meanings and animal symbolism.

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