chickadee meanings

Chickadee Meanings

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Chickadee Meanings and Symbolism

Response to a Question about Chickadee Meanings: This article is written in response to a question I got about the chickadee.  The question is as follows…

“Hey, Avia…what do you have to say about chickadee symbolic meanings? There are tons of them where I live (Flagstaff, AZ). I love to sip my cup of coffee in the mornings and watch the chickadees at my feeder in the window. I would love to learn more about them.

Avia’s Response to
“Symbolic Chickadee Meanings”

Hi Kelly,

Chickadees are members of the titmouse family in the avian tree. “Tit” meaning “small” and “mouse” meaning dulled in color.

A fascinating feature of the chickadee is that this sweet tweet is able to lower its body temperature in the coldest of conditions. This is a symbolic cue for humans. This ability is a reminder that we all are divinely constructed. We all have infinite potential to adjust and adapt – no matter what the conditions may be.

Anybody who has had encounters with the chickadee will certainly recognize their fearlessness. Chickadees are known to even land in the palm of a human hand. I myself have had experience with the undaunted chickadee spirit. I’ve walked onto my patio and have had the joy of chickadees being so close. It seems no matter what I’m doing, or what kind of mustering I make – chickadees remain in my presence.

chickadee meanings
More about chickadee meanings

“One isn’t necessarily born with courage,

but one is born with potential.

Without courage, we cannot practice any

other virtue with consistency.

We can’t be kind, true, merciful, generous, or honest.”

~Maya Angelou

This kind of behavior retains a symbolic meaning of courage as well as curiosity. Chickadees are tremendously curious, and sharp-witted. They seem to want to know what we’re doing (or maybe what kind of new seed we may have for them, lol). In this light, the chickadee is symbolic of having the courage to seek out new vistas, new ideas, and new avenues of growth.

And what about that tell-tale song they have? Symbolic chickadee meaning is steeped in vocal expression. Once you hear a chickadee call, you always know this bird. This speaks volumes about identity. Chickadees have a signature voice. This reminds us humans to create our own signature call. What is it about YOU that is special, unique, vibrant and lively? Now take the time to vocalize a motto to express that specialness about you. Chirp your uniqueness to the rooftops, as the chickadee does!

Chickadee meanings also deal with being sociable. Chickadees are quite gregarious. They typically travel and migrate in groups. They prefer long term partnerships, and being within a close community. They are also incredibly protective of their own.

Final thoughts about symbolic chickadee meaning

Chickadees will attack birds much larger and aggressive than themselves in an effort to protect their clan. This carries strong symbolism. There’s sort of an underdog tone to the chickadee. Small and slight they may be, but my goodness! So fierce when the occasion calls for action!

Have you ever felt weak or inferior? Consider the tiny stature of the chickadee, and imagine it giving a blue jay a stern lesson via defending Chickadee territory. You have immense potential to do what you have to do in order to fortify yourself and protect that which you cherish. Heck…if the itty bitty chickadee can thwart off harm…YOU certainly can too!

In summary, the chickadee reminds us that lovely, wondrous things come in small packages. This bird encourages us to never judge a book by its cover. They may be small, but they have tremendous heart.

Closing Highlights On Chickadee Meanings and Symbolism

♦  Identity

♦  Social Circles

♦  Protection

♦  Defense

♦  Bravery

♦  Adjusting

♦  Curiosity

♦  Friendliness

♦  Joy

♦  Levity

I hope these answers to the question “Can you tell me about chickadee messages and chickadee meaning?”. As always, thanks for reading!



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