Do Animals Have Guardian Angels

Do Animals Have Guardian Angels?

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Let’s talk about the question of whether animals have guardian angels. There are a few things that
need to be discussed in relation to animals and protection. The first thing we must discuss is who are the animals? Why do they take birth, and are they deserving of protection? Read further to answer questions about “Do animals have guardian angels?”

How and Why do Animals Take Birth?

Do Animals Have Guardian Angels
Do Animals Have Guardian Angels

So why do animals come to this planet? Why do animals take birth? Basically, animals have chosen to walk a certain kind of path, and that path is a slightly less challenging path than that which humans go through. 

Basically, animals come here to learn lessons, but they learn some more practical lessons compared to the more emotional lessons of humans. The animal’s lessons are sometimes difficult, yes, but often they’re not very big lessons. 

When an animal comes through into this life, they choose certain things like where they want to live or what kind of other animals they want to interact with, do they want to be alone? Do they want to have a family? They choose certain things, and there is always some personal lesson that must be learned in their life. 

So, in order to understand why an animal would take birth in the Sahara or in the jungles of Ethiopia, or somewhere else, we must understand this – animals may not necessarily aspire to great things as humans do. Animals only aspire to slightly lower or lesser things than humans aspire to. 

But animals are also divine beings, they are, in essence, the divine, just as a human is. An animal is, in essence, just as important as a human, it’s just that they’re taking a slightly longer route to get to their destination, which is ultimately enlightenment.

Animals and Soul Agreements

Do Animals Have Guardian Angels

When animals come to this planet, they have pre-birth agreements -they make soul agreements or soul contracts, and they agree to go through certain experiences. They have agreed to face certain challenges, and they agree to learn certain lessons along the way. 

Special Animals Who Get Protection

However, some animals come through with certain gifts and certain missions that others do not. These animals are the ones who need protection. 

In a sense, certain animals get protection. However, most animals do not. The ones who get protection are the ones who have a special kind of enlightened energy or a special kind of purpose in their life. These animals need more protection than others. 

So, when an animal comes through into this life, if they choose to do some kind of significant challenge or some kind of important part, or if they are playing an important part in the whole process, then that animal will come through with at least three different protective beings. 

Spirit Guides Rather than Angels

Do Animals Have Guardian Angels

Now these protective beings are not exactly angels as such, they are more spirit guides, and they’re more like spirit guides from the animal kingdom. 

So, the spirit guides are very powerful beings, and they have special abilities that they can bring to bear. These spirit guides can bring through all kinds of spiritual blessings and all kinds of transformations. 

Basically, the spirit guides will ensure that the animal fulfills their divine mission and reaches its destination. If something happens in the life of the animal like they’re going to be eaten by another or going to be attacked or destroyed, or harmed in some way, the spirit guide will come through and protect the animal from that outcome. 

However, most animals on this planet do not have much in the way of protection. Basically, animals in general, usually walk their path alone. 

Animals and Soul Missions

In order to understand why some animals have protection, and some animals don’t, we must discuss soul missions. 

Now a soul mission is an agreement to reach a certain destination or to take a certain course in life and a soul a soul agreement can be a very small thing or a very big thing. 

However, the animals can make soul agreements, not all of them do, but most of them do. The animals who make soul agreements generally they don’t need much help, they’re generally ok to walk their path alone. 

But, there are certain animals that do need help, these animals will be given spirit guides or enlightened divine beings who guide them. 

Conclusion: Do Animals Have Guardian Angels?

So that’s a basic outline and the reason that some animal beings need spiritual protection is that they’re evolutionary powerful, they’re beings who have come a long way. There are some powerful beings who take birth as animals, but not all powerful beings take birth as humans, some come through in the animal kingdom. 

So, when asking, “Do animals have guardian angels?” it’s entirely possible that you’ve met an animal who was actually a very important being or a very powerful being with a special mission. This animal will have at least three different protectors guiding them, protecting them, and walking by their sides.

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