Crane fly meaning

Insect Meaning Crane Fly

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Insect Meaning: Crane Fly Symbolism

Insect Meaning: Crane Fly – My cousin asked about the symbolic insect meaning of the crane fly (also called mosquito hawks or daddy long legs), and here are a few other observations I shared with him:

Crane flies are creatures of both air and water. The air in esoteric symbolism deals with thought, and water symbolism speaks to us about emotion. When these or other insects of their ilk come into our awareness it suggests a fitful, but sometimes whimsical juxtaposition between our analytical mind and our dreamy-type emotions.

As with most insects, (it would seem to the scientific eye) these little guys mostly have one purpose. To procreate. This can be a symbolic message to use our time wisely, and be mindful as well as passionate about what we create for ourselves and others in the life-span we have.

Maybe this insect meaning carries a motto that says something like…

“This life is what you’ve got right now, so give it the best shot you’ve got.”

~The Crane Fly

crane fly meaning animal symbolism
Crane fly meaning animal symbolism

It’s interesting how their legs are so fragile, and break off so easily – this is a survival technique. They can often escape from becoming lunch for birds by leaving behind one of their legs in a bird beak.

Legs speak to me of foundations (four pillars of stability) and core beliefs. If we do as the insect intuitively suggests, and consider our softer emotions in relation to our hard-core thoughts, we may detect a “loose leg” in our prime, stabilizing belief systems. We may want to “sacrifice” one of these “legs” if that belief no longer serves us.

Other Symbolic Insect Meanings for the Crane Fly

  • Purpose
  • Balance
  • Introspection
  • Resourcefulness
crane fly meaning
Symbolic crane fly meaning

Mosquito hawks and crane flies are, on the whole, innocuous – they take life casually, flitting from food source to food source. None of these sources being human or animal.

Rather, they consume nectars. This reminds me of resourcefulness, and going light on consuming resources of the earth – not invading or harming other creatures in order to gain life for self – being gentle with our consumption, and taking only what is required.

I hope you have enjoyed these observations on the symbolic insect meaning of the crane fly. Be sure to check out the links at the end of this page for more insect meaning and the buzz about buggy symbolism. Thanks for reading!

“I never kill insects. If I see ants or spiders in the room, I pick them up and take them outside.

Karma is everything.”

~Holly Valance, Australian Actress, Singer and Model

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