Mayan Tattoo Ideas Hunab Ku Symbol

Mayan tattoo ideas Hunab ku symbol meaning
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Mayan Symbol: Hunab Ku Tattoo Ideas

Mayan Tattoo Ideas

If you’re considering Mayan tattoo ideas, here are some thoughts about the Hunab Ku symbolism. Read on for origin and symbolism of this symbol for your next tattoo adventure.

The Hunab Ku is believed to be ancient Mayan symbol which is a center feature in their sacred wheels of time or calendar systems. There are also theories the symbol may belong to the ancient Aztecs. 

The symbol is a vital cornerstone into understanding the cycles of life (and also the core feature to understanding Mayan myths).

The Hunab Ku symbol translates to mean: “One Giver of Movement and Measure” or “The One Source of Energy.” With this kind of powerful concentration of energy, the Hunab Ku is also a symbolic representation of god; the one god, or the high god among the Mayans (although this observation hasn’t been proven, and you should read the “note” section at the end of this post).

And so, the Hunab Ku tattoo, can eloquently represent…

Hunab Ku Mayan Symbol Representations

♦  The movement of life energy

♦  The cycle of life on a grander scale

♦  The order and balance of the cosmos

♦  The god force or infinite power available in all life

According to Mayan scholar Jose Arguelles, the Hunab Ku is the principle of life beyond the cosmos. He says “It may be described as possessing a simultaneous spin and counter-spin motion radiating outward from a center-point of indescribable energy that pulses at a specific rate. That pulse is the principle of life and all-pervading consciousness imminent in all phenomenon.”

Visually, we can see this symbol depicts the ancient tenet of balance in all things. It’s even reminiscent of the classic yin yang symbol found in Asian symbology. We see an equal balance of light and dark in the Hunab ku tattoo. Ergo, this carries deep symbolism of finding a balance. Balance in polarities like…

Themes of Balance Symbolized by the Hunab Ku

  • Shadow self and light self
  • Happy and sad
  • Mother and father
  • Night and day
  • Right and left
  • Sun and moon

Note: As with all ancient symbols, origins and traditional meanings can get fuzzy over time. It’s important to know this symbol (illustrated above) is likely a modernization, and probably doesn’t look exactly as it did in ancient Mesoamerica.

Furthermore, there is very little agreement about the actual meaning of the Hunab Ku. My thoughts on the the Hunab Ku concept are based on my observations of the indigenous culture and my impressions about the symbol. With a little research, you’ll find varying ideas about Hunab Ku.

At the end of the day, all you can rely on is what your heart and soul tells you about this piece. Personally, I think that’s how our ancient Mayan and Aztec ancestors would want it.

For more Mayan tattoo ideas and other pages of interest, click on the links at the end of this page.

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