Bird omens and bird meanings

Bird Omens, Bird Messages and Meanings Oh My!

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An Introduction to Bird Omens and Bird Messages:  When it comes to plucky pontifications about bird omens, it’s important to know these avian creatures have been consulted for meaning, foretelling and insight for thousands of years by our ancient ancestors.

Perhaps the most profound and revealing messages come from birds. There are good reasons for interpreting meaningful bird messages. These creatures have long been considered to be strongly connected with divine or angelic energies. This is because most birds can fly, which symbolically implies an association with ancient gods and goddesses in the indigenous mind and way of thinking.

Plucking About Bird Omens and Divination

Bird omens and bird messages
Bird omens and bird messages

I’m a big fan of interpreting bird omens, and I’m not the only one. In fact, Druids, soothsayers, shamans, mages and more have sought wisdom from the skies through the behavior of birds. The technical term of interpreting bird meanings and bird messages is called Ornithomancy. This fancy schmancy word is derived from Greek-Latin language and means: Orni = bird and Manteia = divination. 

Boiled down, the term simply means observing the calls and behaviors of birds in order to gain clarity about the future. Ornithomancy has been practiced by the ancient Greeks, Romans, Egyptians as well as Native American tribes and pretty much every culture (at some point) around the globe.

Can bird omens tell the future? Well, the future is a slippery slope and we’d be hard-pressed to find anything that can accurately predict our futures 100% of the time. However, birds are connected to Universal energy, and they do have an essence that is far more knowing than common human perception. If we as humans strive to raise our own spiritual vibration and our connectivity to birds…we can certainly attain clarity from bird omens and gain bird messages.

I like to think of communion with birds in terms of interpreting bird behaviors rather than divination.  Divination is a terribly misunderstood word and practice. It essentially means connecting with the divine to gain clarity. 

In my world…all of Nature is divine, so I guess it’s a proper use of the term. But I appreciate a more practical approach that subscribes to accessing bird energy on a highly soulful level to perceive bird behavior in terms of seeking direction or seeking signs that might fit in the dialogue of our lives.

Bird omens and bird messages
Bird omens and bird messages

Bird Omens and Life Advice Example

For example, perhaps you might be having relationship problems. Thoughtfully observing the birds around you might help you with the following:
1) Help you gain more insight as to what is causing problems in the partnership
2) Give you inspiration to act or communicate more confidently in the relationship.
3) Provide an illustration or analogy as to how birds in Nature work to resolve problems.
4) Offer a direct message that gives you an ‘aha’ moment allowing you to move with more assurance in the relationship.

To illustrate, a friend of mine was having a terrible time with her daughter; they were constantly at odds, always at conflict. I suggested she seek the skies and pay close attention to the birds that came into her awareness. The next day, she reported she witnessed a hawk and a sparrow rowing in the clouds. This made her think (yay! That’s the whole point of interpreting bird omens…get thinking!).

After talking through it for awhile, my friend realized there was big bird meaning in this observation. She saw how the sparrow symbolized her daughter and the hawk represented her. That sparrow felt small, but it was unafraid to show its ferocity when it came to defending her territory. The hawk understood it was bigger and tougher, and refused to fight back with the little sparrow.

At the end of the day, this helped my friend to understand conflict happens, and sometimes she needs to be the bigger bird in managing challenges with her young daughter. The hawk reminded my friend that she must be present, and she even has the ability to defend herself…but why? The hawk could easily crush the wee sparrow…but what was the point of that? 

In terms of life-lessons, the hawk and sparrow connection reminded my friend that she has authority, but she can also choose to let menial squabbles go without contributing to an argument. When she employed the ‘way of the hawk’ with her sparrow daughter, my friend noticed a remarkable difference in their relationship.  My friend gave her daughter some space. She did not always take the bait of her daughter’s constant pecking. As a result, their relationship experienced a wonderful breath of fresh air.

Bird omens and bird meanings
Bird omens and bird meanings

Closing Thoughts About Bird Messages and Bird Omens

That’s what bird omens and bird messages are meant to be (in my opinion).  Paying attention to bird behavior is a way to enhance our wisdom and understanding. Birds can be epic teachers. They can provide examples and analogies in life that we can apply to our own situations.

So the next time you are in a flummox. Consider flocking with the fine feathery kind for insight and understanding. Want to know more? Check out Part Two of Bird Omens and Bird Meanings here.

As always, thanks so much for reading. I deeply hope this article helps you.

Mighty brightly,

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Bird omens and bird meanings

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