Symbolic Angel Meaning

Symbolic Angel Meaning

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Exploring Symbolic Angel Meaning: At their most basic, angels are symbolic of communication between higher energies and lower energies.  Or, communication between “the divine” and “man” if you like. Of course, our current energetic environment is shifting so rapidly these days, you can just about insert any term where I’ve referenced quotes.  Angels can be an energetic channel facilitating communication between you and your own idea of the divine. 

Symbolic Angel Meaning Keywords

  • Messages
  • Divine Awareness
  • Purity
  • Love
  • Faith
  • Courage
  • Compassion
  • Perseverance
  • Interrelating
  • Renewal
  • Protection
  • Illumination
Symbolic Angel Meaning
Symbolic Angel Meaning

Angel Meaning to Humans

Angels can be the liaison between heaven and earth too.  In this light, angels are like a superhighway connecting information from higher realms and lower realms – they carry concepts, thoughts and ideas to be dispersed throughout countless dimensions of experience.

The Angiris in Hinduism are considered messengers between man and the holy-divine energies.  This is because it was thought (Hindu and otherwise) most men could not purify themselves to the extent required to converse with gods.  Although this is a valid point, and I’m not one to argue with ancient wisdom – I don’t tend to believe we need intermediaries to commune with the divine.

But, I do think humans need to undergo energetic metamorphosis in order to effectively communicate with the divine.  And, I think angels can offer us assistance in that metamorphosis.  Angels resonate at mind-blowingly high frequencies.  By touching in with angels, we can get piggyback on their unique brand of high, fine energy.  In this respect, yes, angels can certainly facilitate conversations with “god.”

Symbolic Angel Meaning
Symbolic Angel Meaning

Types of Angels and Their Meanings

There are various kinds of angels, and symbolic angel meanings will vary according to kind:


These are throne-bearers for the faithful. Cherubim are also considered “the ones who pray.” They keep constant vigil upon souls in need of strength, faith and renewal. These types of angels represent the purity of heart and innocence. They invoke a simple, childlike faith and will remind us of the beauty in the small and tender.


These angels are considered to be the light-burners, and will be watchful over the true of heart. These angels are the watchtowers of faith. They keep their focus attuned to the faithful, vigilant and determined souls who hunger for the truth of enlightenment. These angels will also stir the pools of energetic faith within the soul. They are like kindling for the fires of faith. They provide fuel on our spiritual path.


Among the highest-ranking angels, these are the most commonly known angels. Symbolic angel meaning for this angelic clan deal with strength, protection, guardianship. These angels will represent themselves as indomitable, warrior spirits. These angels are also the best-known oracles. Archangels will be very persistent and loquacious in communicating their thoughts to humankind, as typically their messages are incredibly profound.

    Symbolic Angel Meaning
    Symbolic Angel Meaning

    Common Symbols Associated With Angels

    Symbols associated with symbolic angel meaning include:

    • Swords : Conveying protection, leadership, unified focus, purity in thought, valor
    • Scrolls : Symbolic of messages, oracles, divine communication, sacred knowledge
    • Flame/Torch : Conveys the inner light of the soul – always lit, always fueled by faith
    • Wings : Symbolic of the higher evolution of the soul, higher realms of existence, ascension, spiritual mobility
    • Hearts : Conveys health, healing, love, devotion and compassion
    • Horns: Announcement of vital news, trumpeting of victory, triumphant declaration

    I hope you have enjoyed these thoughts on symbolic angel meaning. As always, thanks for reading!

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