Aztec tattoo ideas for creation

Aztec Tattoo Ideas For Creation

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Aztec Tattoo Ideas For Creation

Aztec Symbol for Creation and Tattoo Ideas: The above image as a stylized Aztec symbol for creation, a great tattoo idea of you’re considering permanent ink-concepts of the Aztec persuasion.

This Aztec symbol is associated with the legend of Huitzilopochtil who created the moon by tossing his sister into the skies, the sun was made the same way as Huitzilopochtil hurled his brother into the skies.

The earth was made when Huitzilopochtil danced a spiral dance with his brother and sister (now the sun and the moon). The seas were made by Huitzilopochtil’s sweat from the spiral dance.

Aztec Symbol Meaning

Each medallion of this symbol represents:

  • Creation
  • Vitality
  • Life
  • Cosmos
  • Order
Aztec symbol for creation and life
Aztec symbol for creation and life
(artistic rendition digitally created by Avia)

Aztec Symbol For Creation And Life

These spiraling seeds of life are all moving together in perfect harmony – just as all the stars and planets are moving in gravitational orbit with perfection. The Aztecs understood human life works in the same kind of rhythmic pattern, and this Aztec tattoo deftly depicts the flowing nature of life in all its perfection.

Each of the spiral medallions also represent a symbolic seed of the Universe and also symbolizes a unique phase of life.

More About This Aztec Symbol Meaning (phases of life)

  • Birth
  • Childhood
  • Adulthood
  • Death
  • Afterlife

Another form of the Aztec legend states that in the beginning, there was an expansive void from which Ometeotl, the first Aztec god(dess) created himself. Ometeotl was androgynous: both male and female, light and dark, good and evil (Ometeotl is represented by the center spiral seed in the Aztec tattoo symbol shown above). Ometeotle birthed four children, who were deities and they were called the four Tezcatlipocas. These four gods are represented in the four surrounding “spiral seeds” (medallions in the symbol).

Aztec symbol for creation
Aztec Symbol for Creation

“Instead of worrying about what you cannot control, shift your energy to what you can create.”

~Roy T. Bennett

Aztec Gods Represented in the Creation Symbol

Each medallion represents a prominent Aztec god.

♦  Quetzalcoatl: God of light, wind, mercy and rules the southern directions

♦  Huitzilopochtli: God of energy, war, vitality, strategy and rules west directions

♦  Xipe Totec: God of agriculture, spring, renewal, gold and rules the north

♦  Tezcatlipoca: God of discernment, night, secrets, magic and rules the east

These four deities and their maker, Ometeotle, were considered responsible for all life and order as it is known today. Hence, this is a powerful symbol of life; a powerful Aztec tattoo conveying cosmic order and harmony between all the elements.

I hope you have enjoyed these brief insights into this Aztec symbol as an inspiration for Aztec tattoo ideas for creation.

Be sure to check out more articles on symbol meanings and keen tattoo ideas provided via the links listed at the end of this page.

Thanks for reading, and happy tattooing! 

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