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Dove Meaning and Direct Messages from the Dove

Symbolic Dove Meaning Messages:

If the dove were to speak directly to you, what do you think this lovely bird might say to you?

Well, in truth, doves ARE speaking directly to you. In fact, all of Nature is communicating with you all the time.

I started a project last year, presenting ideas about what creatures might say to us as if we were old friends. You know, person to person…or, er…person to creature.

This article offers a direct, first-person monologue from the dove. Imagine this avian advice coming directly from the dove’s beak!Dove Meaning in a MessageIf the dove were to speak to you directly, here are a few messages it may share…The Dove Says…“I am recognized as a symbol of friendship, divinity and peace.  There’s plenty of reasons for that.  Firstly, I am very friendly and easily tamed by humans.  As a matter of fact, my cousin, the carrier pigeon were helpers in WWI and WWII by delivering messages as far as 1000 miles away.
This is a great totem take-away point.  I am symbolic of friendship and teamwork.  I might be born in the wild, but I am beloved for my ability to share a bond with humans and help when needed.  So can you.  Perhaps you might feel anti-social. I am here to remind you that if I can get along with humans, so can you. Try to approach society with a vision to make the world a better place. Compassion and communication with others is a far better thing than isolation.

Video Summary on Dove Messages and Dove Meanings

“Great ideas come into the world as gently as doves.”

~ Albert Camus

(Dove messages continued)…

Dove says: This brings me to another totem insight me and my dove clan…I’d like to settle the score about a name that has been given to my kind.  We’ve been called ‘mourning doves.’  This is hardly the case.  The sounds we make with our voice and wings are meant to communicate a potential threat to my flock.  I guess it is more appropriate to call us ‘warning doves.’ This feature makes us a symbol of protection and awareness.

The white doves of my clan got their reputation for being divine due to their rare color. White doves are an anomaly – very uncommon.  When one is seen, it was/is often considered a powerful sign from Spirit.  As a bird, I am already considered a heavenly creature, so my white-colored brothers and sisters are thought to be extra special in terms of divinity.  What’s the totem message here? It has to do with embracing your differences.  I know all humans are different, but maybe you have aspects that are very unique from others.  My feathered friends and I are here to tell you to embrace your differences as assets.  Be confident that your uncommon individuality is a gift that you can share with others.

Yours truly,

The Dove”

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