Bee Meaning and Love Lessons

Bee Meaning and Love Lessons

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Learning Love Lessons With Bee Wisdom

If you’ve ever observed a bodacious bee bound upon a blossom, you can’t deny its intense devotion. Delicately yet with intense determination, the bee latches onto flowers extracting their nectar then carrying it back to the hive for the commonwealth of the entire colony.  Therefore, a lot of bee meaning is about spreading love in the form of pollen dust it leaves behind in its wake.

That’s the kind of love we should all heed. The bee illustrates a kinship in love…a give-and-take with a focus on expanding and sharing the love on vast and varied levels. The bee reminds us that love cannot be constrained, contained, or controlled. Moreover, bee meaning and symbolism provide love lessons and shows how love is at its best when it is shared broadly and boldly.

“If you’re gonna love, do like the bees do…
Love for survival. Love for the whole hive.
Love limitlessly and expansively.”

Bee Meaning and Love Lessons
Bee Meaning and Love Lessons

Bee Meaning & Connections to Mythology

Tons of gods and goddesses in all mythologies have sacred symbols. Read on for some prominent deities that bow to bee meaning and hold the noble bee as a sacred symbol.

Cybele: Greek mother goddess associated with the bee as a symbol of love for children and protection of mothers.

Diana: Roman nature-huntress goddess, to whom the bee represents the continuation of life (pollination), beauty, and fertility.

Demeter: Greek earth goddess, who claims the bee as a symbol of provision to humanity through the harvest of honey.

Krishna: Hindu god who, when the bee is depicted with the lotus, represents spiritual love and harmony.

Shiva: Hindu god who, when the bee is shown upon his forehead, means luck, transformation, and peace obtained through extending love to all living things.

Ra: Egyptian sun god, to whom the bee represents vision, creativity, fertility, and wisdom. The ancient Egyptians also recognized how bees paid special attention to their babies. Symbolically, this observation is key to our modern awareness too. Do as the bee does, and acknowledge the young ones in your life, nurture them and reassure them that they are loved and cared for.

Bee Meaning and Love Lessons
Bee Meaning and Love Lessons

Bee-Centric Affirmations and Activities

When the bee shows up in your life, it’s the perfect time to get mindful and focus on your beliefs about love. Here are a few bee-approved affirmations that will get you buzzing with positive love lessons.

Bee Meaning and Love Lessons

The bee spreads its love in the form of pollination far and wide. Do the same by being expansive in your expression of love. Leave a long and meaningful legacy wherever you go by making a lasting and loving impression. Doing so will pollinate love in others so that love may continuously grow.

Bee-sized Steps Lead to Great Things

For every small effort the bee makes, it manifests big results. One tiny bit of pollen is a building block for a whole hive and ensures the livelihood of the entire colony. Remember that every action you take towards caring, sharing, loving, and improving makes a difference.  The size of your effort is not the measure of transformation. The intention and the spirit of your gift is what matters. I think that’s what bee meaning is all about.

Bee Meaning and Love Lessons
Bee Meaning and Love Lessons

Stuff to Do to Attract Love With Bee Wisdom

Love ‘n Honey: Honey is the byproduct of all the energy, activity and love bees invest in their community and survival. Why not practice mindfulness about the byproducts of love?  You can do this by incorporating the gift of bees (honey) in your daily life. Think about giving your loved ones a jar of fresh honey with the intention of expressing your affection. Call upon the bee when you enjoy a tablespoon of honey in your morning tea, and then sit in bee-ful contemplation about love in your life. Indulge in a restorative honey facial mask while pondering the beautification and restoration of love in your body, mind, and life.

Get Busy: Bees don’t sit on their laurels. They get busy.  When it comes to attracting love in your life, the bee asks you to get active. You can do this in a myriad of ways. Start by planting some bee-loving flowers. Or give your time to a worthy charitable cause. Maybe deliver some goodies to your local elderly home or youth home. The point here is to collaborate with the bee and give to the community. Symbolic bee meaning is all about the collective and their love is manifested by serving the whole.  In other words, replicate the bee’s industrial behavior to improve society. These loving, busy activities are gratifying and they tend to magnetize love in your life.

Straight From the Stinger & Final Thoughts About Bee Meaning

If the bee were to buzz directly in your ear and give you a message, what might that guidance sound like? Here is a suggestion as to what the bee might say to you regarding love…

“As bees, our sense of love manifests in the form of community. And our idea of community is vast, even global. When it comes to your vision of love, try to perceive it through our multi-spectrum view. Recognize that love is not entirely about you. It is not about pure self-gratification. It is when you cooperate and contribute to the whole that love is truly anchored in your life. As a byproduct, the world experiences the sweetness of the love you freely give.”

I hope these thoughts about bee meaning and its love lessons were inspiring for you. If nothing else, I hope this post gives you renewed love and respect for bees. As always, thanks for reading!

Mighty brightly,

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