aura meaning

Aura Meaning

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Aura Meaning and Understanding Auras: This article on aura meaning is designed to give you a clear-cut answer to a potentially complex concept. Basically, an aura is a radiating signature of your energy. I’ll go more into it, but first a bit of background…

Too often the concept of auras is cast-off under the topic of hokum. This is a grievous error in judgment because understanding auras affords magnificent awareness into the human design. Far from the realm of fluff, auras are very real.

Auras can be measured, and any scientist will tell you if a thing can be observed, measured and recorded it is deemed “real.” They can also be seen, especially the main three layers of auras.

So, What Is an Aura, Exactly?

Simply put, it is an energy field that emanates from all things living. We could call the aura an energetic residue because it is evidence of life pulsing through the biological systems of plants, animals and humans.

Everything in our universe vibrates because life is animated and expends energy. The expending of energy releases tell-tale signs, leaving behind distinct patterns much like energetic fingerprints.

Aura meaning
Aura meaning

“The aura given out by a person is as much a part of them as their physical state.”

~Lucian Freud

Aura Meaning and Energy

All living beings emit signals and evidence of their existence. Light, heat, sound waves, etc. are all evidences or residual impressions (like fingerprints) left behind as a bi-product of simply living.

Am I proposing aura meaning and essence is essentially a bi-product of all life? Yes, indeedy I am.

Everything that produces energy is going to also produce residuals. Even inanimate objects such as light bulbs – they (and their electrical source) emit heat as a bi-product of their energy.

-Same holds true for life. Everything alive has an aura. And that’s the coolest take-away point behind aura meaning. Energy (and the aura that is manifested by it) is always present in all life. What’s also cool is energy (and an aura) can never be destroyed. Life only recycles. Pretty keen, eh?

Auras are often unseen, but can be perceived by those with natural intuitive abilities, clairvoyance and they can be seen by the trained eye. But we don’t have to see auras to experience them.

aura meaning
Aura meaning

Residue of Auras

Because auras are a residual of life (chi, prana, etc), we can feel them too. If you’re naturally sensitive, you may “pick up” on someone’s aura empathically. As a residual, an aura can hold mood vibrations. So if you pick up on certain moods from others, you may likely be experiencing his/her aura.

Further, as bi-product of life, auras are never static. Life is in a constant state of motion and flux – so too are our auras.

This is why observing and understanding auras (visually, with empathy and otherwise) is incredibly important. Research shows auras can serve as a window into the inner workings of life. For example, by thoughtfully observing auras, we can determine conditions of physical, mental and emotional health.


Now that you have a little background information on aura meaning, you can begin to do a little more independent study. I offer a wealth of information on my sites about insights into auras, understanding auras, and seeing auras. Just check out the related links offered at the end of this page.

As always, thanks for reading and I hope this information on aura meaning proves helpful to you.

Mighty brightly,

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