Lemniscate Symbol Meaning

Roller Skates, Figure Eights, and Lemniscate Symbol Meaning

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Insights About the Lemniscate Symbol (Infinity Symbol) and Have a Bit of Fun

Remember roller skating rinks? You know, those old, weird-smelling joints where you donned skates with 4 really big rollers (not the blades I’ve been known to break my ankles on) and rocked the rink with your savage moves? For me, that was my first introduction to the lemniscate symbol.

Ah yes, those almost-extinct roller rinks conjure up memories of disco balls, mullet hair-do’s and grape Nehi soda stains on my corduroy pants. One of my favorite roller skate maneuvers was the figure-eight. Upon contemplation, this roller skate move resembles the lemniscate symbol, also known as the infinity symbol.

My point to all this roller skate memory rink talk is that I’ve been thinking a lot about the lemniscate symbol.

Lemniscate Symbol Meaning
Lemniscate Symbol Meaning

What is a Lemniscate Symbol?

lemniscate is a fancy algebraic/geometric word for the infinity symbol. And what’s the big deal about this symbol? The deal is, whether we realize it or not, we are skating on this invisible infinite line every day of our lives.

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Consider this loopy figure-eight symbol. It has no end. It has no beginning. It represents a path that is traveled independently and also paths that cross when we travel in connection with others. This infinity symbol illustrates a trajectory that fluctuates, much the way our own lives do.

If we were to draw a pattern that reflects life, it would be this seemingly simple, benign symbol. It indicates revolution and evolution. It signifies how our lives are not linear...but rather lived on a constant curve. 

Lemniscate Symbol Meaning
Lemniscate Symbol Meaning

Take-Away Points and Tips for Using the Lemniscate Symbol

  • The Rink Always has Two Sides
    When you think you’re in the deep end of life…consider the lemniscate, and remember there is always another side. The virtue of this life-symbol is that everything moves and changes. So for every crappy situation, eventually shifts happen that escort us to the flip side – bringing us to the high, fine, happier moments of life.
  • Everybody Keep Rollin’
    If it feels like you’re going nowhere fast, consider the nature of life as represented by this figure-eight symbol. It suggests the universe (and our lives) are in constant motion. It’s true. Nothing stays still or stagnant forever. The whole foundation of our existence is based on movement. This symbol reminds us of that. Sometimes we just have to hang out for the next disco tune to get us rolling again on the lemniscate of life.
  • There’s Always Grape Nehi to Share
    The lemniscate symbol has a distinct point of connection. That point represents our connection with others. It symbolizes how our lives are not lived 100% on the solo. In every experience there is a guarantee that we are going to have to share the rink of life with someone, or many someone’s at some point. So if it’s bound to happen, might as well share a plate of cheap nachos and a bottle of Nehi with the ones you skate with under the great disco lights of the cosmos.
Lemniscate Symbol Meaning
Lemniscate Symbol Meaning

Last Word About the Lemniscate Symbol and Roller Rinks

I summary, I guess this article about roller-skating nostalgia and the lemniscate symbol is meant to say this…

  • Life is like a roller rink
  • Respect your fellow skaters, share your skate key when you can (remember those?)
  • Try to enjoy the ‘community skate’ with folks who are in this weird thing called life with you.

I hope these thoughts on the lemniscate symbol offer a bit of inspiration on your loopy path of life (cuz let’s face it…it’s all loopy!).

If you’d like more on the lemniscate, infinity symbol meaning, check it out here.

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