Humdinger Hummingbird Totem Messages

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Direct Message from the Hummingbird Totem

Insights into hummingbird totem messages and meanings: Consider the hummingbird talking directly to you. These are a few things the hummingbird totem might want to share with you…

Hummingbird Messages: Straight from the hummingbird’s beak

If the hummingbird were to speak directly to you, this is what it might say___

““Hmmmmmm. You know that old joke: ‘why does a hummingbird hum?  Because she doesn’t know the words!’  I’m not keen on the joke because I have plenty of words to say to you, dear one.

I’m here to remind you of your power and potential.  So often, the most profound power is found in the tiniest of packages.  Do you sometimes feel helpless?  Maybe you feel as though you’re not big, strong or influential enough to make a difference.  Think again!

Video Summary on Hummingbird Totem Meanings

“May my faith always be at the end of the day like a hummingbird…returning to its favorite flower.”

~Sanober Khan, Turquoise Silence

Look at me!  I’m a pipsqueak in the bird world!  Nevertheless, I have a mighty influence upon the environment.  I pollinate a staggering amount of flowers – 100s of ’em a day!  I’m insuring their survival!  Everywhere I go, I’m creating beauty and life.  YOU CAN TOO!

Don’t underestimate your ability to pollinate your world with big creative energy.  Let me remind you of your brilliant potential.  Think of me and let me jump start your engines.  Get in gear, be energized, discover your industrious nature and get tuned into your glorious abilities to create beauty everywhere you go!”

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The hummingbird totem reminds us to pay attention to our energy levels, make the best use of our energy and time. Also, hummingbirds ask us to use our resources wisely…never allow any opportunity or resource to be overlooked.

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Symbolic Hummingbird Totem Meanings

Odds are, you’ve landed on this hummingbird page because you’ve encountered one, and want to know more. Welcome. There are lots of symbolic meanings associated with the hummingbird. Click here to get hummingbird meanings from different cultures, myths and views.

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More Symbolic Hummingbird Meanings

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